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Friday, April 29, 2016

Presidential Campaigns Time Machine

Gold Pocketwatch gif

Just a Michigan Reminder To Take the Time.  Register To Vote. Then Vote. All States.
In Presidential Primary Election 2016.
In August Primary Election 2016 For House of Representatives, Senate and other Positions and Issues.
In November General Election 2016.

Don't Forget To Register to Vote So You Are Able To Vote In State of Michigan's Primary and General Elections 2016.

JULY 5, 2016 is Last Day To Register To Vote In AUGUST 2, 2016 State of Michigan's Primary Election.

OCTOBER 11, 2016 is Last Day To Register To Vote In NOVEMBER 8, 2016 State of Michigan's General Election.

Make George Washington Proud, Michigan and All States in the U.S.A.! Take The Time! Register To Vote! Then Vote!

Blue-Collar Michigan Scholar's
Squeaky Wheel Gets The Grease,
Food for Thought,
TV News Ticker Idea,
Suggestion, Solution
To Local Tv and National TV Channels Across the USA to
Help Increase Voter Registration, Turnout and Voting: The News Ticker.
What's that?
On our TV's it's located at the bottom of the screen. It scrolls right to left, displaying breaking news, sports scores, weather, school closings...etc.
Does politics, also. Saw primary results scroll by in it few weeks ago.
No kidding!
It does politics just fine.
Didn't break.
It'll be even finer with register to vote dates. So,
How about putting Last Day to Register To Vote in Primary and General Election Dates on that
scrolling News Ticker?
Both Local and National TV New Channels could do this. It would be a
Public service.
Someone's just gotta type it in. It's digital. It's Free.
Doesn't cost anything, I bet.
Advertising works, or we wouldn't see so many ads and commercials,
Would we?
Why not "advertise" the Voter Registration and Election Dates in the News Ticker?
Who knows?
Maybe a Michigan politician or some other states politician will see this Michigan news ticker - registration and voting date idea, Support
Endorse it.
Heck, just maybe,
a Presidential candidate
or member of their campaign staff
will view
Michigan news ticker advertising idea,
and Endorse
an idea that informs people and promotes more voter turnout.
Now, that would be
That's TV watchin' that
makes a difference.
Thanks, if you can make it happen.
You got our vote.
President Obama
just spoke about a
National Voting Day
to promote
voter turnout.
Until this happens
(with today's political climate, don't hold your breath),
news ticker idea is one that could be done
to promote voter turnout
for 2016 Primary and
General elections.
Let's see,
can be done now and
don't cost nuthin'.
Money saved fills a pothole.
Sounds like a
for everyone...and their cars!
Just my blue-collar,
manufacturing belt not rust-belt,
battleground state,
purple state,
whatever state
Michigan scholarly 2 cents.
Fun writing,
while listening to
Grand Funk Railroad,
We're An American Band album
Cranked up too loud.
Why aren't these guys in Cleveland, Ohio's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?
Maybe a Michigan Republican Delegate to the
2016 Republican Convention in Cleveland, Ohio
can put in a good word
for the Band at the
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's in Cleveland, Ohio  also.
Heck, try to put it in the party platform
(just kidding, hmmmm...on second thought).
At least, let them take their
Good Singin' and Good Playin'
to the Convention and
perform at the festivities.
That's some great
Working class music.
Crank it up.
On Time album,
the Red Album,
the Classic
Closer to Home Lp, and again
We're An American Band.
It don't get no blue-collarer than that.
Hey, created a new word.

Never been to a Republican Convention
Never been to a Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame
Never been to Spain
Great song.

Federal Voting Assistance Progam 

FVAP.GOV Website U. S. Federal Government's Voting Assistance for Service Members, Their Families and Overseas Citizens. Desktop Version at Bottom of Website. Great Design, Readability, Navigation and Informative. U.S.A!
About FVAP

USA.Gov Government Website Online Guide to Government Information and Services.

