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Friday, August 26, 2016

Trump Speaks at Great Faith Ministries Church Detroit, Michigan

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Mojo Workin'...
Muse On...
Blue Collar Scholar..
In Michigan, Register To Vote by October 11, 2016 to Vote in Michigan's  General Election on November 8, 2016.
In State of Michigan (and every state,for that matter)If You Have Never Voted, or Haven't Voted In Years and Years...
Now Is The Time To... 
Get Up, Get Registered and
Our State of Michigan is a Key Swing State, Battleground State, Purple State, in the 2016 Presidential Election (Yup...We're Important) and may be the Tipping Point in Deciding Who is the Next President of the Great United States of America! 
Our 16 Electoral Votes will decide who the next President is. 
We in Michigan.
We're All That And A Bag of the saying goes...Which means...
We're Awesome!
Get on Up and Support Your Favorite Presidential Candidate!
Your Country Thanks You!
Sept 24 Blue Collar Michigan For President 2016 Speeches Transcripts Links
Official Donald Trump For President 2016 Speeches Transcripts Texts
Official Hillary Clinton For President 2016 Speeches Transcripts Texts
Sept 22 Blue Collar Michigan 16 EVs( electoral votes) battleground swing state purple state
Michigan Will Be Deciding State For President 2016...
You betcha!
...Donald Trump For President 2016 Visits Speeches Rallies Campaign Video links
Donald Trump Speaks in Cleveland Heights Ohio
Mike Pence VP candidate and Donald Trump spoke at New Spirit Revival Center on Sept 21 2016 in Cleveland Ohio
Sept. 18 Michigan Presidential Candidate Visits Links  Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson Libertarian Party Nominee Addresses Detroit Economic Club Detroit Michigan  September 14 2016 Libertarian Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson Addresses Detroit Economic Club Detroit Michigan C-Span Video

Presidential Candidate Jilll Stein VP Candidate Amu Baraka Campaign in Detroit Michigan September 3 2016 Green Party Presidential Candidate Jill Stein and Vice-Presidential Candidate Amu Baraka Campaign in Detroit Michigan C-Span Video
Sept. 14 Blue Collar Michigan Battleground Purple State 16 EV's (Electoral Vote's, I like abbreviations!) winnable by Trump or Clinton in Michigan's Presidential Sweepstakes Scholars "That's What I'm Talkin' 'bout"  Wednesday Latest:
Donald J. Trump Outlines Child Care Plan

Donald J. Trump Child Care Reforms That Will Make America Great Again

From Official Trump For President 2016 Website.
September 13 2016 Blue Collar Battleground Swing State Purple State 16 Electoral Votes Michigan Scholars Latest Greatest Fun (gotta have fun!) and Serious (gotta be serious, too!) Web Links found on WWW.
With Global Trade Agreements - American Jobs and the American Economy being the Number One and Two Voter Issues / Concerns 2016 Presidential Election Year Topics of Discussion in the contest for the White House between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton...
Organization of American States (OAS) United States Trade Agreements
Professional and Educational Website concerning all Trade Agreements. Other countries are listed, also. From the Organization of American States (OAS). Agreements, disciplines, details, resources, trade policy developments, trade and small and medium enterprises (SME), trade dispute resolution...etc.
Nafta (North American Free Trade Agreement), World Trade Organizaton (WTO), TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) and other trade agreements are listed.
Great reading.

7 Eleven Food Stores 7election Choose Your Cup Results Cool. 7  11 customers "vote" their choice of 2016 President by the cup they buy. Red (Republican), Blue (Democrat) or Purple. Search for latest 7 Eleven drink cup voting results by state, zip code, city. Updated daily. What will they think of next?

