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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Tim Berners-Lee Invented World Wide Web WWW

Great book to read if you are interested in the origins of the World Wide Web is "Weaving The Web" by Tim Berners-Lee. Been a few years since I read it, but it's one of those books one can't put down until you are on the last page. Best I can recollect is that his first browser was called ENQUIRE. Enquire within the mind and was based on a paper, book, play or something to that effect. I also recall he wrote about his thought processes in considering an array of name choices in his goal of naming these communication strands connected to the internet, which ultimately came to be called World Wide Web, WWW as we know it today. Internet, computer server, personal computer or is it the other way around? Desktop personal computer, computer server, internet. Whatever the order, it works, it changed and is still changing the world of everything and the man is a living genius. These are my best recollection of a few events in Weaving the Web. The most correct and best way to learn is to read exactly what happened and how from the the man who started it all, Tim Berners-Lee. A good lesson in life is to always get it straight from the horse's mouth. Wonder where that phrase originated? later. retired united-auto-worker. Oh, another great book is Fathers of The Internet. Next time. uaw