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Friday, June 17, 2016

Michigan Electoral College Weather Report History

Uncle Sam Pointing Finger

June 24 2016 Blue Collar Swing State Manufacturing Belt Michigan Scholar Latest: Donald Trump - Hillary Clinton 2016 Presumptive Presidential Nominees at Republican and Democrat Conventions, respectively, speak on England's Referendum Vote to Exit (Brexit) the European Union (The E.U.)
Donald Trump Speaks On British Vote to Leave European Union Donald Trump remarks on Brexit vote while in Turnsbury, Scotland. Mr. Trump takes and answers reporter's questions about the brexit vote referendum and his 2016 U.S. Presidential Campaign. C-Span Video.
Hillary Clinton Statement On Brexit Vote. Official Hillary Clinton Website.

Blue Collar Michigan Swing State Manufacturing Belt (not Rust Belt) Purple State Rap:
Register to Vote
July 5, 2016
Don't Forget to
August 2, 2016
Michigan Primary
(and November 8 2016 General Election)

Reminder :
July 5, 2016
is the
Last Day
Register to Vote
in the
August 2, 2016
Michigan Primary.

Did you know
There's a
Michigan Primary Election
August 2, 2016?
Write it Down on your
Post It Note
Program a Reminder
If you're All Ready Registered to Vote in your Voting Precinct,
that's cool man
and mama.
If not...
What are you waiting for?
Let's Have The Largest Primary Voter Turnout in Michigan History.
Spread the Word.
Tell and Remind 5 or More people.
Tell them to do the same.
Rinse and Repeat.
It's in your hands.
No B.S.
Register to Vote.
Then Vote.
Time's runnin' out.
It's June 21, 2016 when this was written.
Coupla' weeks Left to Register to Vote if You're not Registered.
Let's set a Michigan Primary record.
We Can Do It!
You Can Do It!
Thank You!

Blue Collar Michigan Scholar Electoral College History Lesson Weather Report rap:

How many Electoral College votes does the state of Michigan currently have for the 2016 Presidential Election.
Hint. The number is in the question somewhere.

Multiple choice (always liked multiple choice questions. You, too?)
a. 21
b. 20
c. 19
d. 18
e. 17
f.  16
g. I don't know and I want to watch the game.
h. Tired of politics. That's all they talk about on Tv and the radio and all those political advertisements will be the nonstop on the tv all the time soon. Don't remind me.
i. Politics is cool. Democracy in action.
j. Just tell me the answer!

Give up?
Answer is:
f. 16

Did you know that all the numerical answers were correct at different points of history in Michigan's Electoral College past?

The higher the Electoral College number  means something big league.

It means Michigan citizens have more representation in Washington.

More Michigan elected US House of Representatives members.
More voices and representation.
It don't get no better than that!

More electoral votes picking the President.
2 US Senators is always constant.

What does the number 16 represent for Michigan's citizens currently?
2 Michigan elected United States Senators plus 14 Michigan elected members of U.S. House of Representatives equals 16 and is our voice and representatation in Washington, D.C.

Also, 16 Michigan Electors are committed to vote for Michigan citizens highest popular vote choice for President 2016, Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton or whomever gets the most votes cast for them.

Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton, if they win Michigan's popular vote in November 2016 Presidential election, will receive Michigan's 16 electoral votes for President of The United States.

Swing State
Manufacturing Belt (not Rust Belt)
16 electoral votes
Count 'em
To whom
Is Elected
To serve
The Next
President of the United States.
Count on it.

How Michigan votes will decide the next President of the US '16.
High probability...
Michigan Picks and Decides
The Winner.
Our Votes.

Michigan is one of the important Election 2016
Manufacturing Belt states (the term rust belt is constantly used, prefer Manufacturing Belt. We manufacture great quality products in Michigan)...along with Ohio, Pennsylvania and other states.
Gop convention will be in Cleveland, Ohio this year and Democrat convention will be in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Be sure to watch.
C-Span has 24 hour gavel-to-gavel coverage.
Will be broadcast on television station networks, also.
Both party's political conventions will be awesome.
This is an historical Presidential election campaign for both party's. They're gonna be talkin' about this 2016 election in college political science classes.
Bet many books will be written. Hope Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton write their own book about being on the campaign trail. Good luck to all the candidates.

Youse gotta vote, man.

Democrat - Republican Official President '16 websites are the key.
Read their policy papers on all subjects.
Watch the videos.
Check out their individual official
You Tube,
and their other various
social media accounts.
There is time to make an informed decision on whom to support.

Blue Collar Michigan Scholar's Great Time to Be Alive Votin' and Ownin' a Smartphone Horse's Mouth Rap, Smartphone written, while listening to The Beatles Live at the BBC and Who's Next by The Who at too loud volumes:

Everyone has an opinion on
In the

Blue Collar Michigan Scholar's 24 Credit Hours of CMU Journalism, Opinion Editorial, "If I'd Known Then, What I Know Now" Rap:
If You're a student of Journalism..
What happened to...
Let The Reader Decide?
Let The Viewer Decide?
My experience in the Old Day's of TV and Newspaper journalism, taught in CMU Journalism School, was a reporter or newscaster never put their opinions in the piece.
That was left for the Editorial area.
That's where one went for opinions.
A newspaper headline was supposed to be written
The article below the headline was supposed to present
The Reader Decided.
You and
Hat's off to the newspaper's that continue this path of neutrality.

Let's talk TV...
The Boob Tube...
As they used to say in...
The Old Days.

On the cable views/news programs, one might agree with the news anchor or panel with their opinions.
are the opposing views presented factually and honestly?
If not...
Think about it.
You might agree with the talkers opinion...
but the
Why is the other side of the argument or issue
verbally missing?
For example...
Why are they overtly and overly negative on one candidate
"If I had known then, what I know now" comes into play here.
Before we make a major purchase we...
do our research.
A deep dive into the facts.
Takes time...
But the probabilities
in our favor
that we will make
You betcha!

All of us have a "gut feeling" about things.
Always look for a "both sides presented" honestly and factually, presentation.

If it is too one-sided negatively or positively concerning an issue or candidate...

Your Antenna should be up...

Look for the opposing view.
It's Ok.
It means you are confident and secure in yourself.
It means you are an American!
You're doing your job!

Take the time to...
You're older now.
We're wiser.
Damn straight!

It's about our Country.
Security for the USA.
Strong Military
Taking Care of our Veterans
who gave all for our
Jobs Jobs Jobs
for our Kids and Grandkids.
And their Kids.
Bringing jobs jobs and more jobs back home to the United States for them.
Enriches them,
gives them Security
Our Nation's
Economic Future
is Enriched and Secure.

Form your own opinion.
From all sources.
Not just one or two.
Does the Cable Tv views/news program or news article have representatives from all sides of the issue or argument?
Based on facts honestly presented...
Watch and listen for
Got just two words for biased reporting...
Reject It.

Why depend on a Tv media pundit to parse what the candidate actually said,
We have our Smartphones in 2016.
They don't call them smart for nothing.

We can watch the actual speech Hillary, Donald or Bernie gave.
In its entirety.
Without interuptions.
Without commercials.
We decide with information straight from...
The horse's mouth.

As that old time saying goes..Always go to the actual "horse's mouth".

What did they really say?

Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have written books.
Go to the Library. Check them out.
Read their Complete articles in print media and view their full campaign videos.

C-Span is a great resource for politics and other cool things.
No commercials, too
Watch C-Span on your Tv or livestream on computer or phone. Or listen On a radio app.
They are on Sirius Radio, too.
They have live televised broadcasts of Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton's presidential election campaign rallys.

C-Span Website
has alot of Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump archived presidential election campaign rally videos. Make some popcorn, order a pizza, whatever...and watch on your laptop or smartphone. Take mental notes. Parse all the candidates. Take the time to think about it.
What are the most important priorities for our great country?
Security For the United States
Strong Military
Global Trade - Trade Deals are one major issue talked about by Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders.
Trading Economics China Balance Of Trade

Trading Economics Mexico Balance Of Trade

Trading Economics Japan Balance Of Trade

Trading Economics Home
Great Resource. Every global countries statistics listed.
Awesome website. Sites probably taylored for policy wonks. But, it is great information for everyone to know if a conversation comes up about trade issues and policy.
I, football, baseball, hockey, horse race stats are more fun.
(Congratulations to Ohio's Cleveland Cavaliers Basketball Team winning the NBA Championship. Golden State Warriors were awesome, also).

Heck, we just went back to school blue collar style. Gotta do research. Decide who to vote for.
We need better trade deals for Michigan and the rest of the U.S.  We need more J-O-B-S.  Good payin' ones. Know what I'm talkin' about? Thank you.

Supreme Courts important, too...
Judicially Speakin'.
One of the 3 branches of Gov't our Great Founders created.
Who will the Presidential Candidates put on the Supreme Court?
With 3 to 5 positions possibly open in the next 4 to 8 years.
This is important.
Research it.
Horse's mouth, man.
Visit Donalds, Bernie's and Hillary's official '16 presidential campaign website for the details.

Who can deliver solutions to these priorities?
Who is believable?
Where is the polling on believability and deliverability?
Go for it pollsters.
Who cares about favorability polls?
Just get the job done for our country...and Michigan.

Yours and Mine is just as important and is importanter (probably not a word, but it is my blog. Apologies to Daniel Webster)
We decide.
Not the Tv.
Context is everything.
Our great teachers, profs, and families taught us this.

Isn't that wonderful?

Go to the candidates official site and see what they officially said.
Official Donald J. Trump For President 2016 Election Campaign Website

Official Hillary Clinton For President 2016 Election Campaign Website

Official Bernie Sanders For President 2016 Election Campaign Website

Why weather report in title?
The weather changes.

Which is cool, because there's various recreative activities that can be enjoyed in Michigan, the Water Winter Wonderland Wolverine State.
When your state is pleasantly surrounded by water, great fishing, hunting, recreation...etc.

