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Friday, June 17, 2016

Michigan Electoral College Weather Report History

Uncle Sam Pointing Finger
JULY 4th 2016.

July 7 2016 Blue Collar Scholars Michigan  Battleground State Swing State Manufacturing Belt State 16 Electoral Votes Possible Vice-President choice for Hillary Clinton - Donald Trump, "What, Me Worry" predictions:
Watched presidential elections over the years, like everyone else. The politics and thought processes behind how a Presidential nominee chooses, picks, selects a Vice-President candidate is interesting and fascinating to all American citizens and voters.
Remember 1980 Presidential Election? There was speculation Ronald Reagan would pick Former President Gerald Ford from Grand Rapids, Michigan to serve as Vice-President. It was called "the dream ticket". It would have been nice to have Michigan's favorite son President Ford back in the White House. Alas, it was not to be.
Back to Presidential Veepstakes...
What state will he or she hail from?
Is the Presidential Nominee already showing strong in the possible VP's home state?
How many electors (electoral votes) does the Vice-Presidents home state have?
Was the Vice-President a Governor of one of the states or
A Senator or member of the House of Representatives?
How old are they? The age is important of the Vice-President candidate because if Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton win the White House race, the pattern has been for presidential election cycles of the past that Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton will serve two terms...eight years (there have been one term Presidents, also).
Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton's Vice-President pick could run for President themselves at the end of Mrs. Clinton's or Mr. Trump's two terms as President of the United States of America.
Also, the American electorate pretty much has alternated back and forth between a Republican and Democrat President after 8 years or 2 terms.
Vice-President Age prediction: Possibly in their 50's or 60's, give or take some years either way.
Governors have experience running a state. The governor is the chief executive of the state. Balancing budgets...etc. Kind of like the "president" of the state. It's chief executive.
Senators and Congressmen and women are experienced, also, of course.
Business Experience. Does the Vice-President candidate have experience creating American jobs. Creating a balanced budget.
Military background, or if not, supports a strong military budget and provides our veterans with the support they have earned and deserve for defending America.
Media Experience. Not a 3 Tv channel world anymore. Newer forms of communication.
Social Media. Twitter, Facebook, You Tube, Instagram...etc.
Television media is still very important and will continue to be when a President and Vice-President speaks to our Nation.

Possible Vice-President candidate choices not mentioned in media:

Mike Huckabee
Served as Governor of Arkansas 1996 to 2007.
Lieutenant Governor of Arkansas 1993 to 1996.
Chairman of National Governors Association 2005 to 2006.
Presidential Candidate 2008, 2016.
"Huckabee" Television Program 2008 - 2015
Creativity: Plays a Mean Bass Guitar in his band "Capitol Offense"
Michigan Rock Band trivia: Jammed with Michigan band Grand Funk Railroad.
Authored many books.
Opinion Leader
Mike Huckabee Official Website

Jim Webb
Presidential Candidate 2016.
Served as Senator from Virginia 2007 to 2013.
Served as Assistant Secretary of Defense For Reserve Affairs 1984 to 1987 under Ronald Reagan.
Secretary of the Navy under Ronald Reagan 1987 to 1988.
Vietnam Veteran.
Navy Cross, Silver Star, Bronze Star (2), Purple Heart (2) recipient.
Creativity: Authored many books.
Opinion Leader
Jim Webb Official Website

Above names have not been mentioned in the media.
Got a few years under my belt. If it's not mentioned, highly possible and probable might be something to it.
There's an Old adage someone said, Shakespeare, Confuscious, Einstein, Alfred E. Neuman (Mad Magazine "What Me Worry"?...boy, giving my age away)...I can't remember. Something to this effect...
It's what they're Not saying, that speaks loudly.
Does one "hear" it and understand what it means.
Talkin' 'bout understanding and intuitiveness. Don't need a college degree for this.
We all have this "degree".
We use it everyday
Decision making.
You know...
Got a feeling...
Gut Feeling.
Who knows?
Fun speculating and guessing who Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will pick as their Vice-President in 2016 Veepstakes.
Above possible Vice-President party selections have official Twitter, Facebook, You Tube, Instagram accounts. Check out these social media sites to learn more.

July 4, 2016
Happy Birthday, America! 240 Years Young. Born on July 4, 1776. Compared to the rest of the countries around the Globe,
We Are Young (Great many of major countries globally are thousands of years old) in the Timeline of World History and Number One!
Ever Greater Days await us. Congratulations. Happy Independence Day!

