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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Ballad of The Outsider vs The Establishment.


August 1, 2016
The Blue-Collar Road To 270 Electoral Votes To Win The White House In Presidential Election Campaign of 2016 For Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Leads To Michigan. Sixteen Electoral Votes.
Michigan, Water Winter Wonderland - Wolverine State. Cool!

OCTOBER 11, 2016 (if you are not registered to vote)

NOVEMBER 8, 2016.

Since Michigan is Instrumental for Whom Will Win the Presidency 2016, Take the Time to Do Your Research on Where Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and other Presidential candidates Stand on the Issues - Positions Important to all Michiganders and Most Importantly, our Country.
Too easy to listen to the opinion makers on cable news.
Form your own opinions.
We were taught that in school, college, at home.
We decide.
One great place is (drum roll, please...)
the Official Presidential 2016 Campaign Websites! Gotta love the internet!
Official Donald Trump Issues Website

Official Donald Trump Positions Website

Official Hillary Clinton Issues Website

The candidates websites are the "Horse's Mouth" (old school term).
The correct information
Not parsed by opinion on Cable news TV.
They're making the big bucks speaking their opinions.
Their jobs didn't get outsourced.
Ours did.
We are the voters and we form our own opinions.
Our opinions are equally important.
Start at Square One...
The Candidates Websites.
Watch the candidates official videos of their rallies, speeches...etc. Visit their Twitter, Facebook and other social media pages.

C-Span is The Greatest Channel. Has all sides, and no commercials. Video archives. Call In Program called Washington Journal, and much, much more.
They rule when it comes to Presidential Election time.
Always have, always will.
Been checking it out since I was a young pup.
You can call in and give your opinion on the tv. Awesome.
Campaign 2016 - Road to The White House is cool. Check out C-Span!
C-Span Official Website

July 28, 2016 Blue Collar Michigan (Our 16 Electoral Votes Will Decide The Next U.S. President on November 8 2016) Scholar's This Ain't No Rust Belt...Every Trade Story Has a Picture or Every Trade Picture Tells a Story, Columbus, Columbo, Sherlock Holmes, It's Our Jobs,
Soapbox Blue Collar Rap:
United States of America Balance of Trade
Trading Economics website affords one a Quick Look
at the
United States Trade Imbalance
or Balance
for the last month, previous years,
Back to 1950, for example, and much, much, much more...
Big Time.
Awaken Your Inner Columbus,
Don your Columbo overcoat,
Remember Sherlock Holmes said
'It's Elementary, Watson.' and
Take a Deep Dive into the Info.
The charts travel
Back in time
with a mouse click
touch on your smartphone screen.
Simply Amazing!
Amazingly Simple!
Nafta, Cafta...etc. trade deals started in 1990's. Navigate the charts
keeping in mind the years the trade deals went into effect.
You can navigate other countries Trading Goods and Services Imbalance or Balance with the United States of America.
Like Marty and Doc in
Back to the Future, in your mind's DeLorean (that was the vehicle in Back to the Future that went backwards or forwards in time)
do the same.
Your town, city, state.
Our great Country.
Then...US Manufacturing was over one-third of GDP.... Gross Domestic Product... with
Plentiful Good payin' jobs, Smooth roads, Social Security, Medicare and other citizen's  Federal, State, Local, services financial foundations beautifully funded because of the Number and Quality of Good Paying Manufacturing Jobs and the 7 or 8 other great jobs created upstream or downstream in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and all of our States.
Now...Manufacturing is barely over One-Tenth of GDP.
That's a huge drop.

These trade deals have decimated some of our communities thanks to over 25 years of trade deficits with some major trading partners. Free trade is fine. If it's fair. And everyone plays by the rules...
and the rules are...
Common sense:
Surplus good
Deficit bad.
We hear it all the time.
Our states have to balance their budgets.
The Federal gov't talks about balancing the budget.
Why hasn't the ever-lovin' Trade Deficit over the past decades been prioritized and resolved?
Not an economist,
Common Sensically...
It's highly probable and possible
A Balanced Trade with all of our trading partners could manifest itself into the
Greatest Good-Payin' American Job Creator!
Everyone Wins...
Especially, the Good Old U.S.A.
That means Us, the citizens and future generations!
Finally, finally, finally there has been discussion in 2015 and 2016 Presidential Election about remedies to our Trade Imbalances.
Specific, Specific, Specific
Renegotiation, a better deal, new deal, strength at bargaining table, one by one country negotiation, tariffs, taxes, penalties, company incentives...etc.