USA.GOV Find My State's Election Office Website

USA.GOV Twitter Page

DATA.GOV Website Home of the US Government's Open Data. Great page for data, tools and resources to conduct research and more. Browseable topics include latest information on Agriculture, Business, Climate, Consumer, Ecosystems, Environment, Energy, Finance, Health, Local Government, Manufacturing, Ocean, Public Safety, Science & Research. Great Job! USA!
DATA.GOV Twitter Page.
Professor Blue Collar Michigan Scholar's In Search of Info rap: Clicked the Manufacturing icon, researched by state, and voila, educated and informed! Important, since Trade and Jobs is one of the major issues this 2016 Presidential election campaign cycle, along with all the other important issues. Pick your individual issue and topic. Research it.
An Informed electorate. We were taught that by our families and mentors, by our great, wonderful school teachers and those wonderfully great professors in college. No excuses now, since we can do research on our phones. Phones? Who would've ever thunk it? Well, someone did. Their personal education and research journey worked for them. It can work for us. I rest my case. Put on your best Sherlock Holmes (Basil Rathbone, Robert Downey, Jr.) inquisitive look and hat, Columbo rumpled overcoat (Peter Falk), grab the magnifying glass, draw on your inner Carl Sagan (Cosmos) and go In Search Of (Leonard Nimoy) knowledge. Oh, Don't forget to Register to Vote. Then Vote in Your States Presidential Primary, Your States August Primary and Your States November General Election 2016. Oh, those TV and Movie shows were and are still cool from a baby-boomer perspective. at Wikipedia

Michigan Republican Primary Election Candidates Results 2016 U.S.Election Atlas New York Businessman-Entrepreneur Presumptive Republican Party Nominee Donald J. Trump, Highest Primary Popular Vote Totals
Donald Trump Wins Michigan and Mississippi Primaries Press Conference March 8, 2016 Trump comments on Michigan win at Trump International Golf Club Jupiter, Florida, C-Span news coverage
Donald J. Trump For United States President 2016

Michigan Democrat Primary Election Candidates Results 2016 U.S. Election Atlas Vermont, United States Senator Bernie Sanders, Highest Primary Popular Vote Totals
Bernie Sanders Wins Michigan Primary Night Speech  March 8, 2016 Bernie Sanders Comments at James L. Knight Center, Miami Florida Campaign Rally, C-Span Coverage
Bernie Sanders For United States President 2016

Hillary Clinton Primary Night Speech March 8, 2016 Hillary Clinton Wins Mississippi.  Cuyahoga Community College, Cleveland Ohio Speech to Supporters.
Hillary Clinton For United States President 2016
Former New York United States Senator, Former United States Secretary of State of President Obama Administration, Spouse of Former United States President William Jefferson Clinton.

Blue Collar Michigan Scholar's Get Your Popcorn, Classic Video Links Lookback: Starring Great Americans
Mr. Donald J. Trump,
Mr. Bernie Sanders,
Mrs. Hillary Clinton
The History Making 2016 Presidential Candidate's Historic Visits to Michigan.

Donald Trump Birch Run, Michigan Press Conference August 11 2015 Donald J. Trump Birch Run Expo Center, Birch Run, Michigan Press Conference August 11 2015 C-Span
Donald Trump Birch Run Michigan Expo Center Rally August 11 2015 August 11, 2015 Donald J. Trump, Lincoln Day Birch Run, Michigan Campaign Rally NBC 25 Michigan

Donald Trump Campaign Rally Grand Rapids Michigan December 21 2015 Donald J.Trump Campaign Rally Grand Rapids, Michigan December 21, 2015 Fox 10 Phoenix, Arizona
Donald Trump Warren, Michigan Home of the Reagan Democrats Campaign Rally March 4 2016 Donald Trump Warren, Michigan Home of Reagan Democrats Campaign Rally March 4 2016 Fox 2 Detroit
Donald J. Trump for President Official You Tube Channel Official Donald J. Trump for President 2016 You Tube Channel. Mobile Version.
Donald J. Trump for President Official You Tube Channel Desktop Version of Official Donald J. Trump for President You Tube Channel.