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump For President 2015 2016 news, interviews, live streams, upcoming events, tweets, resources.
Donald Trump Speeches

Hillary Clinton Speeches

Sept. 6. Blue Collar Michigan Scholars Day after Labor Day Official Clinton, Trump Official Presidential Website links.
Great  websites to research candidates positions, watch videos of speeches, interviews, rallies. Also, each presidential candidate has President 2016 election campaign merchandise so voters can show their support for their favorite presidential candidate. Election campaign wearables like Stickers, buttons, pinbacks, yard signs, hats, shirts. Various campaign slogans. Cool stuff if one collects political memorabilia, also. It is an historical presidential election.
Official Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton Websites
Official Election Campaign Website: Donald J. Trump For President 2016

Official Donald J. Trump For President 2016 Election Campaign Merchandise Store Shop Trump 2016 bumper stickers, yard signs, hats, campaign buttons...etc.

Official Election Campaign Website: Hillary Clinton For President 2016

Official Hillary Clinton For President Election Campaign 2016 Merchandise Store Shop Clinton 2016 bumper stickers, yard signs, hats, campaign buttons...etc.

Labor Day, September 5
Hillary Clinton Tim Kaine Hold Labor Day Rally Cleveland Ohio
Donald Trump Campaign Rally In Dimondale Michigan Specific solutions For Bringing Back Michigan Manufacturing Jobs are discussed by Mr. Trump, along with many other important employment related topics specific to Michigan's economy and Michigan's citizens. Better Trade Deals (renogotiate Nafta for a better deal for American Workers),  No TPP Trans-Pacific Partnership, lower middle class and small business taxes, stronger national security, Veterans care, healthcare, immigration, education, infrastructure (roads, bridges, airports...etc.), jobs for our youth and other topics were covered by Presidential candidate Trump in Michigan. America First.

Sept. 3 Saturday...Donald Trump Speaks At Great Faith Ministries Church - Senior Pastor Bishop Wayne T. Jackson, Detroit Michigan Afterwards Presidential Candidate Donald Trump, accompanied by former Presidential Candidate Dr. Ben Carson, visited Dr. Carson's Childhood Home and Neighborhood on South Deacon St. in Southwest Detroit, Michigan. Dr. Ben Carson has endorsed Donald Trump for President 2016.
September 2, 2016 T.G.I.F.
Have a Wonderful Labor Day Holiday Weekend USA!
"Trump or Clinton? Why Cafepress' Sales Might Be The Most Accurate Presidential Poll" September 2, 2016 article from Bizjournal Louisiana Business First.

Sept 1, 2016 Thursday, Donald Trump Election Campaign 2016 TV Ads Now Running in Presidential Swing-State Battleground Michigan.
Monday August 29 2016 Heard a Donald Trump For President Radio Spot on Local AM Radio in Michigan.
Sunday August 28 2016
Blue Collar Michigan Scholars "Don't Touch That Dial" Political Advertising on Radio Link...
Surfing Google, like pretty much everyone does nowadays, found this Political Advertising on Radio website from the Radio Advertising Bureau. Tutorials, links, demos...etc.
Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB) Political Advertising Information Tutorial Great Site explaining the Cost-Effectiveness and Reach of Advertising on Radio. Especially in Politics.
Talkin' bout radio...What's 2016 way-cool is one can listen to our familiar AM and FM Stations on computers, Laptops and Smartphone Apps.
Interesting that the Smartphones we hold in our hands nowadays are about the same size (slimmer, of course) as those 50s 60s Transistor Radios we carried around back in the day. TuneIn radio is a cool free app. Also, iheart radio. Of course, Apple itunes are some popular radio apps.
Podcasts, audio books and every type of broadcast is available on these apps. Free or Paid Versions.
On TuneIn Free Version Radio App, a banner ad (advertisement) for various businesses, services etc. displays at the bottom of the apps listener-chosen entertainment at their listening time.
C-Span is on there.
Rock n' Roll, too.
Every genre of music and talk.

August 25, 26 27th 2016

T.G.I.F. Blue Collar Michigan Scholar's (written while listening to some great old jazz,
Art Blakey and Jazz Messengers Paris 1958...with a little Beethoven for good measure) Rap:

In Search of...

Why Is

Donald Trump's Official 2016 Presidential Campaign

Not Running

Election Campaign

TV Ads

in Michigan?
(Update: Donald Trump Campaign as of Thursday, September 1st Is Now Running Election Campaign TV ads in Michigan).