Trade is one of the most important election campaign issues in Michigan (if not the most important). Who can get the J.O.B done quickly will Win the Hearts and Minds of Michigan voters...and will win Michigan's 16 electoral votes in 2016.
Count on it.
Where would a President Trump or President Clinton be on trade? What are Dem GOP nominees Trump Clinton fixes and solutions on Nafta, TTP, TTIP trade deals?

Trump for President 2016
Clinton for President 2016

Bernie Sanders has dropped out of Presidential 2016 race.
He is again Independent in the US Senate.
Saw on TV, Jill Stein of Green Party reaching out to Bernie voters.
Jill Stein for President 2016
Also, Donald Trump campaign is reaching out to Bernie supporters
Donald Trump for President 2016

On my soapbox:
We are All,
All the States,
Fellow citizens,
In the
Ever, Ever, Ever...
The History of The World.
One Union of All.
One for All and All for One.
The Greatest Union...
The Union of States...
The United States of America!
We are Beyond Exceptional!

Any Jobs that are brought  back to the USA is a Victory for the US Workforce!
Whatever state they live in.

Michigan wants those Jobs, also.
And we can and will compete for them in Michigan
with our
Ready, Willing and Able workforce. Manufacturing is in our blood.
GM, Ford, Chrysler and other manufacturing workers and supporting industries and other various downstream-upstream jobs and careers in other Goods and Services Producers, Small and Big Businesses...etc. All Michigan's workforce, and it is a hard-workin' force to be reckoned with.
This ain't no rust belt.
We make things here.
Blue collar, white collar, whatever the collar...Most importanly the Red, White and Blue American Collar.
The United States of America.

July 26, 2016 Blue Collar Michigan (key swing state for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump for President) Scholar's 2016 Presidential Election Nafta Rap from the Past:
With NAFTA, acronym for North American Free Trade Agreement, being discussed in 2016 Presidential Election, decided to search Google for more info. Found an archived discussion on Nafta from November 10, 1993.
Nafta, A Negative Impact on Blue collar, Minority and Female Employment? from a hearing before the Employment, Housing and Aviation Subcommitee of the Committee of Government Operations, House of Representatives, One Hundred Third Congress, First Session, November 10, 1993. Interesting Read from almost 23 years ago. Do your own search for more info on Nafta. Type "Nafta" in search field. There is an array of Nafta websites. Research your candidates views on Nafta and all of the trade agreements, T.P.P. and T.T.I.P, W.T.O.
(Blue collar workers and workers of all collars call Nafta, Shafta).
July 21, 2016 Blue Collar Michigan Scholar's Swing State Battleground State 16 Electoral Votes Classic Rewinds from 2016 Presidential Campaign Happy Trail's.
 Donald Trump On Trade. Milestone Speech On Nafta, Trans-Pacific Partnership(TPP) & Global Trade Deals, Agreements. Mr. Trump Presents Specific Solutions to America's Trade Imbalances With Our Trading Partners.  Speech at Alumisource Industrial Plant. June 28 2016 Monessen, Pennsylvania, by Pittsburgh. Workers of all collars call Nafta "Shafta".

10, 2016
Blue Collar Michigan Scholars
Hey you Heavy Cats...Can You Dig it?

The Number One Song and Album On
The Politics Hit Parade in the
United States
Number One
For over a Year and Sales are still increasing...Soaring...never seen this before...this suckers gots some legs, man in Michigan,
Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Virginian, Florida...more states are being added to the list as this is written.
...the envelope please...
Number One...
"Oh, Who Will Give US...a New Trade Deals...'cause It's a Big Deal" (and We'll Vote For Them!) People relate to the title since 6 Million jobs and 55,000 Manufacturing Plants have been lost since the Turn of the Century in America.

Number One hit is by...
The Everybody's Voting In The USA 2016
Big League Band Medicine Show.

The Everbody's have always realized, understood, the importance of Bringing Back Our Jobs Now, not later.
It's The Number One Issue in the US.
There is finally Music and Lyrics to it.
Dig it!

