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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Birthplace of GOP Under The Oaks Jackson, MI OR Little White Schoolhouse Ripon, WI Primary Republican Party State Birthplace?

President Abraham Lincoln Photo
16th U.S. President Abraham Lincoln

On July 6, 1854, a state convention of anti-slavery men was held in Jackson to found a new political party. Uncle Tom's Cabin had been published two years earlier, causing increased resentment against slavery, and the Kansas-Nebraska Act of May, 1854 threatened to make slave states out of previously free territories. Since the convention day was hot and the huge crowd could not be accommodated in the hall, the meeting adjourned to an oakgrove on "Morgan's Forty" on the outskirts of town. Here a state-wide slate of candidates was selected and the Republican party was born. Winning an overwhelming victory in the elections of 1854, the Republican party went on to dominate national politics throughout the nineteenth century.

JULY 6, 1854

JULY 5, 2016
AUGUST 2, 2016

Great Michigan and All states Idea! Local and National TV Channels.
News Ticker, Bottom of TV Screens, Scrolls Right to Left or Left to Right. In It
Advertise Register to Vote by Dates and Voting Dates for August Primary Election 2016.
Do the Same for the General Election 2016.
Increases Voting and Voter Turnout, possibly.
All 50 States of the Union.
Don't cost Nuthin'.
Money saved fills some potholes.
Lower the deficit. Who knows?
More citizens voting is the greatest benefit.
Win/Win situation.

Michigan is considered VIP, Very Important People. Michigan is a key high population Swing state, Purple state, Battleground state Electoral College wise, Independent, Moderate, Democrat and Republican wise, in the Manufacturing Belt (some refer to it as rust belt) in 2016 Presidential, House, Senate and Down Ticket (listed lower on voter election ballot) elections race sweepstakes along with Michigan's other neighboring battleground states.

As the saying goes, "We're All That and a Bag of Chips!"
Michigan had higher percentage voter turnout in March 8, 2016 Presidential primary election than some past Michigan Presidential primaries. High probability that Michigan's  August Primary and November General election voter turnout will be higher, setting records, due to eligible voters of all ages registering to vote for first time because of outsider status of candidates. Plus, Presidential race is the Number 1 topic on cable news and views channels. Makes perfect sense there is increased voter engagement.

Did You Know?
You Know Now.

Michigan is The Birthplace of The Republican Party, Born in Michigan at "Under The Oaks" in Jackson, Michigan on July 6, 1854. Milestone in History.
Under The Oaks at Jackson Michigan, Michigan Marker Historical Marker Database Picture of "Under The Oaks" Michigan Historic Marker in Jackson, Michigan.

One of many Historic "Firsts" for our Great State of Michigan along with Michigan's Automotive, Labor, Sports, Music other "Firsts".
Historic political "Firsts" happened at "Under The Oaks" in Jackson.
Simply put...
"Under the Oaks" is a Biggie!

You Know Now.

It Doesn't Matter...Whether you are Democrat, Republican, Independent, Moderate, another party denomination, or have never, ever voted before.
This time it's different. We've never seen a Presidential campaign like this before. Ever. Historical.
Take part in U.S. political history being made. Michigan political history being made.
To Vote!
Take Part in Your Michigan History!
Make Honest Abe Lincoln Proud and All our President's from the past.
Vote for whoever your choice is.
It Does Matter!

Michigan Blue Collar Scholar's Where is The Birthplace of Republican Party and does one states history trump the other states history web surfing links.

First, having the Republican Party's origins in your home state is a great source of pride to all citizens be they independent, democrat, republican, whatever political persuasion in Michigan or Wisconsin. There is a friendly rivalry in sports between Michigan and Wisconsin, also. In Michigan we root for Michigan, in Wisconsin we root for Wisconsin. It's fun to compete, and we are great neighboring states of the union.

Official Jackson County Michigan GOP Republican About History Page Birthplace of The Republican Party

Official Michigan Republican GOP Website About History Page

Official Republican National Committee Moments In History Page
Blue Collar Michigan Scholar Milestones In History's The Word:
Birth of The Republican Party, GOP, Grand Old Party at "Under The Oaks" July 6, 1854 in Jackson, Michigan. Official Convention, Platform and Delegates.
Milestone in Michigan History, U.S History International History.

Couple of well-known names hail
from Wisconsin.
Paul Ryan, Republican Speaker of the U.S House of Representatives and Mitt Romney's Vice-President running mate selection in 2012 Presidential election, is from Wisconsin.

Reince Preibus, 2016 Republican National Committee RNC Chairman, elected in January 2011, previously was Chairman of the Wisconsin State Republican Party, is from Wisconsin.

Politically in 2016 presidential race, read or heard on variety of Radio talk shows, TV cable news and views programs discussing 2016 primary and general elections, and various mass media that Michigan, a Key blue collar election state electorally speaking, and Wisconsin are among the key swing states (battleground states) in manufacturing belt (prefer manufacturing belt term over "rust belt" word usage)during the 2016 presidential election campaign.
There is a commonality there, politically speaking, along with other neighboring states, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, New Jersey and other manufacturing belt, swing states. Fascinating.

Back to topic of birthplace of the Republican Party. Being a Michigan dude, I'm rootin' for my team, "Under the Oaks" in Jackson, Michigan being where the Republican Party was born, birthplace...etc. Expect you'll root for your home state of Wisconsin. Ripon, to be exact.

Among my favorite U.S. President's list, President Abraham Lincoln Republican from Illinois state is my Number One favorite, , President Theodore Roosevelt from New York, T.R., Republican from New York, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, FDR, Democrat from State of New York, President John F. Kennedy, J.F.K, Democrat State of Massachusetts.