We Have 16 Electoral Votes.
We are a Battleground,
Swing-State in
Presidential Contest.
One of 3 or 4 possible and probable key swing states that could...
Whom the next President of US is.


The Republican Party was

In Michigan...July 1854, Jackson, Michigan at Under The Oaks on Morgan's Forty.
First Official Convention.
First Official Platform.
First Official Republican Candidates Nominated.
The Big Three.
Abraham Lincoln...
I Rest My Case.

Donald Trump Won Michigan's 2016 Republican Presidential Primary and

Is the

Nominee of the 2016 Republican Party.
What Gives?

Where are the Campaign TV ads?

Don't Get It.

It Don't compute.

What in Sam's Hill is Goin' On?

On the Other Hand...

Hillary Clinton's Official 2016 Presidential Campaign Has Been Running Election Campaign TV Ads for...

Weeks and Weeks in Michigan.

Also, Haven't heard Trump or Clinton on  A.M. Radio Ad Buys, either.
Possible they are on Michigan A.M. or F.M, XM Sirius Radio stations that I don't listen to.
Local AM and FM radio are very cost-effective solutions for Michigan political campaigns.

Heard one of the Michigan Presidential Primary Candidates on the Radio constantly in the weeks preceeding the March 2016 Michigan Presidential Primary.
Didn't win Michigan's Presidential Primary, but did pretty darn good.
Wonder if local radio played a role in that?

While driving in their vehicles, Michigan citizens listen to something and alot of times its the raydidio (funny expression for radio from back in the day).
Radio plays in waiting rooms if TV isn't possible.
TV plays, too, in certain customer waiting environments.

Still...Today, in a Wi-Fi, Smartphone world...
In 2016...
Television is still...
The Big Kahuna (an old time saying).


is still

the Most


Form of Media in

2016...along with Radio, of course.

The "Picture Show"(as they called it in the Golden Years of The Silver Screen)...the
Movie Theatre.
Still fun...

They even have Ads and Commercials running before the Main feature at the movie theaters. Saw some local dealers, restaurants...etc. advertise on the theater screen.

Television travels...
Across all Demographics.
That's Huge!

For Example,

Nowadays, Lots of People have 1, 2, 3 or more TVs in different areas of their households. Bedrooms, kitchens...heck, probably garages, too!

TV is Extremely User Friendly...Fancy Pants Word for

Easy to Use!

The Remote Control is the Original Computer mouse, if you get my drift.

Heck, the 1st Remote Control I remember using had a long chord attached at the bottom of the Remote Control, the chord ran many feet across the floor, to the TV across the Room. TVs were in Nice Wood enclosures, looked like furniture, and had glass tubes for Screens. 25 inch Screens. Some TVs were "color" tvs which meant you could watch TV programs in color if they were filmed that way.
First shows I remember in color were Bonanza and The Wonderful World of Disney on Sunday nights.
That was Awesome for us Sixties kids (cartoons)...and parents, too!
Seem to remember everything else on Tv in those days past was viewed in black and white.

Back to Remote Controls...ease of use...
Batteries goin' bad (easily replacable) and lost remote syndrome (you, too?) did the remote get over there? You know what I'm talkin' about.

Push Remote's On button, start surfing the Television channels.

It don't get no simpler than that.

Heck, these remote controls withstand almost any form of punishment, nowadays.
Still can't figure out why dogs like to chew on them!

If the Remote Control breaks, we can always get up off the couch (oh, no...not that!) and Push Buttons on the the 1950's and Sixties.

Anyhoo, Back to importance of TV.

A Majority of us still rely on our Great Local News stations for locally flavored news, weather, sports...etc. Those local stations and reporters are wonderful and positive.

Hillary Clinton has been running ads on some of the local news stations for weeks.

Also, alot watch the Sunday Morning Political shows on the original 3 Tv networks ABC, CBS, NBC in Michigan.

Hillary Clinton has been running ads on some of these shows.

