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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Happy Birthday To Brian Lamb's Invention of C-Span! First Telecast on March 19, 1979. 37 Years Old.

The History of C-Span "Our History" page.
Thank you, Brian Lamb.
C-Span is today 37 years old today. Born on March 19, 1979. Jimmy Carter was President. TV's invented by Philo Farnsworth, were big... screens were curved and made of glass.  No way to hang on wall. No smartphones, either. Phones...Alexander Graham Bell's invention, were considered, well.. just phones! They were big, had buttons and hooked to the wall with real people called telephone operators that helped you when you dialed "0". Now we can watch TV and C-Span on our phone! Who would of thunk it back then? Interestingly, former Vice-President Al Gore was the first televised speaker to the C-span audience. Video of his speech is on the "Our History" page. More interesting is the fact that Al Gore was primarily instrumental in promoting legislative policy and funding for the widespread adoption of the internet as we know it and Sir Tim Berners-Lee is considered the inventor, creator and father of the World Wide Web. Brian Lamb's vision and leadership let ordinary citizen's view their government in, (British government, also) and he created Washington Journal so citizens could call-in to comment on it (tweet, email, facebook their views, also). For 37 years we have seen our elected leader's in action and they have listened to our views on C-span and our country has benefitted immensly. Happy Birthday to Brian Lamb's invention of C-Span and thank you from all of us, Brian, for following the journalistic ethic of "Let the Reader Decide". It is the greatest invention of all. Alexander Graham Bell and Philo Farnsworth are proud of you, Mr. Lamb.  But more importantly, Our Founder's are proud of you. God Bless America.

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