Bernie Sanders Kalamazoo Michigan Campaign Rally March 7 2016 Bernie Sanders Campaign Rally Kalamazoo, Michigan March 7, 2016
Bernie Sanders Campaign Rally Dearborn Michigan March 7 2016 Bernie Sander's Dearborn, Michigan Campaign Rally March 7, 2016 C-Span
Bernie 2016 Official You Tube Channel Official Bernie Sanders You Tube Channel. Mobile Version.
Bernie 2016 Official You Tube Channel Desktop Version of Official Bernie 2016 You Tube Channel

Hillary Clinton Remarks at Detroit Manufacturing Systems in Detroit Michigan March 4 2016 Hillary Clinton Speech  at automotive supplier Detroit Manufacturing Systems in Detroit, Michigan March 4 2016 C-Span
Hillary Clinton Michigan Democratic Party Reception in Michigan March 5 2016 Hillary Clinton in Michigan at Michigan Democratic Party Reception.
Hillary Clinton Campaign Rally Detroit Michigan March 7 2016 Hillary Clinton Speaks Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History March 7 2016
Hillary 2016 Official You Tube Channel Official Hillary Clinton 2016  You Tube Channel. Mobile Version
Hillary 2016 Official You Tube Channel Desktop Version of Official Hillary 2016 You Tube Channel.

Democratic National Convention 2016 Website
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania July 25-July 28, 2016. C-Span will have Gavel to Gavel coverage of the 2016 Democratic National Convention.

Republican National Convention 2016 Website
Cleveland, Ohio July 18-21, 2016. C-Span will have Gavel to Gavel coverage of the 2016 Republican National Convention.

C-SPAN Campaign 2016 Coverage Series Videos, Presidential Campaigns Coverage, Election Results, Campaign TV Schedule, Latest Primary Caucus Special Campaign Events, Resources, Apps, Cable TV Channel Finder, Radio, Podcasts, Twitter, Facebook, Google +, Pinterest, You Tube Links to Follow Along With.
C-Span The White House Series The 2008 White House series by C-Span. Behind the Scenes look at America's favorite house. White House tour with First Lady Bird Johnson 1968, White House tour with First Lady Laura Bush, President George W. Bush on Living in the White House, Historians discuss F.D.R. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, President Theodore Roosevelt, George Washington, President Abraham Lincoln's Summer White House and more tours.
C-Span About Page Their Mission.

C-Span 1 - Comcast Cable Tv Channel 96
Dish Satellite Tv 210, Direct Tv 350

C-Span 2 Comcast Channel 104, Dish 211, Direct Tv 351

C-Span 3 Comcast Channel 105

C-Span 1 Livestream Cspan 1 channel streaming live

C-Span 2 Live streamC-Span 2 channel streaming live

C-span 3 channel Live streamingC-Span 3 channel streaming live

C-Span Radio network channel Live streamC-Span Radio network streaming live. Washington Journal Call-In Phone numbers listed here, also. Radio apps, radio stream choices.

Washington Journal C-Span Live Call-In Phone-In Series Starts 7am daily. Monday through Sunday. New topical discussion live every day. Viewers can live phone call-in, tweet (Twitter), e-mail, Facebook to the live show with their views, observations, opinions on the day's topic at hand. Viewers opinions are heard from around the United States and globally. Cool.
Washington Journal Twitter Page

Congressional Chronical C-Span  United States  House and Senate Floor Proceedings resource. Legislative schedule, committees and member's directory, bills, votes, statistics about each congressional session. News conferences, briefings, news, statistics and more. Great job, C-Span.

C-Span Classroom Free primary source materials for social studies teachers. On this Day in History, constitution clips, lesson plans, bell ringers, campaign 2016, classroom deliberations, free for members C-Span 2016 electoral college map poster, drop-down menu topics range alphabetically from campaigns and elections to world history.

C-Span's Studentcam 2016 . 2016 election campaign theme is What's the issue You most want the candidates to discuss during the 2016 Presidential Campaign?

Capitol Hearings C-Span Live on the World Wide Web Daily United States Congressional Hearings. United States House committees and United States Senate committees. Standing, joint, special, select and other committees. Great job, C-Span.

Book TV Series C-Span 2  48 hours during weekend, video of Book's authors and writer's discussion of their books, book fairs around the United States, non-fiction books, Book TV programming schedule times when to watch.

Cities Tour C-Span Series  Cities Tour brings C-Span programming to United States local communities, interviewing local figures, visiting local area sites using specially equipped Local Content Vehicles.