Also, as local news segues into 6:30 evening news programs on ABC, CBS, NBC Hillary Clinton has been running ads for weeks.


A Presidential Candidates Ad buy on TV is Responded to By the Other Party Candidate for President.

That's our Experience.

Not everyone See's the rallys by Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton.

Eveyone sees the Political Commercials.
Does get tiresome after awhile, doesn't it?
Like everyone, can't wait till the election is over.
You, too?

Wonder what the Cable TV Views/News talking heads will talk endlessly about then?

Sure they will give their opinions, talk over and interupt the opposing view(if they even have an "opposing viewpoint" opposite theirs.)
Gotta get that commercial in the time alotted, probably.
It does pay the networks bills...and salaries.
Makin' the big bucks, as they used to say.
Must be nice...
to have a job that can't be outsourced.
They ought to walk a mile in our Michigan shoes...
give their opinion.
Just sayin'!


Some TV Commercials are Memorable...
and Some...
Extremely Memorable from Sixties and Seventies.
Maytag Man.(My Generation)
It's Not Nice to Fool With Mother Nature.(heck, 50 yrs ago...can't remember the product.)
Palmolive Dish Liquid (Madge says, You're soaking in it (manicure).

Consumer Purchasing Habits are Influenced because they learn about the advertised product(s) in Tv Ads.
Commercials Make a Difference.
Ask Darren Stevens (Ad Guy) on Bewitched Tv Show (My Generation. Elizabeth Montgomery was Awesome!)
Ask any Grocery Shopper.
Ask any buyer, purchaser of goods and services in Our Great USA.
Ask Madison Avenue.

Marketing and Advertising.
Quick, to the point.
Audio and Visual.
Best points of product.
Nowadays with a little humor added.
Something that makes the goods, services or product "stick to the brain"...memorable...
Why the product is different than all the rest.
Healthier, economical, safer, luxurious...etc.
All done in 15, 30, 45 or 60 seconds.

Somehow this helps us remember

What to Choose...

When We Decide.

Promotes Consumer Spending.

Makes the Wheels of the American Economy Rock and Roll Forward.
Fueled by...Good Payin' Jobs.
...and the Big Wheel keeps on Turning.
What a Great Combo.

In Michigan, the Motor Vehicle Capital of the World...
Ford Motor
General Motors
Chrysler were Born.
Blue-Collar, White-Collar...whatever collar.
We Like those darn Car and Truck commercials.
Know Why?
Because We Build Them...And...
Buy Them.

And We Want Our
Jobs, Jobs, Jobs to
Back Home to
Who Can Renegotiate / Negotiate the Greatest Trade Deals for Michigan and The U.S.
Not Just Change We Can Believe In...
"Change" turning into Dollars in Our Wallets and Purses...
from these J.O.B.S Comin' Back Home to...

Been Ramblin' On...
Back to The Importance of Michigan Presidential Campaign Ads.

Michigan Presidential Campaign Tv Ads and Other Michigan Political Position Campaign TV ads are Viewed by Most Everyone in the Great State of Michigan.

They are an extremely important facet of any Presidential campaign.

Most people have limited time, if they're working raising a family, in a shop, factory, office, various working environments, running a small or even large business...etc.

You get the drift.

Plopping down in front of the tube at the end of a hard day and relaxing is an enjoyable (usually, if something is good on tv that night...Thank you, DVR.)
TV is part of the American Popular Cultural Experience.

Always has been,
always will.

Bernie Sanders Won Michigan's Presidential Primary.
Hillary Clinton Won The Democrat Nomination For President 2016.
She Has Visited Michigan Many Times.

Hillary Clinton is Running Campaign Ads on Michigan Tv Stations.

Donald Trump Won Michigan's Presidential Primary.
Donald Trump Won The Republican Nomination For President 2016.
He has Visited Michigan Many Times.

Donald Trump is not Running Campaign Ads on Michigan TV Stations.

Where are the TV Campaign Ads?

(Update: Donald Trump IS Running Campaign Ads on TV in Michigan starting Thursday, Sept 1st).

