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Monday, March 06, 2017

Trade Deficits Matter - Peter Navarro Speech March 6 2017

White House National Trade Council Director Peter Navarro Outlines Trump Administration's Trade Policy - Economic Policy Conference
March 6, 2017
Blue-Collar Michigan's Scholar - It's About American Jobs, Jobs and More J-O-B-S! C-Span Video, Trade Deficits Matter, Economic Policy Conference Video link.
Peter Navarro, President Trump's White House National Trade Council Director, speaks at the National Association for Business Economics
Again, his speech is titled...
"Trade Deficits Matter"
You Betcha!!!
American Workers deserve a level playing field when it comes to trade. In Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Every State in the United States of America.
Question and Answer session at end of Mr. Navarro's speech.

A Great Website for latest data on U.S. Trade deficits and other countries trade deficits/surpluses around the globe. Other economic data subjects are covered with current and past economic data. Compare our trade deficit with other nation's surpluses/deficits.
Very interesting reading. Has current GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of countries, also.
Trading Economics Website

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