C-Span Newsmakers Series interviews with people making news and journalists who cover them. Sundays 10am

C-Span Q and A Series Question and Answer series. 8pm to 9pm Sunday nights. Interviews with thinkers in politics, media, science, education.

C-Span 3 American History TV Series
American Artifacts, Lectures in History, Reel America, The Civil War, The Presidency, Oral Histories, History Bookshelf. Broadcast all weekends. Every weekend. TV Schedule of American History TV Series, also.
C-Span American History TV Twitter Page

U.S. Election Atlas Dave Leip's Atlas of United States Presidential Elections. Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Indiana, West Virginia, New Jersey, New York, Wisconsin, Florida and all states' Primary and General Election candidates matchup vote totals, percentages results by individual state's congressional districts. Covers Governor, Senate races and more. Easy to navigate. Election data understandable with one look simple glance, via color-coded maps of each state. Doesn't take a lot of time to read and become knowledgeable of all 50 states primary - general candidates elections results by district. Clicking "Election Results"  and "Election Information" in the menu bar at the top of Homepage, displays more historical data information like electoral - election info by state and year all the wayback to 1789. Talk about a time machine. Fascinating. Wish we had something like this in school or college back in the day. Imagine the great papers or thesis we could have written. This site is excellent if you want to analyze the 2016 Election cycle while it is currently in full swing.
A lot of time and effort in assembling and building this informative, educational site. Great job, Mr. Leip!

Professor Blue Collar Scholar's Michigan Every Which Way But Loose Rap:
Gotta feelin' this 2016 Presidential election,  American political history speakingwise, is gonna be one of  the most analyzed, studied, reported on, editorialized, talked about, books written about, in journalism, marketing and advertising schools, college classes, universities political science courses, discussed at dinner tables (some advice, don't talk politics at dinner table), forever into the future. Campaign-wise, technology-wise, amount of print and broadcast journalism media coverage-wise, social media-wise.
This is a pivotal election every which way but loose (great 1970's Clint Eastwood movie by the way).
Political campaigns are usually boring to a lot of people. Campaign 2016 is not.

Professor Blue Collar Michigan Scholars Required Reading: The Making of The President book series by Theodore H. White Lecture: Would be wonderful if Theodore H. White, political historian and journalist, was still around to write another one of his "The Making of The President" books. At your library, check out and read the books he wrote on the presidential elections of the past we voted in. If you enjoy political history, and looking behind the curtains and scenes of presidential candidates elections campaigns of past years, the unique individuals who had a vision for our country, and decided to get involved in presidential politics, you won't be disappointed by Mr. White's legendary books. Required reading.
Theodore H. White Biography and Profile  at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum site. Has a list of his books, also.
Theodore H. White Wikipedia Theodore White received a Pulitizer Prize for "The Making of The President" 1960.
5 Benefits of Working In The Skilled Trades
Great piece by Jeremy Andenberg, Reviving Blue Collar Work: The 5 Benefits of Working In The Skilled Trades. Covers Trade School, Compensation, Job Security, Availability and Intangibles. Great money-careers jobs article and fine job, Mr. Andenberg. Blue-Collar Michigan Scholar seal of approval.

Prof. Blue Collar Michigan Scholars Political Vocabulary rap: On the tube and radio hearing words swing states, battleground states, rust belt and a new word combination, rust-belt swing states. Doing a websearch for political word phrases, election campaigns topics and other things somehow found this neato site.

Envision The Past - Michigan Politics and Government Free E-Books
History of The Great Lakes States. Michigan History - Politics and Government. Envision The Past Website lists multiple free e-book articles and books about Michigan political and legal history's early years and past 1800's 1900's era, to read on computer, smartphone, ipad...etc. Topics include government, women, suffrage, local government, citizenship, boundaries, constabulary, convention to form a constitution and many more great reading topics for education and knowledge.

One fascinating read is the book on the Republican Party's Beginnings in Michigan.

The Book is titled "Under the Oaks; Commemorating the Fiftienth Anniversary of the Founding of the The Republican Party at Jackson, Michigan,on July 6, 1854". From the Detroit Tribune 1904.
Whether you are Independent, Republican, Democrat, voting for first time, never voted (register and vote, this is an historic election cycle) it is a great read.