The Declaration of Independence The United States Declaration of Independence from Charters of Freedom - A New World Is At Hand website at The  Articles of Confederation, Continental Congress, Constitutional Convention, U.S Constitution and Bill of Rights and other documents are listed. Re-School yourself.
Refresh your American Memory.
Your Patriotism.
You can do it from your phone
in 2016.
That's Wonderful.
Wonder what The Founder's of
Our Great Nation would think?
They'd like it!
Imagine...Paul Revere "The British are Coming! The British are Coming!" texted to the Patriots!
Today in History July 4 - U.S. Library of Congress - American Memory Historical information of what happened Today in History on July 4th. Yesterday and Tommorrow links at bottom of page. Neato. Great photographs, narratives, stories, more from the United States Library of Congresses American Memory Website. Other cool US history links on page. Great job!

July 2, 2016
Blue-Collar Battleground State, Swing State, Manufacturing Belt, not Rust Belt (We proudly make things here)16 Electoral Votes deciding on President Donald Trump or President Hillary Clinton or whoever, on November 8 2016 Election Vote, Michigan Scholar's E Pluribus Unum History C-Span 1988 1984 1980 1976 1964 Republican Democrat Conventions rap:

C-Span is running video of all the Democrat and Republican Conventions on July 2, 2016. Watching them is like a political time machine. Independent, Republican, Democrat, Never Voted, Not born then and you love your Country... need to watch the videos of the Dem - GOP conventions. C-Span website.
Michigan's President Ford GOP Convention address was wonderful. Whatever political party you support, Michigan's Gerald Ford, a Republican, from Michigan, restored confidence to our Nation as President. I was a college kid in Michigan attending Central Michigan University. Go Chips! President Ford's faith, love of Country, wonderful personality, confidence, and political astuteness calmed America, during one of its' most trying times. He Restored Confidence in our political system. Watching him speak on TV during to the American people circa 1974 thru 1976, was calming to all. It was 42 years ago, and one always felt after his conversations that everything would be OK. Because of President Ford, We, the American people, felt secure that everything would work out. Also, He signed into law the PBGC...Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp. legislation. It protected American Workers with Defined Benefit provided pensions, if these companies went bankrupt. How many of us have pensions paid by the PBGC in Michigan and the rest of the Country? Also, He fought the inflation that was ravaging the American economy. Michigan...our voting all those years..allowed Gerald Ford from Grand Rapids to move up the political ladder to attain the position of Vice-President and ultimately President of The United States.
Your Michigan vote matters now, just as it did then...
Please Register to Vote. Then vote.
We need Jobs, Jobs, Jobs in Michigan.
Better Trade Deals. Security for America. Strengthened Military and the Greatest Ever care for our Veteran heroes. We need a President that Can and Will get the job done. Michigan's 16 electoral votes are going to decide the next US President. Where would this Country have been if Gerald Ford's Michigan voters hadn't put him in position to be Vice-President and ultimately President of the United States?
Register to vote. Then vote.
Thank You.
E Pluribus Unum Meaning, Definition, History, Illustration, Resources at Great Seal Website Older pictures, photos, descriptions, symbols history of E Pluribus Unum.
E Pluribus Unum History on Coins and Money U.S. Department of the Treasury  We're all carrying a U.S. history lesson in our pocket and purse. The coins. Paper money, too. Where is "E Pluribus Unum" on One Dollar Bill, George Washington's home? Hint. Not on the obverse (front) and it's on the right. Learnin' something new. Cool. Get a magnifying glass and read. It's inscribed on  there for a reason. USA.
Independence Day Holiday Time is great time (and every day) to read about our American History.
June 24 2016 Blue Collar Swing State Manufacturing Belt Michigan Scholar Latest: Donald Trump - Hillary Clinton 2016 Presumptive Presidential Nominees at Republican and Democrat Conventions, respectively, speak on England's Referendum Vote to Exit (Brexit) the European Union (The E.U.)
Donald Trump Speaks On British Vote to Leave European Union Donald Trump remarks on Brexit vote while in Turnberry, Scotland. Mr.Trump takes and answers reporter's questions about the brexit voter referendum and his 2016 U.S. Presidential Election  Campaign. C-Span Video.
June 28, 2016
Donald Trump Address Re-Declaring Our American Independence June 28, 2016. Transcript of Mr. Trump Speech at Alumisource Factory in Monessen, Pennsylvania, in the Pittsburgh area. Nafta, WTO (World Trade Organization) Brexit, Trade Deals, TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership), U.S. Manufacturing Gross Domestic Product (GDP), manufacturing jobs are among subjects addressed. Specific remedies were cited and discussed, for any trade agreement violations against the United States by member countries in trade agreements with the US. Also, Donald Trump does not support passage of TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership).
Pennsylvania has 20 electoral votes.
Hillary Clinton Statement On Brexit Vote. Official Hillary Clinton For President Election Campaign Website 2016.
Hillary Clinton's Initiative On Technology & Innovation June 27, 2016
Donald J. Trump For President 2016 Official Website Official Donald Trump For President Election Campaign Website 2016.
Official Donald Trump For President 2016 Twitter Feed  "Tweets" from Mr. Trump. Great place to visit for latest, Real Time Donald Trump opinions, thoughts, news, views. Mr. Trump's personal, immediate response and comments on national - international events and situations, campaign advertisements, news articles, competitors, campaign events...etc.
Hillary Clinton For President 2016 Twitter Feed  "Tweets" from Mrs. Clinton. Great place to visit for latest, Real Time Election Campaign 16 opinions, thoughts, news, views. Mrs. Clinton's personal, immediate response and comments on national - international events and situations, campaign advertisements, competitors, campaign events...etc.
Blue Collar Michigan Swing State Manufacturing Belt (not Rust Belt) Purple State Rap:
Register to Vote
July 5, 2016
Don't Forget to
August 2, 2016
Michigan Primary
(and November 8 2016 General Election)