Birthplace of the Republican Party..."Under The Oaks" in Jackson, Michigan or "Little White Schoolhouse" in Ripon, Wisconsin...
Decisions, Decisions, Decisions.

By the way, Don't forget to Register To Vote and Vote in your State of Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana whatever state you live in our 50 states, 2016 August State Primary election and November General election for President of The U.S.A 2016.

It's a priviledge and responsibility we have as citizens.

In Republican Party origins history here's some websites, newspaper articles and books I found on the web for historical research and enjoyment.
As The Beatles said, sang or wrote on the back of Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band Album
"A Splendid Time is Guaranteed For All"

Go Jackson, Michigan!!!
"Under The Oaks Gathering in Jackson Celebrates Republican Party's 155th Birthday" July 6 2009 Jackson Citizen Patriot article.
More than a news article, a history lesson. Great reporting. Famous, past names from Michigan's earliest days. Stories, noteworthy achievements and accomplishments in our Great Lakes State. Worth reading if you're a Michigander or not, like politics or not. Just some good old 1800's Michigan History.
Cool photo of Under The Oaks Michigan Historical Marker.
According to a republican historian who attended the Jackson, Michigan Under The Oaks celebration, thousands of people traveled to Jackson, Michigan from all over the country, for a convention.
Under the Oaks was where the party was formed, a platform created, and candidates nominated.
Blue Collar Michigan thought: That's 3 official things.

"Peek Through Time: The Republican Party Celebrates It's 157th Anniversary With a Re-Enactment Under The Oaks On Wednesday" July 1, 2011 MLive Jackson Citizen Patriot. Excellent narrative history piece concerning Birth of the Republican Party at the First Official Republican Convention Under The Oaks.
Talks about Whig, Free-Soil Party, Kingsley S. Bingham, one of the country's first Republican Governors.
Michigan Republican Governor Bingham established The Agricultural College of Michigan which later became, you got it, MSU, Michigan State University. Earned him nickname of The Farmer-Governor.
He was originally nominated to run during the First Official Republican convention at Under The Oaks.
A "History of Jackson County" book is mentioned containing a detailed account of Under The Oaks. Please read article. Great Michigan journalism.
"History of Jackson County" Charles V. DeLand Chapter Xl The Republican Party History of It's Origin and Organization.
E-book History of Jackson County (Mich.) Charles V. DeLand was editor of The Jackson Citizen a Whig newspaper.
It was the predecessor to the Citizen Patriot newspaper.

"Peek Through Time: 100 Years Ago President Taft Helped Jackson Mark Republican Party's Founding"
100 Years Ago: President Taft Helped Jackson Mark Republican Party's Founding on June 4, 1910 (day President Taft visited).

Nice postcard photo of President William Howard Taft's dedication of a plaque at Under The Oaks is in a great article written on June 4, 2010 in Michigan Live.

Other future Presidents have visited Jackson, Michigan also. Dwight Eisenhower as presidential candidate, Vice-President Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy as a candidate for President.
Read a hard copy book called "Proceedings at Celebration of the Birth of the Republican Party at Jackson, Michigan together with a History of the Republican Party July 6, 1904"

I think I remember reading in the book it was handed out to the Republican delegates and elected people back in 1904.
Hopefully, State of Michigan Republican Party officials, delegates will read book and make their case to Republican National Committee.
Have RNC read the book.
Birth of the Republican Party at Jackson, Michigan is in the title, for goodness sakes. It don't get no clearer than that or more succinctly put... whoops, there it is!
Heck, maybe a reporter at Jackson Citizen Patriot could write a great article update to the news articles below, during historic 2016 Presidential campaign. That would be cool.

Found ebook. Thanks Ohio State University.

"Proceedings at Celebration of the Birth of the Republican Party at Jackson, Michigan together with a History of the Republican Party July 6, 1904"

"Republican National Committee No Longer Lists Jackson As Birthplace of Republican Party" March 24, 2011 Jackson Citizen Patriot via MLive online.

Republican Party, Official History page on GOP Website, May 2016, about 5 years later
Official Republican Party, GOP, Grand Old Party History Page.

"Should The Republican National Committee Acknowledge Jackson, Michigan as The Republican Party's Birthplace?" March 25, 2011 Update to March 24, 2011 Jackson Citizen Patriot
The Historical Marker Database Under The Oaks Michigan Historic Marker Nice photos and story of "Under the Oaks" Jackson, Michigan from The Historical Marker Database.
Highlights a large picture of Michigan Historic Marker titled "Under the Oaks" with inscription text. Accompanying story on Under The Oaks Michigan Marker readable because of larger picture. Nice.
Nearby marker at "Under The Oaks" Park pictures, also.
Birth of the Republican Party in Jackson, Michigan on July 6, 1854. Read all about it! And see!

Under The Oaks Michigan Historical Marker Jackson, Michigan

Under the Oaks, Jackson Michigan, Birthplace of The Republican Party, Michigan Historic Marker Photo at Wikimedia

Republican Party Founded July 6, 1854 History Today Article

History of the United States Republican Party at Wikipedia Click "Organizational Beginnings 1854"

Jackson County Republican Party Official Site Official Jackson County Michigan Republican Party Website. Birthplace of The Republican Party is at top of the page.

A Political History of Wisconsin Ebook. Chapter on Republican Party in state of Wisconsin

The Little White Schoolhouse Little White Schoolhouse in Ripon, Wisconsin

Crawfordsville, Iowa and Exeter, New Hampshire are mentioned Playing a Role in Republican Party History.

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