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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Michigan local weather-Rain!

Today's local weather report was one of rain today & was hoping I could fit some outdoor reading in between the sprinkles. Picked up a copy of Barron's & the Wall Street Journal to get
up-to-date on the latest financial information, concerning today's economy. Both these papers published by Dow Jones company are excellent reading for everyone, at any stage of life. True, there are other great sources of business & financial information out there on the magazine racks, but IMHO these two get the job done successfully and have been consistent in their success over many, many years. Along with the many financial tables & other economic stats are the opinion columns with just the right amount of satire. Both give one the pulse of American Business. Pick one or both up, or read them for free at your library.
While you're at it, pick up some books on Labor History & today's labor issues. Keep up with it, also. I visited Google's search engine & typed in "Labor History" and found this great AFL-CIO link. There's always two sides to everything and the common ground is there between Labor & Business if both sides have the clarity of vision to seek and fortitude to reach it. No matter what the issue is. With a lot of negativity directed at both Business & Labor today, one should step back and research the specific issues of both and form their own opinions. Both Business & Labor are great American assets, in the greatest country on earth, The United States of America. uaw.