Reminder :
July 5, 2016
is the
Last Day
Register to Vote
in the
August 2, 2016
Michigan Primary.

Did you know
There's a
Michigan Primary Election
August 2, 2016?
Write it Down on your
Post It Note
Program a Reminder
If you're All Ready Registered to Vote in your Voting Precinct,
that's cool man
and mama.
If not...
What are you waiting for?
Let's Have The Largest Primary Voter Turnout in Michigan History.
Spread the Word.
Tell and Remind 5 or More people.
Tell them to do the same.
Rinse and Repeat.
It's in your hands.
No B.S.
Register to Vote.
Then Vote.
Time's runnin' out.
It's June 21, 2016 when this was written.
Coupla' weeks Left to Register to Vote if You're not Registered.
Let's set a Michigan Primary record.
We Can Do It!
You Can Do It!
Thank You!

Blue Collar Michigan Scholar Electoral College History Lesson Weather Report rap:

How many Electoral College votes does the state of Michigan currently have for the 2016 Presidential Election.
Hint. The number is in the question somewhere.

Multiple choice (always liked multiple choice questions. You, too?)
a. 21
b. 20
c. 19
d. 18
e. 17
f.  16
g. I don't know and I want to watch the game.
h. Tired of politics. That's all they talk about on Tv and the radio and all those political advertisements will be the nonstop on the tv all the time soon. Don't remind me.
i. Politics is cool. Democracy in action.
j. Just tell me the answer!

Give up?
Answer is:
f. 16

Did you know that all the numerical answers were correct at different points of history in Michigan's Electoral College past?

The higher the Electoral College number  means something big league.

It means Michigan citizens have more representation in Washington.

More Michigan elected US House of Representatives members.
More voices and representation.
It don't get no better than that!

More electoral votes picking the President.
2 US Senators is always constant.

What does the number 16 represent for Michigan's citizens currently?
2 Michigan elected United States Senators plus 14 Michigan elected members of U.S. House of Representatives equals 16 and is our voice and representatation in Washington, D.C.

Also, 16 Michigan Electors are committed to vote for Michigan citizens highest popular vote choice for President 2016, Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton or whomever gets the most votes cast for them.

Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton, if they win Michigan's popular vote in November 2016 Presidential election, will receive Michigan's 16 electoral votes for President of The United States.

Swing State
Manufacturing Belt (not Rust Belt)
16 electoral votes
Count 'em
To whom
Is Elected
To serve
The Next
President of the United States.
Count on it.

How Michigan votes will decide the next President of the US '16.
High probability...
Michigan Picks and Decides
The Winner.
Our Votes.