Did you know the weather forecast can affect voter turnout? Who knows.
Weather forecast don't mean a thing if you use absentee ballot.
In Michigan,
if you are 60 or more years of age
you can sign up for automatic absentee ballot voting.
Also, there are other ways a Michigan voter can qualifiy for an absentee ballot.
Click Michigan Secretary of State Ruth Johnson's Website link at bottom of this blog post for further info on absentee voting and other election info. Or visit your local clerks office for info.

But, back to politics...
Did you know,
like the weather
the Electoral College number sometimes changes per the U.S. Census report every ten years?
It can go up or down.

We had 21 Electoral Votes in the 1970's.

The last census in Michigan was 2010.
We lost 1 More Electoral Vote.

In total, we have lost 5 Electoral Votes since the 1970's.
Michigan now has 16 Electoral Votes.
Those 16 Electoral Votes are going to decide the next President of the United States.
Our votes in Michigan.

The next Michigan census will be in 2020.
Census happens every decade.
Every 10 years.
A population count in the state of Michigan.

Surfing the web, found some most excellent electoral college history web links:
Historical Election Results and Electoral College Votes By State 1789 thru 2008. National Archives and Records Administration.
Check out Michigan and the other states in our Union. Interesting to see what states went up or down in Electoral votes over the years.

Why they lost or gained Electoral College votes would be an interesting book to read.

Summary of Key Dates Presidential Election 2016 June through October 2016.
Also, has information concerning important dates from November 8, 2016 to January 20, 2017.
U.S.Voting and Election Resources
Voting, The Election Process, Campaign Finance, State Sites, Electoral College Teaching Resources.
Ruth Johnson, Michigan Secretary of State Elections in Michigan Information for Voters - What Is The Electoral College?

Michigan Secretary of State - Elections in Michigan Michigan Election 2016 info and more.

Ben's Guide Election of the President and Vice-President - Electoral College Federal
Government Printing Office - G.P.O

Library of Congress Teachers Classroom Material Presentations - Elections Great Resource Page

Teaching With Documents - Library of Congress Tally of The 1824 Electoral
Vote. Great history about Electoral College.

Our Documents 100 Milestone Documents of American History. National History Day, National Archives and Records Administration and USA Freedom Corps cooperative effort.

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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Michigan Wolverine State Quarterbacks Spartan White House Win 16 Electoral Votes Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton?

State of Michigan Topographic County Map

Blue Collar Michigan Scholar's Blink and
Miss It Mini Crash Course in Michigan Presidential Primary Politics History 2016, some Gop and Dem links, then why it's
Michigan voters
along with
our Great Lakes
Wolverine States
Electoral Votes
will be
and a
Key Battleground
Manufacturing Belt (not Rust Belt. We Still Make Things Here)
Swing State
Purple State
for contenders
Mr. Trump
Mr. Sanders
White House.

We like
The Real Thing
in our
Political Candidates.
Straight talkin'
No Jive.
Right on!

What if our Great State of Michigan is the Decider in this Historic election?

What if it comes down to Michigan?
And you didn't vote?

Michigan Loud
and say our Michigan state is gonna
make the difference in
American Political Presidential History.
There's so much
History here.

Blue Collar Mich Scholars Cliff Notes of Important Michigan History Off the Top of My Head with a little Web Search Geritol to Kick it into Gear Here Goes Nuthin' Rap:

Thomas Edison, Port Huron, Michigan Invention of Incandescent Light Bulb.
Inventor of Phonograph.

Manufacturingly Speaking...
Birth of Auto Industry
Ford Motor. Henry Ford. Automobile, Truck, Tractor Mass Assembly. 5 dollar work day. Model T in any color as long as it is painted black. Model A red and other color selections.
Thanks, to Edsel his son.
Seem to remember Henry Ford ran for President, too.

Billy Durant. Flint Carriage Works. General Motors Flint Michigan.
Buick, Chevrolet, Pontiac, A.C. Spark Plug Albert Champion, international automotive race champion. Delco.
Birth of Republican Party at Morgan's Forty
Under the Oaks. Jackson, Michigan July 6, 1854.
First Official Convention, First Official Republican Platform, First Official Republican Candidates
Birth of Labor Movement. Flint Michigan. United Autoworkers. First Labor Agreement.
'Nuff Said!
Michigan State University Important Selected Dates in Michigan History.
MSU List.

White Collar, Blue Collar, whatever Collar...
Like the dude in the TV commercial says...

It Doesn't Matter!

Independent, Republican, Democrat...etc. whatever denomination.
We are Michigan citizens.
Make your Selection and Vote.

President Gerald Ford, a Republican from Michigan, who was a football player (that's cool) from University of Michigan, a Michigan Wolverine, who confidently,  successfully with a steady Michigan hand, steered our Nation through turbulent political times that us baby boomers never, ever saw before.
As a college student circa 1974,  attending Central Michigan University, Go Chips!, around 20 years of age,
listening to President Ford's reassuring voice, watching him speak on TV with Confidence and Leadership, with that
on his face.
A Look
We have all seen in
When they are called upon by their Country
lead through crisis.

Can't describe it in words.
You've seen it, too.

You know what I'm talkin' about.


President Gerald Ford
Our Nation would be
Thanks to
President Gerald Ford

Also, President Ford signed into law the PBGC,
Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation which protected workers with a Defined Benefit other words, their pension.
Remember the picture of the signing ceremony?
President Ford Signing ERISA into Law 1974 on Labor Day Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974. On Labor Day, President Gerald Ford from Michigan signing ERISA into law photo.
Both Democrats and Republicans standing behind him as he signed it into law.

What if
Gerald Ford had never won those Michigan elections in those past years?
The years before alot of us born?
What if people hadn't voted?
Well, thankfully they did.
Our Nation and Michigan is grateful for President Gerald Ford. A great man and a great President. Republican From Michigan.

Your vote matters.
We are in the greatest country in the history of the world.
We are Red, White and Blue.
The USA.
We have made history in this state of Michigan.
Let's Make a Little More during Election 2016.
Michigan's 16 Electoral votes are going to decide the next President of the United States.
We helped our Country with Michigan favorite son Gerald Ford.
We're going to do it again.

JULY 5, 2016
AUGUST 2, 2016

Not motivated yet?

Maybe it's your...

First Date...

Registering and Voting

Put on your favorite tunes.
Crank 'em up.
On your Journey to Register to Vote.

Do the same on the way to the poll.
Get in the mood.

Classics listening jams 1960 1970 Top hits:
England rockers Deep Purple, Godfather of Soul - Creator of Funk James Brown from Barnwell South Carolina saw Whiting Auditorium 1996 performance, Flint Michigan Band Grand Funk saw Pine Knob Bosnia Tour 1996, Rock and Roll Soul, Anything Motown 4 Tops, Supremes, Marvin Gaye, Miracles, Temptations Detroit Mi, Bob Seger Detroit Mi, Blues, Florida Lynyrd Skynyrd Free Bird, Elvis Memphis Tennessee, Mississippi B.B. King, Mexico's Carlos Santana, Elton John Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, Pink Floyd, Molly Hatchet, English Band Led Zeppelin rocked Deeetroit, MI Cobo Hall Summer 1973, St. Louis Missouri Chuck Berry, John Cougar Mellencamp Indiana, Beach Boys California, saw them around 40 yrs ago in the 1970's at MSU. Canada's April Wine saw at Michigan State University 1981. Port Arthur, Texas Janis Joplin. Hendrix Woodstock. Jefferson Airplane. Ten Years After, Humble Pie, Johnny Winter, Alice Cooper, Black Sabbath, Uriah Heep, Golden Earring all at Flint Michigan I.M.A. Montrose Sammy Hagar. Van Halen first 3 Lps. Need more Eighties and Nineties tunes. Hmmm. Ratt, Dokken, Great White, Kingdom Come, Cinderella, Poison. Soundgarden, Nirvana, Alice in Chains.Whitesnake. Flip on your fav Michigan FM Classic Rock radio station or XM Sirius or whatever.

Get Introspective.
Put Headphones on.
The Moody Blues
In Search of The Last Chord
Days of Future Passed
Question of Balance
...any of their albums, cds.

The Eighties Club Politics and Pop Culture of The 1980's. Go back 36 years. Great Read.

Only you know the songs that motivated and inspired you when you needed it the most.
The 1 or 2 or three songs on your Top Ten list of greatest hits that kicked you into gear. The jams you love to hear over and over again.
Cranked to the max whike drinking your too strong coffee or a Mountain Dew while listening. Don't play it too loud. You're older now. Need that hearing after working in the shop, plant, factory, warehouse, office, business wherever all those years. Plus, you don't wanna embarass yourself.

All the Presidential Candidates have worked hard for your support in Campaign 2016. Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.
"With A Little Help From My Friends" (Beatles, Joe Cocker) in Michigan
they get to the White House.
Our State
can make it happen.
Register to Vote.
Michigan can make the difference.
Michigan can make history and Decide the next President of the United States.
Do your Duty.
Treat yourself to a hamburger and fries at the local coney island after.
Don't Forget to
Tip the waitress.
She's workin' hard.

Register To Vote
It's different this time, man.
Michigan's gonna make the difference.
Gotta feelin'.
You heard it here first.

As of May 25, Donald Trump is Gop presumptive nominee for President at Republican Party Convention in Cleveland, Ohio.
Donald Trump News Conference On Clinching Gop Nomination May 26 2016. Bismark, North Dakota. Trump Energy Speech at Petroleum Conference.
GOP Nominee Donald Trump Press Release: An America First Energy Plan May 26, 2016.
First news conference since exceeding, surpassing 1237 delegate number needed to win on first ballot for Gop nomination at Gop Ohio convention.
Donald Trump clinches Republican nomination.
Wrapped it up early.

Break Time...Some Music Trivia

Wrap it Up was a great song by The Fabulous Thunderbirds in the 1980's. Stevie Ray Vaughn's brother Jimmie Vaughn played guitar in the Fabulous Thunderbirds.