"Under the Oaks" Mobile Version at Envision the Past Mobile Version of "Under the Oaks"
" Under the Oaks" Desktop Version Desktop version of "Under the Oaks"

"Under The Oaks" Michigan Historical Marker, Jackson, Michigan Michigan Historical Marker
in Jackson, Michigan.

Michigan Historical Markers Compilation Website  The Michigan Historical Marker Website of designated historic sites. Topics, Michigan counties, locations and photos.
Michigan State Historic Sites Listing at Wikipedia

"Under the Oaks" from Internet Archive Mobile Version of Book.
Envision the Past's other pages:
Great Lakes History, Politics and Government at Envision the Past The Great Lakes

Ohio History, Politics and Government at Envision The Past Ohio

Indiana History, Politics and Government at Envision the Past Indiana

Wisconsin History, Politics and Government at Envision the Past Wisconsin

Oh, here's a Swing State definition link
Swing State Definition at Wikipedia According to Wiki, also means battleground state and purple state. Interesting.

May 4, 2016 John Kasich, Ohio Governor Suspends Presidential Campaign Speech C-Span Video

May 3 2016 Ted Cruz, Texas U.S.Senator, Suspends Presidential Campaign Speech C-Span Video

May 1, 2016 Bernie Sander's News Conference National Press Club Democratic Presidential Candidate Vermont United States Senator Bernie Sanders discusses Democrat Nomination Process.

April 27, 2016 Presidential Candidate Donald J. Trump Speech National Press Club  Presumptive Republican nominee Businessman, Builder, Entrepreneur, Donald J.Trump's "America First" Foreign Policy Speech, event held by National Interest Magazine and parent organization Center for the National Interest.

April 7, 2016 Hillary Clinton Speech On Counter Terrorism  Democratic Presidential Candidate, Former United States Secretary of State and former New York, United States Senator Hillary Clinton's Remarks on Counterterrorism.

March 15, 2015 Bernie Sanders Phoenix, Arizona Primary Night Speech U.S. Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders, won the States of Illinois and Missouri.

Professor Blue Collar Scholar Michigan Manufacturing Belt, Commercials, Commercials, Commercials Lecture: Turned TV on and heard the term "Rust Belt" used on one of the news channels discussing politics, presidential candidates Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, the elections, voters, West Virginia primary, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan and other states. Opinions were being shared on how competitive the presidential candidates will be in these states. Interesting discussion. Then a commercial came on. Then another. Then another. Then another. Television Advertisement Definition Wikipedia When the show finally came back on after the commercials, another subject was the topic of conversation. Still wanted to hear more about their opinions on candidate competiveness in "rust belt" states. What's nice about the internet is with our smartphones or computers, we can do our own research and form our own opinions. it...see what comes up! Found the following:
Rust Belt definition at Wikipedia Read more about the "rust belt" topic and"rust belt" was traditionally referred to as the manufacturing belt, factory belt, steel belt, as opposed to rust belt. Hopefully, if manufacturing jobs and careers increase in the "rust belt" states, the traditional terms will become part of our lexicon again.

Talking about advertising, Tv campaign ads and such. It's that time of the season...
Political TV Advertising-Political Campaign Definition Wikipedia

The Living Room Candidate Presidential Campaign Commercials Election Years 1952-2012. More than 300 commercials.

The Commission on Presidential Debates, Debate Transcripts Presidential and Vice-Presidential Debate Transcripts 1960-2012.
Commission on Presidential Debates Homepage

Ron Gunzberger's Politics 1, Presidency 2016 American Elections, Campaigns, Candidates and more. "The Most Comprehensive Guide To U.S. Politics Since...1997". Great job!
Independence Hall Association's U.S. History Website Wonderful website created by The Independence Hall Association in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. "History For The Mind...And Heart" displays at top of page. How true! The free online courses, textbooks are awesome. United States History, Ancient Civilizations and American Government is great subject matter for all students of history to learn or relearn. The Independence Hall Association's archived media is like walking through a virtual museum of American History. So cool. The 2016 Democrat Convention is being held in Philly (shortened expression for Philadelphia, if you didn't know) Pennsylvania this year. Great website to visit. Great job.

