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Friday, April 22, 2016

Cable Satellite Public Affairs Network Channel

Register To Vote
REGISTER TO VOTE! Don't Forget To Register to Vote so you are able to vote in Michigan's Primary and General Elections 2016.

Last Day To Register to Vote in August 2, 2016 State of Michigan Primary Election is JULY 5, 2016.

Last Day to Register to Vote in November 8, 2016 State of Michigan General Election is OCTOBER 11, 2016

Ever wondered what does C-Span stand for?
Cable-Satellite Public Affairs Network
Since 1979.

C-Span Washington Journal Phone Numbers Call In:
GOP 202 748-8001
DEMOCRAT 202 748-8000
INDEPENDENT 202 748-8002
TWITTER @cspanwj
C-Span occasionally changes phone numbers allocation per topic discussed. Verify phone numbers per specific daily Washington Journal Topic.
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Great tv, radio, podcasts, live streams, viewer call-in, legislative, history, interviews, learning, educational, all sides, views, opinions, debates, arguments of  issues programming

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Now you know what C-Span stands for.

Stay informed. Paticipate on Twitter, Facebook. Call-in. Stay informed.

Best thing? No commercials!

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