McDonalds Hamburg Diet Coke Celebration
Presidential Nomination at GOP convention in Cleveland, Ohio on July 18 thru July 21, 2016.
Donald Trump won Michigan Primary on March 8, 2016.

Democrat Hillary Clinton and
Bernie Sanders are
still competing against each other in Upcoming State Primaries and Caucuses for the Presidential Nomination at
Democrat Party Convention in Historic  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania July 25 thru July 28.
Upcoming Western states, California, has a goldmine of delegates.
Bernie Sanders stated he is taking nomination to Democrat convention.
Possible contested convention?
Who knows?
Bernie Sanders On Contested Democrat National Convention June 5 2016

Bernie Sanders Discusses His Presidential Campaign June 22 2016 Exclusive Video Interview with Bernie Sanders Democrat Presidential Candidate 2016 on C-Span. Bernie Sanders talks about his life and career.

Will put link to Hillary's or Bernie's Celebration photo or video when Democrats Clinton or Sanders attains delegates threshold.
Hillary Clinton at Dougal Greenhouse Brooklyn Navy Yard Speech After Winning New Jersey Primary. June 7 2016. 5 other states also had primary and caucus votes on June 7 2016. Montana, North Dakota, South Carolina, California and New Mexico. Hillary Cliinton has enough delegates to become presumptive nominee for Democrat Party Presidential Candidate 2016.
Maybe think of a cool song that sums up their victory celebration, also. How about..

It Don't Come Easy song by the Beatles' Ringo Starr 1973 or 1974 classic 45. Still hear it on radio playlists. Ringo Starr and the All Stars are a great touring band. Check 'em out when they play in Michigan venues.

Bernie Sanders won Michigan Primary on March 8, 2016.

C-Span will have gavel-to-gavel coverage of Democrat and Republican Conventions 2016.
Political history is being made.
We've never seen a Presidential election like this. Ever.
This election will be analyzed, written about and discussed in American History and Political Science classes ad infinitum.

Here's some reading for the informed Michigan voter:

Bureau of Labor Statistics Midwest Region Michigan Bureau of Labor Michigan Statistics

Bureau of Labor Statistics Main Page Mobile
Bureau of Labor Statistics Mobile Page
Consumer Price Index, Unemployment Rate, Average Hourly Earnings, Payroll Employment, Producer Price Index - Final Demand, Productivity and more statistics.
Political Party Strength In Michigan Wikipedia
Analysis History
State of Michigan Wikipedia History

United States Democratic Party Wikipedia History

United States Republican Party GOP Wikipedia

What is The Electoral College? Michigan Secretary of State Website educational info about U.S. Electoral College and specifics about Michigan's Electoral College.
Secretary of State website has other links for Michigan citizens concerning voter, voting educational information. If you're registered to vote, first time voter or want to learn more about Michigan elections this is the official State of Michigan website. Check it out. Great job.

Blue Collar Michigan Scholar's Manufacturing Belt, Swing State, Battleground State, Purple State, Michigan is the Key State in Picking Next 2016 President in the Most Historic USA Election anyone has ever seen "Get Involved" rap:
Did you know that if you are 60 yrs of age or older you can sign up for automatic absentee voting in Michigan?
What's nice is a voter can take the time to research all the candidates positions on specific issues. Also is great for research time on ballot initiatives and proposals.
Also, you might want to help your specific candidate get elected. Go to candidates website for more direction on getting involved.
If you know where your candidates election campaign headquarters is, stop in. Get a bumper sticker, yard sign...etc.
Good luck to your candidate!
To learn more about Absentee Voting visit Michigan Secretary of State website.

Hillary Clinton For President Official Election Campaign Website

Bernie Sanders For President Official Election Campaign Website

Donald J. Trump For President Official Election Campaign Website
Blue Collar Michigan Scholars "Broken Clocks Right Twice A Day" Unscientific Political Prognocations:
Michigan has a very Independent spirit.
Alot of us vote independently.
We don't follow the crowd.
We like "outsider" candidates.
We split ticket vote a lot of times: One party candidate(s) and another party candidate(s) at top and bottom of ticket.

Around 42% of voters identify as Independents and vote accordingly in the USA.
2016 August Primary and November General Election will have Huge Turnout. Highly probable it will be a Record turnout.
Be a part of US history.
Michigan History.
Register to Vote.
Then Vote.
August Primary and
November General
Elections in our great state of Michigan.
Whoever your choice is...
Highly probable
Michigan the Great Lakes State, Wolverine State, Water Winter Wonderland, wonderful place to live, travel to, vacation in, the state that looks topographically like a mitten or glove, state bordered by 4 Great Lakes of Lake Michigan, Lake Superior, Lake Huron and Lake Erie, will be the
Key State in Election of President 2016.
Wouldn't that be the cat's pajamas!
That's an old phrase that means cool
...if you didn't know.
You probably did, and you're the bee's knees!
Cat's Pyjamas Definition Wiktionary

Nafta and the whole gamut of trade deals over roughly the last 25, 30 or more years has had a major impact on Michigan. If one worked for an auto manufacturer or supplier I'm preaching to the choir. You know what I'm talking about. Jobs downstream and upstream affected in other various areas of our local economy, also.
No matter what party our Michigan elected officials belonged to, they tried to keep and grow jobs in this state. They are still keeping at it.
Not an easy task.
Thanks for your hard work. Both political parties in Michigan.

Blue Collar Michigan Scholar "Please Don't Call Michigan and our neighbor states Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Illinois, New Jersey and other states in this Great Union the rust belt" rap:
We are the Manufacturing Belt.
We make things.
We work hard.
We are proud of that.
Ok, done complaining...I mean constructive criticizing.
On second thought...
Not yet.
Squeaky wheel gets the grease.

Always wondered, if the trade deals were so good, why did merchandise trade deficits with major trading partners constantly get larger and larger. The Ross Perot campaign talked about the giant sucking sound of jobs leaving the USA due to Nafta back in 1992.
The 3 contenders in 2016 Presidential Campaign Sweepstakes have shined a light on all the trade deals and offered their solutions to them.
Who's most believable on doing what they said they will do during their respective election campaign speeches will increase probability of winning in Michigan and other manufacturing belt swing state, battleground, purple states.
Getting the job done.

Believability Poll.
Haven't seen a Belivability Poll done yet.
Presidential candidate that is
Most Believable on their Solutions on Priority Issues and
Can Get the job done
should do well in election '16

A Better Deal for American Workers, Trade Dealwise
Increases their probability of
Especially in Manufacturing belt states.
Especially in Michigan.

Priorities that transcend party labels:
Security for America
Strong Military
Better Trade Deals leading to more good paying
Jobs, Jobs, Jobs.
Protects and Enriches our Country.

Wouldn't it be nice to have an overall trade surplus for once? When's the last time we had one?
U.S. Trade in Goods by Country Foreign Trade Balance Census.Gov Great Educational Website. Great Job!

International Trade Wikipedia

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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Birthplace of GOP Under The Oaks Jackson, MI OR Little White Schoolhouse Ripon, WI Primary Republican Party State Birthplace?

President Abraham Lincoln Photo
16th U.S. President Abraham Lincoln

On July 6, 1854, a state convention of anti-slavery men was held in Jackson to found a new political party. Uncle Tom's Cabin had been published two years earlier, causing increased resentment against slavery, and the Kansas-Nebraska Act of May, 1854 threatened to make slave states out of previously free territories. Since the convention day was hot and the huge crowd could not be accommodated in the hall, the meeting adjourned to an oakgrove on "Morgan's Forty" on the outskirts of town. Here a state-wide slate of candidates was selected and the Republican party was born. Winning an overwhelming victory in the elections of 1854, the Republican party went on to dominate national politics throughout the nineteenth century.

JULY 6, 1854

JULY 5, 2016
AUGUST 2, 2016

Great Michigan and All states Idea! Local and National TV Channels.
News Ticker, Bottom of TV Screens, Scrolls Right to Left or Left to Right. In It
Advertise Register to Vote by Dates and Voting Dates for August Primary Election 2016.
Do the Same for the General Election 2016.
Increases Voting and Voter Turnout, possibly.
All 50 States of the Union.
Don't cost Nuthin'.
Money saved fills some potholes.
Lower the deficit. Who knows?
More citizens voting is the greatest benefit.
Win/Win situation.

Michigan is considered VIP, Very Important People. Michigan is a key high population Swing state, Purple state, Battleground state Electoral College wise, Independent, Moderate, Democrat and Republican wise, in the Manufacturing Belt (some refer to it as rust belt) in 2016 Presidential, House, Senate and Down Ticket (listed lower on voter election ballot) elections race sweepstakes along with Michigan's other neighboring battleground states.

As the saying goes, "We're All That and a Bag of Chips!"
Michigan had higher percentage voter turnout in March 8, 2016 Presidential primary election than some past Michigan Presidential primaries. High probability that Michigan's  August Primary and November General election voter turnout will be higher, setting records, due to eligible voters of all ages registering to vote for first time because of outsider status of candidates. Plus, Presidential race is the Number 1 topic on cable news and views channels. Makes perfect sense there is increased voter engagement.

Did You Know?
You Know Now.

Michigan is The Birthplace of The Republican Party, Born in Michigan at "Under The Oaks" in Jackson, Michigan on July 6, 1854. Milestone in History.
Under The Oaks at Jackson Michigan, Michigan Marker Historical Marker Database Picture of "Under The Oaks" Michigan Historic Marker in Jackson, Michigan.

One of many Historic "Firsts" for our Great State of Michigan along with Michigan's Automotive, Labor, Sports, Music other "Firsts".
Historic political "Firsts" happened at "Under The Oaks" in Jackson.
Simply put...
"Under the Oaks" is a Biggie!

You Know Now.

It Doesn't Matter...Whether you are Democrat, Republican, Independent, Moderate, another party denomination, or have never, ever voted before.
This time it's different. We've never seen a Presidential campaign like this before. Ever. Historical.
Take part in U.S. political history being made. Michigan political history being made.
To Vote!
Take Part in Your Michigan History!
Make Honest Abe Lincoln Proud and All our President's from the past.
Vote for whoever your choice is.
It Does Matter!

