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Monday, March 06, 2017

Blue Collar Michigan Scholar's White House Twitter Press Secretary Tweets Links

White House Press Secretary Official Twitter
March 6, 2017
Good Monday Mornin' from Blue Collar Michigan's Scholar. Spring is almost here. Summer, too. Still keeping the snow shovel ready to do it's duty, though.
You know, it seems like when the snow shovel is put away and vehicle snow scraper, suddenly snow appears in the weather forecast. Huh?
Kinda like when one gets the car and truck cleaned, polished and shined at the local car wash, all of a sudden it rains the next day or two.
You, too?
Saw on tv tube or read it somewhere along the line that one of the reasons our great camping, boating, golfing, hunting, fishing, recreative, travel, tourism and history making vacation state of Michigan's weather changes so much (seems like it's always been like this since the 1950's...the good old days of only free 3 channel black and white Tv. Hmmm. Color Tv and more Tv channel choices is good. Not free, though unfortunately), is that we are surrounded by water, the Great Lakes of Michigan. This affects our weather patterns. So they say.
Don't know.
It's above my pay grade!

Back to the old day's of Tv
All the major news channels seem to be editorials and opinions.
They're making the big bucks. Why don't they show both sides of the issues and...
Let us Decide.
What a novel concept!

Local News is the Best and they do a professional job for our communities. Great job!


The White House Press Secretary's Twitter is one of many great sites to visit for the current
Direct & Correct (very important, big time)
Current News from
President Trump,
45th President of the United States of America.
In the 2017 Presidential Election, Donald Trump won our great Wolverine State of Michigan's 16 Electoral votes, along with Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida and other battleground swing-states throughout our Great Nation.

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