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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Phone blog 4 retiree Old Days simple

Over 50 retiree easy to do. The web can be overwhelming to the older generation & these retiree user-friendly tools help us to blog. Possibilities are endless. If you're on vacation, a travelog can be posted, with no computer access. Heck, sitting on the porch or backyard, a thought might cross your mind & there is no pen or paper within reach. Dial your phone & voice write your thoughts to your blog. Check it out later. The weather's nice & you don't want to get up. Relatives & friends can check out our blog & now hear our or our loved ones voices and see what we've been up to! They can post if they want. It's like a virtual postcard or letter.
Our generation, alot of us from the 3 tv channel days, black and white television, AM radio days, like to dial and just push buttons. Easy & saves time because there are other things to do than sit around trying to figure out how to run a computer, or if we have one, trying to figure out what went wrong. There are other things we would rather be doin'. IMHO, the folks at Blogger have made typing a post in this blog, 3 TV channel push button easy, just like the folks at Audioblogger! Chances are they were of the generation of school students with computers in the classrooms. If this is true, look at what some of these students accomplished! uaw