Michigan Blue Collar Scholar's Where is The Birthplace of Republican Party and does one states history trump the other states history web surfing links.

First, having the Republican Party's origins in your home state is a great source of pride to all citizens be they independent, democrat, republican, whatever political persuasion in Michigan or Wisconsin. There is a friendly rivalry in sports between Michigan and Wisconsin, also. In Michigan we root for Michigan, in Wisconsin we root for Wisconsin. It's fun to compete, and we are great neighboring states of the union.

Official Jackson County Michigan GOP Republican About History Page Birthplace of The Republican Party

Official Michigan Republican GOP Website About History Page

Official Republican National Committee Moments In History Page
Blue Collar Michigan Scholar Milestones In History's The Word:
Birth of The Republican Party, GOP, Grand Old Party at "Under The Oaks" July 6, 1854 in Jackson, Michigan. Official Convention, Platform and Delegates.
Milestone in Michigan History, U.S History International History.

Couple of well-known names hail
from Wisconsin.
Paul Ryan, Republican Speaker of the U.S House of Representatives and Mitt Romney's Vice-President running mate selection in 2012 Presidential election, is from Wisconsin.

Reince Preibus, 2016 Republican National Committee RNC Chairman, elected in January 2011, previously was Chairman of the Wisconsin State Republican Party, is from Wisconsin.

Politically in 2016 presidential race, read or heard on variety of Radio talk shows, TV cable news and views programs discussing 2016 primary and general elections, and various mass media that Michigan, a Key blue collar election state electorally speaking, and Wisconsin are among the key swing states (battleground states) in manufacturing belt (prefer manufacturing belt term over "rust belt" word usage)during the 2016 presidential election campaign.
There is a commonality there, politically speaking, along with other neighboring states, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, New Jersey and other manufacturing belt, swing states. Fascinating.

Back to topic of birthplace of the Republican Party. Being a Michigan dude, I'm rootin' for my team, "Under the Oaks" in Jackson, Michigan being where the Republican Party was born, birthplace...etc. Expect you'll root for your home state of Wisconsin. Ripon, to be exact.

Among my favorite U.S. President's list, President Abraham Lincoln Republican from Illinois state is my Number One favorite, , President Theodore Roosevelt from New York, T.R., Republican from New York, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, FDR, Democrat from State of New York, President John F. Kennedy, J.F.K, Democrat State of Massachusetts.

Birthplace of the Republican Party..."Under The Oaks" in Jackson, Michigan or "Little White Schoolhouse" in Ripon, Wisconsin...
Decisions, Decisions, Decisions.

By the way, Don't forget to Register To Vote and Vote in your State of Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana whatever state you live in our 50 states, 2016 August State Primary election and November General election for President of The U.S.A 2016.

It's a priviledge and responsibility we have as citizens.

In Republican Party origins history here's some websites, newspaper articles and books I found on the web for historical research and enjoyment.
As The Beatles said, sang or wrote on the back of Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band Album
"A Splendid Time is Guaranteed For All"

Go Jackson, Michigan!!!
"Under The Oaks Gathering in Jackson Celebrates Republican Party's 155th Birthday" July 6 2009 Jackson Citizen Patriot article.
More than a news article, a history lesson. Great reporting. Famous, past names from Michigan's earliest days. Stories, noteworthy achievements and accomplishments in our Great Lakes State. Worth reading if you're a Michigander or not, like politics or not. Just some good old 1800's Michigan History.
Cool photo of Under The Oaks Michigan Historical Marker.
According to a republican historian who attended the Jackson, Michigan Under The Oaks celebration, thousands of people traveled to Jackson, Michigan from all over the country, for a convention.
Under the Oaks was where the party was formed, a platform created, and candidates nominated.
Blue Collar Michigan thought: That's 3 official things.

"Peek Through Time: The Republican Party Celebrates It's 157th Anniversary With a Re-Enactment Under The Oaks On Wednesday" July 1, 2011 MLive Jackson Citizen Patriot. Excellent narrative history piece concerning Birth of the Republican Party at the First Official Republican Convention Under The Oaks.
Talks about Whig, Free-Soil Party, Kingsley S. Bingham, one of the country's first Republican Governors.
Michigan Republican Governor Bingham established The Agricultural College of Michigan which later became, you got it, MSU, Michigan State University. Earned him nickname of The Farmer-Governor.
He was originally nominated to run during the First Official Republican convention at Under The Oaks.
A "History of Jackson County" book is mentioned containing a detailed account of Under The Oaks. Please read article. Great Michigan journalism.
"History of Jackson County" Charles V. DeLand Chapter Xl The Republican Party History of It's Origin and Organization.
E-book History of Jackson County (Mich.) Charles V. DeLand was editor of The Jackson Citizen a Whig newspaper.
It was the predecessor to the Citizen Patriot newspaper.

"Peek Through Time: 100 Years Ago President Taft Helped Jackson Mark Republican Party's Founding"
100 Years Ago: President Taft Helped Jackson Mark Republican Party's Founding on June 4, 1910 (day President Taft visited).

Nice postcard photo of President William Howard Taft's dedication of a plaque at Under The Oaks is in a great article written on June 4, 2010 in Michigan Live.

Other future Presidents have visited Jackson, Michigan also. Dwight Eisenhower as presidential candidate, Vice-President Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy as a candidate for President.
Read a hard copy book called "Proceedings at Celebration of the Birth of the Republican Party at Jackson, Michigan together with a History of the Republican Party July 6, 1904"

I think I remember reading in the book it was handed out to the Republican delegates and elected people back in 1904.
Hopefully, State of Michigan Republican Party officials, delegates will read book and make their case to Republican National Committee.
Have RNC read the book.
Birth of the Republican Party at Jackson, Michigan is in the title, for goodness sakes. It don't get no clearer than that or more succinctly put... whoops, there it is!
Heck, maybe a reporter at Jackson Citizen Patriot could write a great article update to the news articles below, during historic 2016 Presidential campaign. That would be cool.

Found ebook. Thanks Ohio State University.

"Proceedings at Celebration of the Birth of the Republican Party at Jackson, Michigan together with a History of the Republican Party July 6, 1904"

"Republican National Committee No Longer Lists Jackson As Birthplace of Republican Party" March 24, 2011 Jackson Citizen Patriot via MLive online.

Republican Party, Official History page on GOP Website, May 2016, about 5 years later
Official Republican Party, GOP, Grand Old Party History Page.

"Should The Republican National Committee Acknowledge Jackson, Michigan as The Republican Party's Birthplace?" March 25, 2011 Update to March 24, 2011 Jackson Citizen Patriot
The Historical Marker Database Under The Oaks Michigan Historic Marker Nice photos and story of "Under the Oaks" Jackson, Michigan from The Historical Marker Database.
Highlights a large picture of Michigan Historic Marker titled "Under the Oaks" with inscription text. Accompanying story on Under The Oaks Michigan Marker readable because of larger picture. Nice.
Nearby marker at "Under The Oaks" Park pictures, also.
Birth of the Republican Party in Jackson, Michigan on July 6, 1854. Read all about it! And see!

Under The Oaks Michigan Historical Marker Jackson, Michigan

Under the Oaks, Jackson Michigan, Birthplace of The Republican Party, Michigan Historic Marker Photo at Wikimedia

Republican Party Founded July 6, 1854 History Today Article

History of the United States Republican Party at Wikipedia Click "Organizational Beginnings 1854"

Jackson County Republican Party Official Site Official Jackson County Michigan Republican Party Website. Birthplace of The Republican Party is at top of the page.

A Political History of Wisconsin Ebook. Chapter on Republican Party in state of Wisconsin

The Little White Schoolhouse Little White Schoolhouse in Ripon, Wisconsin

Crawfordsville, Iowa and Exeter, New Hampshire are mentioned Playing a Role in Republican Party History.

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Friday, April 29, 2016

Presidential Campaigns Time Machine

Gold Pocketwatch gif

Just a Michigan Reminder To Take the Time.  Register To Vote. Then Vote. All States.
In Presidential Primary Election 2016.
In August Primary Election 2016 For House of Representatives, Senate and other Positions and Issues.
In November General Election 2016.

Don't Forget To Register to Vote So You Are Able To Vote In State of Michigan's Primary and General Elections 2016.

JULY 5, 2016 is Last Day To Register To Vote In AUGUST 2, 2016 State of Michigan's Primary Election.

OCTOBER 11, 2016 is Last Day To Register To Vote In NOVEMBER 8, 2016 State of Michigan's General Election.

Make George Washington Proud, Michigan and All States in the U.S.A.! Take The Time! Register To Vote! Then Vote!