National Press Club Website World's Leading Professional Organization For Journalists. Calendar, List of Speakers, Multimedia and much more.
National Press Club "About Us" Page Their Story. History (established 1908), Mission, Business, Career Opportunities, Leadership

National Press Club Speaker's Available Audio, Video and Transcripts

Bowling Green State University BGSU University Libraries LibGuide Internet sites with Primary Sources for United States History. Presidents, campaigns, elections, documents and much more subject matter links for education and knowledge.
The American Presidency Project University of California at Santa Barbara, UCSB's John Wooley and Gerhard Peters United States Presidential History site is a labor of love and it's obvious alot of hard work was put into the sites construction. Historical archives of current and former President's State of the Union, Inaugural, party convention addresses, fireside chats, speeches, vetoes, messages, papers, letters, executive orders, Democrat-Republican party platforms, Presidential library museum links and more. Great job.

U.S. Presidential Libraries and Museums at  Herbert Hoover, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry S. Truman, Dwight D. Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson, Richard Nixon, Gerald R. Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Clinton Presidential Library, George W. Bush Libraries websites. Learn, visit, research and explore online.
President Harry S. Truman Little White House Key West Florida President "Give em' Hell, Harry" Truman's Little White House in Key West, Florida. Great tour. Check out the Christmas Ornaments.
More Presidential Libraries and Museums Online Listings at Wikipedia

Presidential Elections, 1789 to 1920: Resource Guides United States Library of Congress website. Takes you wayback in time to 1789 thru 1920 "manuscripts, letters, broadsides, government documents, prints, photographs, sheet music, sound recordings, films, and newspaper articles". Collection of primary source materials. Great historical lookback at elections for the Executive Branch of our government, The Presidency of the United States circa 1789 through 1920.
Blue Collar Michigan Scholar Rap: Compared to our times today, the times back then were more challenging for our Presidential candidates, communications wise. Presidential campaigns during the early periods operated before the advent of broadcast radio, television, electricity, telephones, recordings, automobiles and other amenities we enjoy today like smartphones, the internet, world wide web.

In the Earlier times and years of the Presidency, there were no ABC, Bloomberg Tv, CBS, C-Span, NBC, CNN, Dish Tv, Direct Tv, Fox News, MSNBC, Newsmax Tv, Free Speech Tv, Talk Radio, telephone companies..etc. There were newspapers. Political candidates penned editorials in local newspapers. Citizens wrote in letters to the editor. Candidate's Speeches delivered in various public and private venues. People walked and traveled by horse.

Communications were much slower then. Word of mouth. Imagine the challenges of a Presidential campaign during the era. How hard the candidates must of worked to earn each vote. They loved our great country, wanted it to be successful, forever into the future. Each candidate had a vision for this future and their own prescription for it's success, using the communications tools of those earliest times, just as
Hillary Clinton,

Donald Trump,

Bernie Sanders,

Ted Cruz-Carly Fiorina,

John Kasich use the communications tools of our times today.
In our mind's eye, just can't picture the time the Father of our Country, George Washington, our First President, Facebooking, Instagramming, Tweeting on Twitter or whatevering. One pictures George Washington exclaiming "I cannot tell a lie, it's folly! That's what it is. folly, John Adams"!

If you don't know who John Adams is, why not take the time to visit the highly educational United States Library of Congress Presidential Elections History Website to learn more?
United States Presidential History at Library of Congress 1789 thru 1920 years.

Running for your school's class president office, college dorm council or another position of political office in your organization or local area? How do I write the campaign speech? What do I put in my speech? What ideas can make my campaign speech better? Great how to article from the pros.
Scholastic Magazines Article on Insider Tips for Writing Campaign Speeches 

Wikihow's How To Write A Campaign Speech

Our White House Campaign Election Kit

All our Presidential Candidates during the 2016 elections cycle worked extremely hard explaining their vision for our Country, just like earlier candidates for President did in previous Presidential election cycle campaigns of the past. Take part in this history.
Register to Vote. Then Vote.
Take the Time.

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