P.S. Real Presidential or...
Presidentially Real.
Stay Tuned...
Don't Touch That Dial.

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Saturday, August 06, 2016

Trump Clinton Campaign in Blue Collar Michigan Manufacturing Belt Battleground Swing State

Coal Miner Gif
American Workers!
American Energy Independence!

August 16, 2016.
Donald Trump Delivers Foreign Policy Address Youngstown, Ohio at Youngstown State University
August 14 2016 
Blue-Collar Michigan Scholars 
The Only Poll that Matters is 
Our Vote 
In The
November 8, 2016 General Election Rap:
TV - Newspaper Polls, you know, Who's Up or Down in Presidential Horse Race reflect "Likely Voters" or Democrats and Republicans. Independent vote is key factor, also.
Still Early and Polls can Change.
One Way or Another.
Don't be Swayed 
One Way or Another.
Decide for Yourself.
If Views/News outlets are constantly negative on one candidate, don't throw your shoe at the TV screen (it's plastic, will bounce off anyway, and you might scuff one of your blue suede shoes.)
Great song, by the way.

Keep an open mind.
Look for the Opposing Views from many sources. 
Research. Research. Research.
C-SpanVideo.Org Video Library Search C-Span Video Search archive is cool.
Type in the 2016 Presidential Candidates names you are interested in. Array of Campaign Rally Speeches, talks...etc. will appear. 
One can search for a various array of educational matter on a range of subjects.
C-Span.Org Main Page  
All Sides. 
No commercials!
C-Span's Video Archive search here, too.
Firstly, of course, visit the Presidential Candidates Official Websites. 
The Presidential Candidates also have Official Twitter, Facebook, Instagram...etc. social media sites.

We did it in school, college...etc. when we wrote our research papers. 
Or gave a speech in speech class.  
In debate.
Plain conversations... 
So we know what we're talkin' about.
Sports. Finance. New vehicle, appliances, healthy foods (read the nutrition label), what movie to rent or see. You get the drift.
Used many sources to learn.

TV wasn't our first resource, then.
TV isn't our first resource now.

Can one even imagine what it is like to run for President of The Great United States?
Thanks to all those Patriots that ran for US President over 240 years!
The least we can do is give all a fair hearing...then...
Devote some time to research your upcoming vote.
Can't wait to read the books the candidates write after this historic election on November 8, 2016.
You, too?
Sweet! Check out the Official Presidential Candidates books that they, the Presidential Candidates, have written is one of many ways.
Use your Library card.
Support your local library.
Or buy a copy of the Presidential Candidates books.
Whatever works best for you.

Test your own opinions on the candidate(s).
Give all candidates a fair hearing...
in your mind.
This will be the Greatest Presidential Election Turnout in US History.
The New voters, Never-Voted...etc. are not showing in the polls for whatever reasons. Probably, hard to poll (understandable).
Anyhoo, with Record Turnout in States Presidential Primary Elections 2016, due to Independent - Outsider candidates within their own parties (Bernie Sanders, Democrat Independent - Donald Trump, Republican) and this being an Outsider/ Independent vs. Status Quo/ Establishment Election, another "Change" Election, the First being President Obama's Election, it is going to be interesting watching another Once In A Lifetime and Generation Presidential Election. 
Better Trade Deals (More American Jobs for Everybody) and National Security are Top Priority American Electorate Issues. 

Highly possible and probable...
Who is Strongest On and Can Deliver on More Michigan Jobs and All US Jobs, Better Trade Deals and National Security for America will be do extremely well in Popular Voting and Electoral Votes.
Especially in blue-collar swing state Michigan(16 electoral votes) and other battleground states like Ohio(18), Pennsylvania(20)...etc.
Register to vote in Michigan by October 11, 2016.
Vote November 8, 2016.
Blue-Collar Michigan's Scholar 16 Electoral Votes, Key Battleground Swing State in US Presidential 2016 Election Campaign for The White House, Global Trade Deals Effect on U.S. Jobs: 
Issue Spotlight: Trade Deals
C-Span Issue Spotlight Series, Trade Deals Video. Discussion on Nafta (workers call it shafta), World Trade Organization WTO, GATT, Trans- Pacific Partnership TPP, other Global Trade Deals. Opposing and Supporting Arguments. Trade Deals History. Economics, Jobs - Careers impacts - Effects on US Workers Jobs, Wages, benefits in manufacturing. History of tariffs. Great Job from Non-Partisan Media Resource C-Span (no commercials, too, translates into 20 or more minutes per hour of actual educational, topical content). Cool!