Blue-Collar Michigan Scholar's
Squeaky Wheel Gets The Grease,
Food for Thought,
TV News Ticker Idea,
Suggestion, Solution
To Local Tv and National TV Channels Across the USA to
Help Increase Voter Registration, Turnout and Voting: The News Ticker.
What's that?
On our TV's it's located at the bottom of the screen. It scrolls right to left, displaying breaking news, sports scores, weather, school closings...etc.
Does politics, also. Saw primary results scroll by in it few weeks ago.
No kidding!
It does politics just fine.
Didn't break.
It'll be even finer with register to vote dates. So,
How about putting Last Day to Register To Vote in Primary and General Election Dates on that
scrolling News Ticker?
Both Local and National TV New Channels could do this. It would be a
Public service.
Someone's just gotta type it in. It's digital. It's Free.
Doesn't cost anything, I bet.
Advertising works, or we wouldn't see so many ads and commercials,
Would we?
Why not "advertise" the Voter Registration and Election Dates in the News Ticker?
Who knows?
Maybe a Michigan politician or some other states politician will see this Michigan news ticker - registration and voting date idea, Support
Endorse it.
Heck, just maybe,
a Presidential candidate
or member of their campaign staff
will view
Michigan news ticker advertising idea,
and Endorse
an idea that informs people and promotes more voter turnout.
Now, that would be
That's TV watchin' that
makes a difference.
Thanks, if you can make it happen.
You got our vote.
President Obama
just spoke about a
National Voting Day
to promote
voter turnout.
Until this happens
(with today's political climate, don't hold your breath),
news ticker idea is one that could be done
to promote voter turnout
for 2016 Primary and
General elections.
Let's see,
can be done now and
don't cost nuthin'.
Money saved fills a pothole.
Sounds like a
for everyone...and their cars!
Just my blue-collar,
manufacturing belt not rust-belt,
battleground state,
purple state,
whatever state
Michigan scholarly 2 cents.
Fun writing,
while listening to
Grand Funk Railroad,
We're An American Band album
Cranked up too loud.
Why aren't these guys in Cleveland, Ohio's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?
Maybe a Michigan Republican Delegate to the
2016 Republican Convention in Cleveland, Ohio
can put in a good word
for the Band at the
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's in Cleveland, Ohio  also.
Heck, try to put it in the party platform
(just kidding, hmmmm...on second thought).
At least, let them take their
Good Singin' and Good Playin'
to the Convention and
perform at the festivities.
That's some great
Working class music.
Crank it up.
On Time album,
the Red Album,
the Classic
Closer to Home Lp, and again
We're An American Band.
It don't get no blue-collarer than that.
Hey, created a new word.

Never been to a Republican Convention
Never been to a Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame
Never been to Spain
Great song.

Federal Voting Assistance Progam 

FVAP.GOV Website U. S. Federal Government's Voting Assistance for Service Members, Their Families and Overseas Citizens. Desktop Version at Bottom of Website. Great Design, Readability, Navigation and Informative. U.S.A!
About FVAP

USA.Gov Government Website Online Guide to Government Information and Services.

USA.GOV Find My State's Election Office Website

USA.GOV Twitter Page

DATA.GOV Website Home of the US Government's Open Data. Great page for data, tools and resources to conduct research and more. Browseable topics include latest information on Agriculture, Business, Climate, Consumer, Ecosystems, Environment, Energy, Finance, Health, Local Government, Manufacturing, Ocean, Public Safety, Science & Research. Great Job! USA!
DATA.GOV Twitter Page.
Professor Blue Collar Michigan Scholar's In Search of Info rap: Clicked the Manufacturing icon, researched by state, and voila, educated and informed! Important, since Trade and Jobs is one of the major issues this 2016 Presidential election campaign cycle, along with all the other important issues. Pick your individual issue and topic. Research it.
An Informed electorate. We were taught that by our families and mentors, by our great, wonderful school teachers and those wonderfully great professors in college. No excuses now, since we can do research on our phones. Phones? Who would've ever thunk it? Well, someone did. Their personal education and research journey worked for them. It can work for us. I rest my case. Put on your best Sherlock Holmes (Basil Rathbone, Robert Downey, Jr.) inquisitive look and hat, Columbo rumpled overcoat (Peter Falk), grab the magnifying glass, draw on your inner Carl Sagan (Cosmos) and go In Search Of (Leonard Nimoy) knowledge. Oh, Don't forget to Register to Vote. Then Vote in Your States Presidential Primary, Your States August Primary and Your States November General Election 2016. Oh, those TV and Movie shows were and are still cool from a baby-boomer perspective. at Wikipedia

Michigan Republican Primary Election Candidates Results 2016 U.S.Election Atlas New York Businessman-Entrepreneur Presumptive Republican Party Nominee Donald J. Trump, Highest Primary Popular Vote Totals
Donald Trump Wins Michigan and Mississippi Primaries Press Conference March 8, 2016 Trump comments on Michigan win at Trump International Golf Club Jupiter, Florida, C-Span news coverage
Donald J. Trump For United States President 2016

Michigan Democrat Primary Election Candidates Results 2016 U.S. Election Atlas Vermont, United States Senator Bernie Sanders, Highest Primary Popular Vote Totals
Bernie Sanders Wins Michigan Primary Night Speech  March 8, 2016 Bernie Sanders Comments at James L. Knight Center, Miami Florida Campaign Rally, C-Span Coverage
Bernie Sanders For United States President 2016

Hillary Clinton Primary Night Speech March 8, 2016 Hillary Clinton Wins Mississippi.  Cuyahoga Community College, Cleveland Ohio Speech to Supporters.
Hillary Clinton For United States President 2016
Former New York United States Senator, Former United States Secretary of State of President Obama Administration, Spouse of Former United States President William Jefferson Clinton.

Blue Collar Michigan Scholar's Get Your Popcorn, Classic Video Links Lookback: Starring Great Americans
Mr. Donald J. Trump,
Mr. Bernie Sanders,
Mrs. Hillary Clinton
The History Making 2016 Presidential Candidate's Historic Visits to Michigan.

Donald Trump Birch Run, Michigan Press Conference August 11 2015 Donald J. Trump Birch Run Expo Center, Birch Run, Michigan Press Conference August 11 2015 C-Span
Donald Trump Birch Run Michigan Expo Center Rally August 11 2015 August 11, 2015 Donald J. Trump, Lincoln Day Birch Run, Michigan Campaign Rally NBC 25 Michigan

Donald Trump Campaign Rally Grand Rapids Michigan December 21 2015 Donald J.Trump Campaign Rally Grand Rapids, Michigan December 21, 2015 Fox 10 Phoenix, Arizona
Donald Trump Warren, Michigan Home of the Reagan Democrats Campaign Rally March 4 2016 Donald Trump Warren, Michigan Home of Reagan Democrats Campaign Rally March 4 2016 Fox 2 Detroit
Donald J. Trump for President Official You Tube Channel Official Donald J. Trump for President 2016 You Tube Channel. Mobile Version.
Donald J. Trump for President Official You Tube Channel Desktop Version of Official Donald J. Trump for President You Tube Channel.

Bernie Sanders Kalamazoo Michigan Campaign Rally March 7 2016 Bernie Sanders Campaign Rally Kalamazoo, Michigan March 7, 2016
Bernie Sanders Campaign Rally Dearborn Michigan March 7 2016 Bernie Sander's Dearborn, Michigan Campaign Rally March 7, 2016 C-Span
Bernie 2016 Official You Tube Channel Official Bernie Sanders You Tube Channel. Mobile Version.
Bernie 2016 Official You Tube Channel Desktop Version of Official Bernie 2016 You Tube Channel

Hillary Clinton Remarks at Detroit Manufacturing Systems in Detroit Michigan March 4 2016 Hillary Clinton Speech  at automotive supplier Detroit Manufacturing Systems in Detroit, Michigan March 4 2016 C-Span
Hillary Clinton Michigan Democratic Party Reception in Michigan March 5 2016 Hillary Clinton in Michigan at Michigan Democratic Party Reception.
Hillary Clinton Campaign Rally Detroit Michigan March 7 2016 Hillary Clinton Speaks Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History March 7 2016
Hillary 2016 Official You Tube Channel Official Hillary Clinton 2016  You Tube Channel. Mobile Version
Hillary 2016 Official You Tube Channel Desktop Version of Official Hillary 2016 You Tube Channel.

Democratic National Convention 2016 Website
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania July 25-July 28, 2016. C-Span will have Gavel to Gavel coverage of the 2016 Democratic National Convention.

Republican National Convention 2016 Website
Cleveland, Ohio July 18-21, 2016. C-Span will have Gavel to Gavel coverage of the 2016 Republican National Convention.

C-SPAN Campaign 2016 Coverage Series Videos, Presidential Campaigns Coverage, Election Results, Campaign TV Schedule, Latest Primary Caucus Special Campaign Events, Resources, Apps, Cable TV Channel Finder, Radio, Podcasts, Twitter, Facebook, Google +, Pinterest, You Tube Links to Follow Along With.
C-Span The White House Series The 2008 White House series by C-Span. Behind the Scenes look at America's favorite house. White House tour with First Lady Bird Johnson 1968, White House tour with First Lady Laura Bush, President George W. Bush on Living in the White House, Historians discuss F.D.R. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, President Theodore Roosevelt, George Washington, President Abraham Lincoln's Summer White House and more tours.
C-Span About Page Their Mission.

C-Span 1 - Comcast Cable Tv Channel 96
Dish Satellite Tv 210, Direct Tv 350

C-Span 2 Comcast Channel 104, Dish 211, Direct Tv 351

C-Span 3 Comcast Channel 105

C-Span 1 Livestream Cspan 1 channel streaming live

C-Span 2 Live streamC-Span 2 channel streaming live

C-span 3 channel Live streamingC-Span 3 channel streaming live

C-Span Radio network channel Live streamC-Span Radio network streaming live. Washington Journal Call-In Phone numbers listed here, also. Radio apps, radio stream choices.

Washington Journal C-Span Live Call-In Phone-In Series Starts 7am daily. Monday through Sunday. New topical discussion live every day. Viewers can live phone call-in, tweet (Twitter), e-mail, Facebook to the live show with their views, observations, opinions on the day's topic at hand. Viewers opinions are heard from around the United States and globally. Cool.
Washington Journal Twitter Page

Congressional Chronical C-Span  United States  House and Senate Floor Proceedings resource. Legislative schedule, committees and member's directory, bills, votes, statistics about each congressional session. News conferences, briefings, news, statistics and more. Great job, C-Span.

C-Span Classroom Free primary source materials for social studies teachers. On this Day in History, constitution clips, lesson plans, bell ringers, campaign 2016, classroom deliberations, free for members C-Span 2016 electoral college map poster, drop-down menu topics range alphabetically from campaigns and elections to world history.

C-Span's Studentcam 2016 . 2016 election campaign theme is What's the issue You most want the candidates to discuss during the 2016 Presidential Campaign?

Capitol Hearings C-Span Live on the World Wide Web Daily United States Congressional Hearings. United States House committees and United States Senate committees. Standing, joint, special, select and other committees. Great job, C-Span.