New song is from The Everybody's Gold and Platinum Number One Selling Album
"The Ballad of The Outsider vs. The Establishment"
Made in USA Records.
(The record labels had some rough times over the last 25 years...but you can't keep a Great Record Label Down!)

Tracks on the Album include:

2.Where or Where (Did My Factory Go?) segues into
a. GreenSpace Blues

3.(I got them old) Pothole Blues (and so does my wheels!)

4. It Was Cheap (But it Didn't Last!)

5. One Good Payin' Job Brought Home (creates 7 or 8, so don't be late!).
Very Interesting.
Playing the Song Backwards, the Reverse Happens!

6. Baby, Where Did My Job and Trade Surplus Go?
B side of single is "Truth Deficit"

7. Jobs, Jobs, Jobs! (Bringing Them Back Home To Mama and Papa) The Everybody's  Amazing lyrical ability is displayed in the song as it mentions 6 million jobs and 55,000 Manufacturing Plants lost since the Turn of the Century! Wow!

8. The Ballad of The Outsider vs. The Establishment (Rolling Stones meets Fleetwood Mac Vibe). Put on your headphones and read behind the lines, baby. Heavy lyrics. Best song on the LP! DVD of The Everybody's live concerts is unbelievable.
In key, and hittin' the right notes...
The harmony is amazin'.

The Everybody's Band is back, big time.
They're Gettin' in Tune. Not missing a beat.
On top of America's issues lyrically.
They Won't Get Fooled Again.
No more Young Man Blues.
It's about time.

The Everybody's drifted apart over the years.
Became apathetic to the music.
There were more important things in their everyday lives.
The music changed on them while they were away.
Music Jobs slowly drifted away...
and away.
They took other jobs. Had to move away.
It was hard on them and their families.

But vacations renew, re-inspire the human spirit.
The Everybody's had
time to ponder.
What is really important.
For themselves.
But more importanty,
For their country.
It's future.
They became re-inspired.
To write.
To play.
The Everybody's got back on the music scene...
Like a Rock!
Writin' topically important song lyrics...songs that make you think, along with foot tappin' rhythms.

The Everybody's have created their own "Sgt. Peppers" pinnacle of success with "The Outsider vs. The Establishment" Lp.

The albums songs connect the dots on the American political scene 2016.

Common sense
Meets music.
Simply logical.
Easily understandable.
Perfect sense.

More, More, More
Brought Back Home
The Good Old U.S.A....
Creates an
Economically Viable, Visionable Future for Every American, thus Our Country is
Enriched, also.
Funds Social Security and Medicare.
U.S. Security.
Our Veterans.
States and Local Communities...
Prosper and Thrive.
Snowball effect.
Every, Every, Every American
Something to Look Forward To...
Not back.
There is a Good, Good Good Job to Go To.
Young Americans
Can Plan their Future.
Buy their first set of wheels.
Move out of Parent's House
Get their Own Apartment or Buy That First Home.
Become Independent.
Sock some Money away...
for a Rainy Day.
Trade School.
Whatever School they choose to attend...
For whatever career they want to pursue.
Plus, there is a larger array of Summer Jobs to choose from when School is out for the summer.
Get Married and Raise a Family.
Live Their Dreams.
Middle Aged and Senior Americans Feel better about Their Future Security, also.
Overtime picks up. Sales are increasing.
Time for a new car or truck, perhaps?
New Home.
New Appliances...thus creating jobs for more workers in those industries.
There's that good old economic Snowball Effect, again.
Consumers are spending money again.
People feel good about the economy.
The new paychecks pay into Social Security, Medicare...etc. Strengthening them.
Roads are smoother.
New businesses are popping up all over.
Property values rise.
Citizens educated in their home state decide to stay in their home state to work because jobs are growing in their home state.
And as we all know...
There's No Place Like Home!
Everybody Benefits when Jobs are brought
back, back, back home...
to Mama and Papa.

That's what America's about.

It's 2 plus 2.

The Everybody's woke up from their slumber.
Started writing, singing and playin' again.

The Everybody's get it.

No more Young Men and Women Blues for Americans.

Millions and Millions are going to buy the Album.

A Big, Big, Big Welcome Back to
The Everybody's!
We Missed You!
Hip, Hip, Hooray!!!

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