Michigan is one of the important Election 2016
Manufacturing Belt states (the term rust belt is constantly used, prefer Manufacturing Belt. We manufacture great quality products in Michigan)...along with Ohio, Pennsylvania and other states.
Gop convention will be in Cleveland, Ohio this year and Democrat convention will be in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Be sure to watch.
C-Span has 24 hour gavel-to-gavel coverage.
Will be broadcast on television station networks, also.
Both party's political conventions will be awesome.
This is an historical Presidential election campaign for both party's. They're gonna be talkin' about this 2016 election in college political science classes.
Bet many books will be written. Hope Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton write their own book about being on the campaign trail. Good luck to all the candidates.

Youse gotta vote, man.

Democrat - Republican Official President '16 websites are the key.
Read their policy papers on all subjects.
Watch the videos.
Check out their individual official
You Tube,
and their other various
social media accounts.
There is time to make an informed decision on whom to support.

Blue Collar Michigan Scholar's Great Time to Be Alive Votin' and Ownin' a Smartphone Horse's Mouth Rap, Smartphone written, while listening to The Beatles Live at the BBC and Who's Next by The Who at too loud volumes:

Everyone has an opinion on
In the

Blue Collar Michigan Scholar's 24 Credit Hours of CMU Journalism, Opinion Editorial, "If I'd Known Then, What I Know Now" Rap:
If You're a student of Journalism..
What happened to...
Let The Reader Decide?
Let The Viewer Decide?
My experience in the Old Day's of TV and Newspaper journalism, taught in CMU Journalism School, was a reporter or newscaster never put their opinions in the piece.
That was left for the Editorial area.
That's where one went for opinions.
A newspaper headline was supposed to be written
The article below the headline was supposed to present
The Reader Decided.
You and
Hat's off to the newspaper's that continue this path of neutrality.

Let's talk TV...
The Boob Tube...
As they used to say in...
The Old Days.

On the cable views/news programs, one might agree with the news anchor or panel with their opinions.
are the opposing views presented factually and honestly?
If not...
Think about it.
You might agree with the talkers opinion...
but the
Why is the other side of the argument or issue
verbally missing?
For example...
Why are they overtly and overly negative on one candidate
"If I had known then, what I know now" comes into play here.
Before we make a major purchase we...
do our research.
A deep dive into the facts.
Takes time...
But the probabilities
in our favor
that we will make
You betcha!

All of us have a "gut feeling" about things.
Always look for a "both sides presented" honestly and factually, presentation.

If it is too one-sided negatively or positively concerning an issue or candidate...

Your Antenna should be up...

Look for the opposing view.
It's Ok.
It means you are confident and secure in yourself.
It means you are an American!
You're doing your job!

Take the time to...
You're older now.
We're wiser.
Damn straight!

It's about our Country.
Security for the USA.
Strong Military
Taking Care of our Veterans
who gave all for our
Jobs Jobs Jobs
for our Kids and Grandkids.
And their Kids.
Bringing jobs jobs and more jobs back home to the United States for them.
Enriches them,
gives them Security
Our Nation's
Economic Future
is Enriched and Secure.

Form your own opinion.
From all sources.
Not just one or two.
Does the Cable Tv views/news program or news article have representatives from all sides of the issue or argument?
Based on facts honestly presented...
Watch and listen for
Got just two words for biased reporting...
Reject It.

Why depend on a Tv media pundit to parse what the candidate actually said,
We have our Smartphones in 2016.
They don't call them smart for nothing.

We can watch the actual speech Hillary, Donald or Bernie gave.
In its entirety.
Without interuptions.
Without commercials.
We decide with information straight from...
The horse's mouth.

As that old time saying goes..Always go to the actual "horse's mouth".

What did they really say?

Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have written books.
Go to the Library. Check them out.
Read their Complete articles in print media and view their full campaign videos.

C-Span is a great resource for politics and other cool things.
No commercials, too
Watch C-Span on your Tv or livestream on computer or phone. Or listen On a radio app.
They are on Sirius Radio, too.
They have live televised broadcasts of Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton's presidential election campaign rallys.