Book TV Series C-Span 2  48 hours during weekend, video of Book's authors and writer's discussion of their books, book fairs around the United States, non-fiction books, Book TV programming schedule times when to watch.

Cities Tour C-Span Series  Cities Tour brings C-Span programming to United States local communities, interviewing local figures, visiting local area sites using specially equipped Local Content Vehicles.

C-Span Newsmakers Series interviews with people making news and journalists who cover them. Sundays 10am

C-Span Q and A Series Question and Answer series. 8pm to 9pm Sunday nights. Interviews with thinkers in politics, media, science, education.

C-Span 3 American History TV Series
American Artifacts, Lectures in History, Reel America, The Civil War, The Presidency, Oral Histories, History Bookshelf. Broadcast all weekends. Every weekend. TV Schedule of American History TV Series, also.
C-Span American History TV Twitter Page

U.S. Election Atlas Dave Leip's Atlas of United States Presidential Elections. Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Indiana, West Virginia, New Jersey, New York, Wisconsin, Florida and all states' Primary and General Election candidates matchup vote totals, percentages results by individual state's congressional districts. Covers Governor, Senate races and more. Easy to navigate. Election data understandable with one look simple glance, via color-coded maps of each state. Doesn't take a lot of time to read and become knowledgeable of all 50 states primary - general candidates elections results by district. Clicking "Election Results"  and "Election Information" in the menu bar at the top of Homepage, displays more historical data information like electoral - election info by state and year all the wayback to 1789. Talk about a time machine. Fascinating. Wish we had something like this in school or college back in the day. Imagine the great papers or thesis we could have written. This site is excellent if you want to analyze the 2016 Election cycle while it is currently in full swing.
A lot of time and effort in assembling and building this informative, educational site. Great job, Mr. Leip!

Professor Blue Collar Scholar's Michigan Every Which Way But Loose Rap:
Gotta feelin' this 2016 Presidential election,  American political history speakingwise, is gonna be one of  the most analyzed, studied, reported on, editorialized, talked about, books written about, in journalism, marketing and advertising schools, college classes, universities political science courses, discussed at dinner tables (some advice, don't talk politics at dinner table), forever into the future. Campaign-wise, technology-wise, amount of print and broadcast journalism media coverage-wise, social media-wise.
This is a pivotal election every which way but loose (great 1970's Clint Eastwood movie by the way).
Political campaigns are usually boring to a lot of people. Campaign 2016 is not.

Professor Blue Collar Michigan Scholars Required Reading: The Making of The President book series by Theodore H. White Lecture: Would be wonderful if Theodore H. White, political historian and journalist, was still around to write another one of his "The Making of The President" books. At your library, check out and read the books he wrote on the presidential elections of the past we voted in. If you enjoy political history, and looking behind the curtains and scenes of presidential candidates elections campaigns of past years, the unique individuals who had a vision for our country, and decided to get involved in presidential politics, you won't be disappointed by Mr. White's legendary books. Required reading.
Theodore H. White Biography and Profile  at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum site. Has a list of his books, also.
Theodore H. White Wikipedia Theodore White received a Pulitizer Prize for "The Making of The President" 1960.
5 Benefits of Working In The Skilled Trades
Great piece by Jeremy Andenberg, Reviving Blue Collar Work: The 5 Benefits of Working In The Skilled Trades. Covers Trade School, Compensation, Job Security, Availability and Intangibles. Great money-careers jobs article and fine job, Mr. Andenberg. Blue-Collar Michigan Scholar seal of approval.

Prof. Blue Collar Michigan Scholars Political Vocabulary rap: On the tube and radio hearing words swing states, battleground states, rust belt and a new word combination, rust-belt swing states. Doing a websearch for political word phrases, election campaigns topics and other things somehow found this neato site.

Envision The Past - Michigan Politics and Government Free E-Books
History of The Great Lakes States. Michigan History - Politics and Government. Envision The Past Website lists multiple free e-book articles and books about Michigan political and legal history's early years and past 1800's 1900's era, to read on computer, smartphone, ipad...etc. Topics include government, women, suffrage, local government, citizenship, boundaries, constabulary, convention to form a constitution and many more great reading topics for education and knowledge.

One fascinating read is the book on the Republican Party's Beginnings in Michigan.

The Book is titled "Under the Oaks; Commemorating the Fiftienth Anniversary of the Founding of the The Republican Party at Jackson, Michigan,on July 6, 1854". From the Detroit Tribune 1904.
Whether you are Independent, Republican, Democrat, voting for first time, never voted (register and vote, this is an historic election cycle) it is a great read.

"Under the Oaks" Mobile Version at Envision the Past Mobile Version of "Under the Oaks"
" Under the Oaks" Desktop Version Desktop version of "Under the Oaks"

"Under The Oaks" Michigan Historical Marker, Jackson, Michigan Michigan Historical Marker
in Jackson, Michigan.

Michigan Historical Markers Compilation Website  The Michigan Historical Marker Website of designated historic sites. Topics, Michigan counties, locations and photos.
Michigan State Historic Sites Listing at Wikipedia

"Under the Oaks" from Internet Archive Mobile Version of Book.
Envision the Past's other pages:
Great Lakes History, Politics and Government at Envision the Past The Great Lakes

Ohio History, Politics and Government at Envision The Past Ohio

Indiana History, Politics and Government at Envision the Past Indiana

Wisconsin History, Politics and Government at Envision the Past Wisconsin

Oh, here's a Swing State definition link
Swing State Definition at Wikipedia According to Wiki, also means battleground state and purple state. Interesting.

May 4, 2016 John Kasich, Ohio Governor Suspends Presidential Campaign Speech C-Span Video

May 3 2016 Ted Cruz, Texas U.S.Senator, Suspends Presidential Campaign Speech C-Span Video

May 1, 2016 Bernie Sander's News Conference National Press Club Democratic Presidential Candidate Vermont United States Senator Bernie Sanders discusses Democrat Nomination Process.

April 27, 2016 Presidential Candidate Donald J. Trump Speech National Press Club  Presumptive Republican nominee Businessman, Builder, Entrepreneur, Donald J.Trump's "America First" Foreign Policy Speech, event held by National Interest Magazine and parent organization Center for the National Interest.

April 7, 2016 Hillary Clinton Speech On Counter Terrorism  Democratic Presidential Candidate, Former United States Secretary of State and former New York, United States Senator Hillary Clinton's Remarks on Counterterrorism.

March 15, 2015 Bernie Sanders Phoenix, Arizona Primary Night Speech U.S. Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders, won the States of Illinois and Missouri.

Professor Blue Collar Scholar Michigan Manufacturing Belt, Commercials, Commercials, Commercials Lecture: Turned TV on and heard the term "Rust Belt" used on one of the news channels discussing politics, presidential candidates Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, the elections, voters, West Virginia primary, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan and other states. Opinions were being shared on how competitive the presidential candidates will be in these states. Interesting discussion. Then a commercial came on. Then another. Then another. Then another. Television Advertisement Definition Wikipedia When the show finally came back on after the commercials, another subject was the topic of conversation. Still wanted to hear more about their opinions on candidate competiveness in "rust belt" states. What's nice about the internet is with our smartphones or computers, we can do our own research and form our own opinions. it...see what comes up! Found the following:
Rust Belt definition at Wikipedia Read more about the "rust belt" topic and"rust belt" was traditionally referred to as the manufacturing belt, factory belt, steel belt, as opposed to rust belt. Hopefully, if manufacturing jobs and careers increase in the "rust belt" states, the traditional terms will become part of our lexicon again.

Talking about advertising, Tv campaign ads and such. It's that time of the season...
Political TV Advertising-Political Campaign Definition Wikipedia

The Living Room Candidate Presidential Campaign Commercials Election Years 1952-2012. More than 300 commercials.

The Commission on Presidential Debates, Debate Transcripts Presidential and Vice-Presidential Debate Transcripts 1960-2012.
Commission on Presidential Debates Homepage

Ron Gunzberger's Politics 1, Presidency 2016 American Elections, Campaigns, Candidates and more. "The Most Comprehensive Guide To U.S. Politics Since...1997". Great job!
Independence Hall Association's U.S. History Website Wonderful website created by The Independence Hall Association in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. "History For The Mind...And Heart" displays at top of page. How true! The free online courses, textbooks are awesome. United States History, Ancient Civilizations and American Government is great subject matter for all students of history to learn or relearn. The Independence Hall Association's archived media is like walking through a virtual museum of American History. So cool. The 2016 Democrat Convention is being held in Philly (shortened expression for Philadelphia, if you didn't know) Pennsylvania this year. Great website to visit. Great job.

National Press Club Website World's Leading Professional Organization For Journalists. Calendar, List of Speakers, Multimedia and much more.
National Press Club "About Us" Page Their Story. History (established 1908), Mission, Business, Career Opportunities, Leadership

National Press Club Speaker's Available Audio, Video and Transcripts

Bowling Green State University BGSU University Libraries LibGuide Internet sites with Primary Sources for United States History. Presidents, campaigns, elections, documents and much more subject matter links for education and knowledge.
The American Presidency Project University of California at Santa Barbara, UCSB's John Wooley and Gerhard Peters United States Presidential History site is a labor of love and it's obvious alot of hard work was put into the sites construction. Historical archives of current and former President's State of the Union, Inaugural, party convention addresses, fireside chats, speeches, vetoes, messages, papers, letters, executive orders, Democrat-Republican party platforms, Presidential library museum links and more. Great job.

