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Tuesday, March 07, 2017

U.S. House Healthcare Bill Discussion, Questions & Answers HHS Secretary Dr. Tom Price

March 10, 11, 14, 2017 Blue Collar MI (MI - abbreviation for the great manufacturing state of Michigan) Scholar's Educational Websites:
The White House Live Page
Today's Press Secretary Press Briefing is broadcast live here from press briefing room. Great place to visit to hear Directly and Correctly from The White House as Press Secretary Sean Spicer takes questions from the press - media, and gives detailed answers to the media - press representatives (journalists, newspapers, cable tv news, radio, local national, international news media representatives).
Great way to stay current on all current legislative and other topics.
The American Health Care Act has is currently one major topic that is being discussed during the questions and answers session. Press Secretary Sean Spicer's answers to the media's questions concerning The American Health Care Act are concise and detailed. Watch or read the text of the Press Briefings to hear what was said, directly and correctly.
One can quickly learn more in the Q & A between the W. H. Press Secretary and the Press, than watching the cable news views - opinion shows...
and form their own opinions.
Heck, no commercials, either!

The White House Live Events Page also broadcasts other live White House events.

White House Health Care Listening Session
United States Labor Force Participation Rate
Trading Economics site. Graphs, pie charts, economic data. View trends.
The WhiteHouse.Gov Blog What's Happening.

WhiteHouse.Gov Press Briefings Text Archive
Direct & Correct.
White House Press Secretary, Sean Spicer. Great Job.
Text of remarks, statements, questions and answers, Q & A, during White House Press Briefing.
C-Span.Org Cities Tour
C-Span Cities Tour. Educational. No commercials!
March 9, 2017
American Health Care Act (ACHA) U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan Powerpoint Presentation
House Speaker comments on ACHA with Powerpoint Presentation.

United States Economic Indicators
Current United States Economic Indicators
From Trading Economics Website.

C-Span Live U.S. House & Senate Hearings
Live House & Senate Hearings C-Span Live Stream or Awaiting & Archived Video.
C-Span Twitter Viewer Guide to C-Span Program Scheduling and more.
Facebook C-Span C-Span on Facebook

Washington Journal Phone Call-In Program C-Span
Daily on C-Span, viewers can call-in to Washington Journal at 7am ET and voice their views, opinions on C-Span's current discussion topic. C-Span Washington Journal viewers can also offer their views on Washington Journal's Twitter, Facebook social media links.
Phone lines are usually divided by political affiliation.
C-Span Call-in Phone Numbers for Washington Journal:
Republicans: (202) 748-8001
Independents: (202) 748-8002
Democrats: (202) 748-8000
Outside U.S. (202) 748-8003
C-Span Washington Journal Social Media Links
Twitter, Facebook, Email, Phone Numbers and FAQs
At Top of Page.
C-Span Washington Journal Call-in program is on Comcast cable channel 96.
Dish Tv satelite channel 210.
C-Span.Org Website Tv Channel Finder at bottom of C-Span's Home Page.
American History TV C-Span Series
American History TV Series on C-Span


White House Press Briefing Press Secretary Sean Spicer White House website
The White House Press Briefings Website
Direct and Correct from The White House

U.S. House of Representatives Healthcare Bill Discussion, HHS Secretary Dr. Tom Price comments, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer Press Briefing Trump Administration

March 7, 2017
White House Press Briefing with comments and analysis from U.S. House members. Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Dr. Tom Price comments, analysis, questions and answers session, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer breifing, question and answers session at end of White House Press Briefing.

Donald Trump Speeches and Press Conferences
Trump Clinton Debates, President Trump speeches, President Trump's Weekly Addresses to the Nation, White House Press Briefings, and more.

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