C-Span Website
has alot of Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump archived presidential election campaign rally videos. Make some popcorn, order a pizza, whatever...and watch on your laptop or smartphone. Take mental notes. Parse all the candidates. Take the time to think about it.
What are the most important priorities for our great country?
Security For the United States
Strong Military
Global Trade - Trade Deals are one major issue talked about by Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders.
Trading Economics China Balance Of Trade

Trading Economics Mexico Balance Of Trade

Trading Economics Japan Balance Of Trade

Trading Economics Home
Great Resource. Every global countries statistics listed.
Awesome website. Sites probably taylored for policy wonks. But, it is great information for everyone to know if a conversation comes up about trade issues and policy.
I, football, baseball, hockey, horse race stats are more fun.
(Congratulations to Ohio's Cleveland Cavaliers Basketball Team winning the NBA Championship. Golden State Warriors were awesome, also).

Heck, we just went back to school blue collar style. Gotta do research. Decide who to vote for.
We need better trade deals for Michigan and the rest of the U.S.  We need more J-O-B-S.  Good payin' ones. Know what I'm talkin' about? Thank you.

Supreme Courts important, too...
Judicially Speakin'.
One of the 3 branches of Gov't our Great Founders created.
Who will the Presidential Candidates put on the Supreme Court?
With 3 to 5 positions possibly open in the next 4 to 8 years.
This is important.
Research it.
Horse's mouth, man.
Visit Donalds, Bernie's and Hillary's official '16 presidential campaign website for the details.

Who can deliver solutions to these priorities?
Who is believable?
Where is the polling on believability and deliverability?
Go for it pollsters.
Who cares about favorability polls?
Just get the job done for our country...and Michigan.

Yours and Mine is just as important and is importanter (probably not a word, but it is my blog. Apologies to Daniel Webster)
We decide.
Not the Tv.
Context is everything.
Our great teachers, profs, and families taught us this.

Isn't that wonderful?

Go to the candidates official site and see what they officially said.
Official Donald J. Trump For President 2016 Election Campaign Website

Official Hillary Clinton For President 2016 Election Campaign Website

Official Bernie Sanders For President 2016 Election Campaign Website

Why weather report in title?
The weather changes.

Which is cool, because there's various recreative activities that can be enjoyed in Michigan, the Water Winter Wonderland Wolverine State.
When your state is pleasantly surrounded by water, great fishing, hunting, recreation...etc.

Did you know the weather forecast can affect voter turnout? Who knows.
Weather forecast don't mean a thing if you use absentee ballot.
In Michigan,
if you are 60 or more years of age
you can sign up for automatic absentee ballot voting.
Also, there are other ways a Michigan voter can qualifiy for an absentee ballot.
Click Michigan Secretary of State Ruth Johnson's Website link at bottom of this blog post for further info on absentee voting and other election info. Or visit your local clerks office for info.

But, back to politics...
Did you know,
like the weather
the Electoral College number sometimes changes per the U.S. Census report every ten years?
It can go up or down.

We had 21 Electoral Votes in the 1970's.

The last census in Michigan was 2010.
We lost 1 More Electoral Vote.

In total, we have lost 5 Electoral Votes since the 1970's.
Michigan now has 16 Electoral Votes.
Those 16 Electoral Votes are going to decide the next President of the United States.
Our votes in Michigan.

The next Michigan census will be in 2020.
Census happens every decade.
Every 10 years.
A population count in the state of Michigan.

Surfing the web, found some most excellent electoral college history web links:
Historical Election Results and Electoral College Votes By State 1789 thru 2008. National Archives and Records Administration.
Check out Michigan and the other states in our Union. Interesting to see what states went up or down in Electoral votes over the years.

Why they lost or gained Electoral College votes would be an interesting book to read.

Summary of Key Dates Presidential Election 2016 June through October 2016.
Also, has information concerning important dates from November 8, 2016 to January 20, 2017.
U.S.Voting and Election Resources
Voting, The Election Process, Campaign Finance, State Sites, Electoral College Teaching Resources.
Ruth Johnson, Michigan Secretary of State Elections in Michigan Information for Voters - What Is The Electoral College?

Michigan Secretary of State - Elections in Michigan Michigan Election 2016 info and more.

Ben's Guide Election of the President and Vice-President - Electoral College Federal
Government Printing Office - G.P.O

Library of Congress Teachers Classroom Material Presentations - Elections Great Resource Page

Teaching With Documents - Library of Congress Tally of The 1824 Electoral
Vote. Great history about Electoral College.

Our Documents 100 Milestone Documents of American History. National History Day, National Archives and Records Administration and USA Freedom Corps cooperative effort.

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