U.S. Presidential Libraries and Museums at  Herbert Hoover, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry S. Truman, Dwight D. Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson, Richard Nixon, Gerald R. Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Clinton Presidential Library, George W. Bush Libraries websites. Learn, visit, research and explore online.
President Harry S. Truman Little White House Key West Florida President "Give em' Hell, Harry" Truman's Little White House in Key West, Florida. Great tour. Check out the Christmas Ornaments.
More Presidential Libraries and Museums Online Listings at Wikipedia

Presidential Elections, 1789 to 1920: Resource Guides United States Library of Congress website. Takes you wayback in time to 1789 thru 1920 "manuscripts, letters, broadsides, government documents, prints, photographs, sheet music, sound recordings, films, and newspaper articles". Collection of primary source materials. Great historical lookback at elections for the Executive Branch of our government, The Presidency of the United States circa 1789 through 1920.
Blue Collar Michigan Scholar Rap: Compared to our times today, the times back then were more challenging for our Presidential candidates, communications wise. Presidential campaigns during the early periods operated before the advent of broadcast radio, television, electricity, telephones, recordings, automobiles and other amenities we enjoy today like smartphones, the internet, world wide web.

In the Earlier times and years of the Presidency, there were no ABC, Bloomberg Tv, CBS, C-Span, NBC, CNN, Dish Tv, Direct Tv, Fox News, MSNBC, Newsmax Tv, Free Speech Tv, Talk Radio, telephone companies..etc. There were newspapers. Political candidates penned editorials in local newspapers. Citizens wrote in letters to the editor. Candidate's Speeches delivered in various public and private venues. People walked and traveled by horse.

Communications were much slower then. Word of mouth. Imagine the challenges of a Presidential campaign during the era. How hard the candidates must of worked to earn each vote. They loved our great country, wanted it to be successful, forever into the future. Each candidate had a vision for this future and their own prescription for it's success, using the communications tools of those earliest times, just as
Hillary Clinton,

Donald Trump,

Bernie Sanders,

Ted Cruz-Carly Fiorina,

John Kasich use the communications tools of our times today.
In our mind's eye, just can't picture the time the Father of our Country, George Washington, our First President, Facebooking, Instagramming, Tweeting on Twitter or whatevering. One pictures George Washington exclaiming "I cannot tell a lie, it's folly! That's what it is. folly, John Adams"!

If you don't know who John Adams is, why not take the time to visit the highly educational United States Library of Congress Presidential Elections History Website to learn more?
United States Presidential History at Library of Congress 1789 thru 1920 years.

Running for your school's class president office, college dorm council or another position of political office in your organization or local area? How do I write the campaign speech? What do I put in my speech? What ideas can make my campaign speech better? Great how to article from the pros.
Scholastic Magazines Article on Insider Tips for Writing Campaign Speeches 

Wikihow's How To Write A Campaign Speech

Our White House Campaign Election Kit

All our Presidential Candidates during the 2016 elections cycle worked extremely hard explaining their vision for our Country, just like earlier candidates for President did in previous Presidential election cycle campaigns of the past. Take part in this history.
Register to Vote. Then Vote.
Take the Time.

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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Rally Around The Campaign Music!

Last post concerned blue-collar working for a living music. Different songs and bands. Got to thinking...hmmm...what are the songs 2016 President candidates are spinning and playing at their campaign rallies. I have heard "You Can't Always Get What You Want" by Rolling Stones, "Revolution" The Beatles, "Tiny Dancer" Elton John, "We're Not Gonna Take It" by Twisted Sister played at Donald Trump Rally's on C-Span. Bernie Sanders played a David Bowie song "Starman" at the end of a televised rally. Bernie Sanders recorded a record album years ago. For a look at Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz, John Kasich, and other former 2016 presidential candidates song choices, read pieces below.
President Richard Nixon played accordion and was an accomplished pianist. President Bill Clinton played Tenor Sax on The Arsenio Hall Show. Mike Huckabee is a bass player in a group called Capitol Offense, and Martin O'Malley is  in a Celtic band called "O'Malley's March". Businessman and Entrepreneur Donald J. Trump is the former star and creator of the long running hit Tv series "The Apprentice" soon to be starring Arnold Schwartzeneggar, former Governor of California, movie star and World Famous bodybuider.
Off Topic Prediction: Even more future politicians and Presidents from Business, Media (First was Ronald Reagan Radio,  Movies, Television, California Governor, U.S. President 1981-1989) and possibly Sports.  "The times they are a changing" to quote Bob Dylan.

Rolling Stone Magazine Politics News Piece "Complete Guide To The 2016 Candidates Favorite Music" by David Browne February 1, 2016

The Music Each 2016 Candidate Chooses And Why by Amber Phillips Washington Post September 15, 2015

The following piece goes wayback in time to Presidents from our past.
Constitution Center Blog "How Presidential Campaign Songs Have Rallied Supporters" January 22, 2016 by Scott Bomboy

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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Blue Collar Baby Boomers Tunes Payday Weekend Working Men Women

Blue-Collar Baby Boomer Payday Weekend Working Songs!

Put a Quarter in the Juke Box. Play that Music. Baker's Dozen Plus of Favorite Blue Collar Rock Country and Working Rambling Gambling Songs Singles and Music Links. Blue Collar and All Collars Rock n Roll, Soul, Country, Blues Music.

If We May, Some Great Blue Collar Scholarly Michigan Free Campaign Political Advice, musically speaking, from a working perspective for presumptive Democrat Republican Party nominees (Please exercise your right to vote. Don't forget to register to vote for your candidate favorites in your states Presidential primaries, caucuses...etc and August Primaries and General Elections. Thanks. USA!)

2016 United States Presidential Candidates:
Donald J. Trump, New York Businessman, Builder, Entrepreneur, Opinion Leader, Producer, Creator "The Apprentice" Program.

Vermont's U.S. Senator, Former Member of U.S. House of Representatives, Bernie Sander's 2016 For U.S. President Campaign Site,

New York's Former U.S.Senator, President Obama's Former Secretary of State and Spouse of Former President Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton,

Texas's U.S. Senator Former Texas Solicitor General Ted Cruz and Vice-President Running Mate California's Carly Fiorina Former Hewlett-Packard CEO and Candidate for 2016 President,

Ohio's Governor, Former Fox News Talk Channel "Heartland" Tv Program and Former Member U.S House of Representatives Ohio's John Kasich.

"Got My Mojo Workin'" Willie Dixon, Poet Laureate of the Blues, Father of Modern Chicago Blues.
Cleveland Ohio's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee Willie Dixon Biographical Information.

"Working Man" Rush
"Blue Collar Man" Styx
"Blue Collar" Bachman Turner Overdrive BTO
"Takin' Care of Business"
"Runnin' Down a Dream" Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers
"Born On The Bayou" Creedence Clearwater Revival
"Jumpin' Jack Flash" "Start Me Up" Rolling Stones
"Back in the USA" Chuck Berry
"Back in the USA" covered by Linda Ronstadt
"Living in the USA" Steve Miller Band
"Memphis, Tennessee" Chuck Berry
"Memphis, Tennessee" covered by Johnny Rivers
"Hound Dog" "Mystery Train" Elvis Presley
"Pipeline" The Chantay
"Wipeout" The Surfaris

Music. Universal Language. Music. Speaks to Everyone. All demographics in our United States. Music genres from Big Band Swing, Country, Blues, Rockabilly, Folk, Jazz, Rock and Roll, Classical, Bluegrass, Electric, Acoustic, Brass and more. We "vote" with our feet, dancing to it or walking away. We "vote" with our ears daily, with changeable listening habits by channel-surfing radio stations, pre-programming cd tracks, songs on playlists until we hear that One song. Then another. Play it again, Sam, if it rocks. The music plus the words, the memories. Plus, most importantly, the Beat. It Don't Mean a Thing, If It Ain't Got That Swing (Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald, Tony Bennett Lady GaGa).
Get the Okey Dokey from the musicians to use some of our favorite Michigan Soul and Rock and Rollers songs on this list at your campaign events in our great Wolverine state and all the other states of the union. Your endorsements help the artists, and we like hearing their songs. Their music, brings back memories, makes the campaign events, rallies, townhalls, ads, commercials, videos even more memorable for us.
The Big 3 song ingredients (listening to music, cruising down those old roads and highways in our cars and trucks is a popular topic, forever written about in popular music) of Music, Words, and Beat create Memories, a Final Four, if you will, my sports analogy, of song ingredients. Hearing the song for the first time, we like it or we don't. We know immediately. Sometimes, repeated listening to a song that we didn't like at first, leads to a greater appreciation of the tune. We begin to enjoy it.

Sporting venues, stadiums serve dual music roles. During basketball, baseball, football, hockey games ...etc., different song's lyrical content are utilized to inspire the fan's and players. Second, live bands, musicians, organizations and political campaigns utilize these same venues for concerts, speaking engagements and campaign rallies.
Similar to sports, politics are competitive and a competition in the arena of ideas, ideals, solutions. They are disimilar in various areas and aspects, also.

Movie soundtracks present a perfect example of the power of memorable songs matched to certain scenes in the picture. Especially the epilogue. Hmmm. Maybe political campaigns of the future might want to issue a soundtrack for their individual campaigns. Video single or album. Getting the artist's or musicians ok, of course, which is understandably challenging because politics can be divisive; music brings people together and transcends politics.
More political candidate musicians might be in our future. Famously, Arkansas's Governor Bill Clinton played tenor saxophone on Arsenio Hall's talk show in 1992. If you weren't keeping up with politics back then, like alot of us didn't, that musical event was newsworthy in that day and time. Different. Memorable. He went on to become President of the United States. Arkansas' former Governor Mike Huckabee, 2008, 2016 election cycles presidential candidate is an accomplished bass player. At the end of his live Sunday night "Huckabee" Tv program, 2008-2015 on Fox News, he would play bass in his band, ending each show with a song. Sometimes with his Tv show's visiting musical guests. Interestingly, both Bill Clinton and Mike Huckabee are musician's and former Governor's from Arkansas. Cool and "hat's off" to the great state of Arkansas.
Read that Mike Huckabee is a big fan of Michigan's Grand Funk Railroad Mike Huckabee on why Music is More than Just a Hobby and his Grand Funk Railroad Story. September 8 2007 Making Music Magazine Article. The strong, driving bass beat was a unique, distinguishing factor and major ingredient of the Grand Funk Railroad sound, as were their amazing vocals, guitar playing, drumming and keyboards. Originals. Unique. Blue Collar Michigan Rock and Roll at it's finest. They sold out New York's Shea Stadium and Madison Square Garden. Mike Huckabee is accomplished on bass guitar, it makes perfect sense he would enjoy Grand Funk Railroad. "We're an American Band" is a classic American blue-collar rock and roll song. Still hear it on FM radio 40 yrs later, along with Grand Funk's hit cover of Little Eva's "Locomotion".To have Flint, Michigan's Grand Funk Railroad Band nominated, voted for, and inducted into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum in Cleveland, Ohio would be "Some Kind of Wonderful" and broadcast to the world the musical significance and contribution Grand Funk Railroad made to rock and roll music history, and make the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio even "Closer to Home" for us in Michigan.