2016 US Presidential Election and Down the Ticket Elections are about...
It's About 
Both Supremely Important to Our Country's Future.

August 11, 12, 2016 Michigan Blue Collar Scholar's - Classic Rewind..."It was 24 years Ago...
US Election Atlas 1992 Presidential Campaign Election Results 
Professionally built website.
Students of political science, political history, history aficionados, political researchers, everyone who is interested in Presidential Elections data history by state. The numbers and percentages.
United States Map of 1992 Election for President.  US Presidential election data over the years past and present. Educational.
County results, State results, Percentages, Popular Vote totals, Electoral votes, by individual candidates.
US Election Atlas State Level Data 1992 Video Library Search
Watch a C-Span Video Presentation from C-Span's Archived Video Library.
Thanks, C-Span!

Ross Perot's Historic Presidential Campaign Economic Conversations - Lectures on TV circa 1992 via C-Span Video. 
Ross Perot Campaign Commercial 1992 C-Span Video 
Further on down the page are more Ross Perot Conversations - Lectures on The American Economy.
Mr. Perot utilized charts, graphs and other scholarly devices in his educational and informative economic conversations with the American electorate. 
Talks and lectures are greatly enhanced with visual media that is clear, 
easily seen 
easily understood. 
Mr. Perot brought back memories of our school days' teachers and profs with his wonderful presentations. 
We listened as Mr. Perot spoke.
Analyzed his economic charts, graphs, whiteboards.
We began to understand a complex subject.
The American Economy.
Where it was,
Where it is presently (1992)
Where it could be in the future.

In 2016, 
one wonders 
Back in 1992..
If the TV screens were humongous (huge) then in 1992..
like they are now in 2016... 
Digital sound...
Would Ross Perot's economic conversations paired with visuals (charts, graphs, whiteboards...etc.) have been even more effective, with a greater impact on the American Electorate...
with Today's TV Technology?
Could it be done again...
Sointantly, Moe!

Great Job, Mr. Perot and thanks C-Span.
Dontcha love the web!
From your phone.
And now...
Back to August 8th & August 11th 2016:
Blue Collar Michigan Swing State Scholar Monday Video and Presidential Election 2016 Video Links.
Presidential Candidates Donald Trump and Hilliary Clinton both visited -appeared in Michigan (key blue-collar battleground swing state 16 electoral votes) and presented specific economic policy, plans, views...etc. for Michigan and the United States. Mr. Trump's August 8th and Mrs. Clinton's August 11th 2016 election campaign appearances in Michigan were broadcast on C-Span and the C-Span video links are listed together for viewing comparison. 

Donald Trump Unveils Economic Plan at Cobo Center, Detroit Michigan to Detroit Economic Club August 8 2016
C-Span Video of Donald Trump's Economic Plan Speech to Detroit Economic Club at Cobo Center in Detroit, Michigan on August 8 2016.
Mr. Trump talks Nafta, TTP, trade deals, trade policy, tax policy...etc. Specific remedies, solutions and policy for the American Economy, American Workers, American Jobs, and More US employment issues are discussed by Presidential Candidate Trump in Detroit, Michigan
Donald Trump For President Official Website 2016 
Hillary Clinton Lays Out Economic Vision at Futuramic Tool & Engineering in Warren, Michigan Rally on August 11, 2016 Mrs. Clinton talks TPP, trade deals, trade policy, tax policy...etc. Specific remedies, solutions and policy for the American economy, American workers, American jobs and More US Employment issues are discussed by Presidential Candidate Clinton in Warren, Michigan.
Hillary Clinton For President Official Website 2016

The Green Papers Presidential Election USA 2016 Website The Green Papers Website is Awesome with latest Campaign 2016 Election Info in United States. Locally, Statewide and Nationally.  
The Green Papers Political Website Journalist Go - To Source 
From BU Today Newspaper, Boston University. Great job.

