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Monday, April 22, 2013

Oh No! Google Reader Closing Down. Flipboard Accepting Google Reader Rss Newsfeeds. Whew!

With the upcoming closing of Google Reader, I was looking for a website to transfer my accumulated newsfeeds to. Flipboard is a great solution. There,one creates their own "magazine". It can contain newsfeeds, business,sports, health, tech,...the whole gamut.There are also preset subjects picked by the Flipboard staff one can use to create their personal mag.The pages actually flip up on your smartphone or tablet device. Neato! Using my new Samsung Galaxy Note 2, which had the Flipboard app pre-installed, it was a breeze to seamlessly transfer my Google Reader rss newsfeeds. One or two clicks. Voila.(Wi-Fi would be best and fast solution to transfer if you have alot of feeds.Especially with phone data caps and extra charges. Sprint phone company has an unlimited data plan that is very cost effective for those of us on a budget. It works wonderfully on my Galaxy Note 2)! Flipboard also has a search field one can type into for more magazine topics. Feeds from Facebook, Flickr, twitter and other websites can be accessed, also. Later. Great info here

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