If TV commercials contain popular music, why not candidates campaigns tv ads, online video ads, banner ads? One day, maybe future politicos, politicians, will write and perform their own songs. Could be a mix of fun and serious, of course. Release their cd on their campaign website or Music video with lyrics. Free download or voluntary donation. Direct to a charity of our choice. Of course, depends on current campaign finance law guidelines. Candidates could Draw on their Inner Dylan, Johnny Cash, Waylon, Beatles, Hemingway, Shakespeare and write timeless lyrics. Choose the right musical notes, chords, instrumentation. Voila! A single or album with video and lyrics included, of course. With today's digital music tools and software extremely cost-effective, shouldn't be too hard. Will Billboard, Rolling Stone or other musical media enterprise have a Top 10 Political singles, album's or video's chart list if this became popular? Cool, uncool, who knows?

Since the Gop convention 2016 is being held in Cleveland, Ohio this year, makes alot of sense to visit Cleveland's Historic Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum Site. Great place to start your music history lessons. Visitor's to the website can vote for each years nominee's. Awesome! Detroit, Michigan's Motown Museum Site is cool. The Motown Sound Changed Music history and created new, favorites, classics, timeless, original music standards we still tap our foot to today and hear on TV, movie soundtracks, commercials, radio and music playlists. Remember, every state has their own homegrown music recording artists. Use their songs, if it's OK with the musicians, of course. Might getcha' a coupla of votes, probably more. Just sayin'. My advice and a couple of George Washington's gets you a great cup of coffee at the local diner. Don't forget to tip the waitress! She's workin' hard to pay those bills, like the rest of us. : ) Thanks.

Motown Museum Detroit, Michigan

Michigan Rock and Roll Legends Website Vote for your favorite Michigan Hall of Fame Music Artists and their songs. Great Site. Thanks guys and gals. Michigan Rocks!

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum Cleveland, Ohio You can vote for your favorite Hall of Fame nominees Voting 2016 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Nominees Voting Results. If you missed vote for your favorite music candidates nominees this year, vote next year.

Songfacts Songs about Working

Songfacts browse songs artists awesome site

Songfacts Main Page

"We're An American Band" Flint, Michigan's Grand Funk Railroad
"I'm Your Captain (Closer To Home) Flint, Michigan's Grand Funk Railroad
"Locomotion" Grand Funk Cover of Little Eva song
"Some Kind Of Wonderful" GFR rendition of Soul Brothers Six song.
Grand Funk Railroad The American Band

Mark Farner

"Money" Motown Detroit, Michigan Smokey Robinson and The Miracles
"Inner City Blues", "What's Going On" Motown  Detroit Michigan's Marvin Gaye
Boots Top Ten Patriotic Country Songs
"Blue Suede Shoes" Carl Perkins
"Drivin' My Life Away" Eddie Rabbitt

"Back On The Road Again" REO Speedwagon
"A Hard Day's Night" The Beatles
"Let it Rock" Chuck Berry. Covered by Michigan's Homegrown Bob Seger Silver Bullet Band.
"Rock and Roll Music" Chuck Berry
"Listen To The Music" California's Doobie Bros.
"Gloria" Shadows of Knight
"Gloria" Them with Van Morrison
"Stand By Me" Ben E. King
"Makin' Thunderbirds" Bob Seger
"Ramblin' Gamblin' Man" Bob Seger
"Pa Pa Was A Rolling Stone" Motown Detroit, Michigan's The Temptations
"Reach Out I'll Be There" Motown Detroit's The Four Tops
"Maggie's Farm" Bob Dylan
"Tangled Up In Blue" Minnesota's Bob Dylan
"Boom Boom" and any and anything by Detroit blues recording artist John Lee Hooker.  "Chasing The Echoes: John Lee Hooker in Detroit" Awesome piece Jefferson Blues Magazine.
"Weekend Warrior" Michigan's Motor City Madman Ted Nugent
"Dancing in the Street" Motown Detroit, Michigan's Martha Reeves and The Vandellas
The Mama's and PaPa's recorded a version, also.
"Every Picture Tells A Story" Rod Stewart
"For Those About To Rock, We Salute You" AC/DC
"Won't Get Fooled Again" The Who
"We've Gotta Get Out Of This Place" Eric Burdon and The Animals.
"House of The Rising Son" also covered by Michigan's Frigid Pink
"Elected" Michigan's Alice Cooper
"Allentown" about steel industry, Billy Joel
"I Am Woman" Melbourne, Australia's Helen Reddy
Working Day Music from New Jersey's Bruce Springsteen "Factory" and Bon Jovi "Living On A Prayer"

Top 100 Labor Day and American Workers Songs
Wow!  Author Robert Hall Worked Very Hard Putting This American Worker Jobs Songs and Tunes Blog Website Together. Great photos and explanations of song's lyrical content. Great J-O-B, Mr. Hall. Truly a labor of love. Thanks!
"25 or 6 to 4" "Make Me Smile" Chicago

"Make It Funky" Barnwell, South Carolina's James Brown The Godfather of Soul, creator of music genre of Funk.

State of Indiana's John Cougar Mellencamp all his LP's have soul and rock. "Scarecrow", "Uhhuh", "Lonesome Jubilee" and "American Fool" great spins.
"Devil With A Blue Dress On" Detroit Michigan Mitch Ryder and The Detroit Wheels.
"I Heard It Through The Grapevine" Detroit, Michigan Motown's Gladys Knight and The Pips. Detroit's Motown Marvin Gaye also did a cover version of Grapevine.
"Good Vibrations", "Fun Fun Fun", "Surf City", "Little Deuce Coupe", "Barbara Ann", "California Girls", "Wouldn't It Be Nice"  California's Beach Boys. All their tunes are Great!
"Mustang Sally" Wilson Pickett

Bachman & Turner "Taking Care of Business"
"Blue Collar" Bachman-Turner Overdrive
Styx World
"Blue Collar Man (Long Nights)" Pieces of Eight Album
"Suite Madame Blue" Styx
Elton John Official Website
"Saturday Nights All Right For Fighting" Goodbye Yellow Brick Road CD Whole Albums songs are great. "Madman Across The Water" great tunes on CD Album.

Billboard 20 Songs About Working For The Man

"Why I Sing The Blues" Mississippi's B.B. King
"Simple Man" Florida's Lynyrd Skynyrd
"Free Bird" Florida's Lynyrd Skynyrd
"Tuesday's Gone" Lynyrd Skynyrd
"Roll Over Beethoven" Missouri's Chuck Berry
"Roll Over Beethoven" ELO Electric Light Orchestra. Check out beginning of tune. Brilliant! Birmingham rocks!
"Roll Over Beethoven" The Beatles
"Johnny B. Goode" Favorite guitar song classic. Missouri's Chuck Berry songs been covered by everyone. American classic. Covered by Jimi Hendrix, and every rock n roll band around the world. Songs in a Time capsule on the Moon. Who can forget Michael J. Fox's Johnny B. Goode version in movie classic "Back To The Future"?
Heck, any song by Mr. Berry Rocks.
"Get Ready" Motown Detroit, MI The Temptations
"Get Ready" Michigan band Rare Earth
"Soul Sister" The Four Gents Flint, Michigan
ZZ Top web "Just Got Paid" Rio Grande Mud Album
"Runnin' Down a Dream" Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers.
Loverboy Band Official Working For the Weekend from Get Lucky Album

Johnny Paycheck Music "Take This Job and Shove It" Johnny Paycheck

Dolly Parton Entertainment
"9 to 5" Dolly Parton

Huey Lewis And The News California
"Workin' For a Livin'" Huey Lewis and The News

Rush Website
"Working Man" Rush
"Closer To The Heart" Rush

Flippin' through Michigan FM radio stations with remote control. Adding more favorite songs that I forgot about.
Doors "Break on Through" "Roadhouse Blues"
L.A. Woman
Cream "Sunshine of Your Love" "White Room"
Humble Pie "I Don't Need No Doctor"
Peter Frampton "Do You Feel Like We Do"
"Jumpin' Jack Flash" cover. Frampton Comes Alive LP.

Rocklists Music List Rolling Stone Magazines Top 100, 500, Essential Albums, Songs, Singles, 1950's, 1960's, 1970's,1980's, 1990's, 2000-2015, Critics List Reader's Choices, Last 20, 25 years, Greatest Guitar Songs, Artists.

Jann Wenner's Rolling Stone Magazine an American Classic Music Mag

Kiss "Rock and Roll All Nite Party All Day"
Rolling Stones "Jumpin' Jack Flash" "It's Only Rock and Roll" Rolling Stones are the best.
Anything by Boston. Especially first 2 albums.
Moody Blues.

Foghat "Fool For The City" "Slow Ride"
Pink Floyd "Money"
Deep Purple "Highway Star" "Smoke On The Water" "Space Truckin'"
Uriah Heep "Look At Yourself"

The Flint, Michigan I.M.A. Industrial Mutual Association had many of the above favorite groups perform.
Detroit's Cobo Hall and others, also.

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! The Beatles! Know the sites all over the map, musically and topically speaking. It's a Rock Soul Stew Country Blues Jukebox Playlist of favorite blue collar, baby boomer, white collar, heck...all collars music, songs and tunes. Don't forget to Register to Vote.
Then, Vote. Thanks!

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