August 7, 2016
Blue Collar Michigan Scholars Walk A Mile In Our Red, White and Blue Collar Shoes Rap:
Since Global Trade (American Jobs Blue Collar, White Collar, heck, don't like labels howzabout the Red, White, and Blue American Collar Workers. E Pluribus Unum.) has directly affected US Manufacturing GDP. Think Manufacturing was 'bout 33 cents of every GDP dollar 30 years ago. Now, in 2016 Manufacturing GDP is just a few pennies over 10 cents now.
And the Trade Deficit has ballooned since then. Wonderful it's finally being talked about by a future President Trump or Clinton.
Seems alot of US have or know someone who has experienced plant and factory closures, downsizing...etc. Moi included.
We have an informed opinion since We worked in manufacturing in Michigan and other US States. Blue collared, white collared, all collared workers have experienced this.
When one hears on TV from the opinioned few about global trade, one wonders have they ever worked in a factory? As a production or skilled trades worker, supervisor, engineer...etc. Have they ever built, repaired skillfully, supervised, engineered...etc. something,anything in a shop factory or plant? See their job shipped out to another Country. Community property values drop? Pothole filled roads...etc. 
Give me and US a break!
Have they walked a mile in our shoes? If not, how in Sam's hill can they have an informed opinion? 
Give US A Break
Let's ask the opinionated few to tell us why they support trade deficits...deficits... that are approaching 800 billion American dollars a year. 
Hear crickets. 
Solution to sound of crickets.
Register to Vote in Michigan.
Vote for candidate that will deliver the greatest trade deals for America.
We need the good payin jobs now.
Who is most believable they can deliver?
N.O.W. not later for the U.S.A.
Let's start getting to a free trade, smarter trade whatever trade surplus.
One can feel the smoother roads in our community, already.
Also, any one remember Presidential Candidate Ross Perot doing those economic infomercials about 25 yrs ago on Sunday nights. He lectured on trade deficits, budget deficits and other trade related and Nafta issues.
He held up large charts, diagrams to the TV viewing audience. 
Said Nafta would lead to the sucking sound of jobs leaving the US.
Amazing how he was right!
Would be wonderful if Mr. Trump, Mrs. Clinton...etc. could do a one-on-one with easily understandable and viewed charts,diagrams about Global Trade like Ross Perot. If they can't afford TV Perot like infomercial. Try You Tube, Facebook Twitter livestream, app...etc.

August 6 2016
Michigan's Blue Collar Scholars Michigan's Paychecks We Can Believe In Again... It's Lunch Hour...Put 25 cents in Jukebox or Whatever the 2016 equivalent...What's on the Lunch Menu... Talkin' Turkey, No Political Baloney Sandwiches, Hamburgers, either, please...the Voters Want Steak... Everybody's Talkin' 'bout Gop Dem Outsiders, Third Parties Independent Parties Not Establishment Websites Rap:
First off,
...drum roll, please...
OCTOBER 11, 2016
OCTOBER 11, 2016
OCTOBER 11, 2016
(They say one has to mention something 3 times for it to be memorable. Question...Ever wonder who "They" is? Everyone uses this expression. Some entrepreneur smarter than moi needs to invent a product and call it "They".
Betcha They(see!) would do very well! Megabucks as They(see!) used to say.
Shark Tank TV show, perhaps.
At my age, I use post it notes, scraps of paper...etc. Reminders.
Anyhoo...Register to Vote and
November 8th.
But you knew that...
Didn't you.
By the way...
Uncle Sam Thanks You!

Back to Third Parties Independent Republican Democrat Outsiders Parties Websites Rap...
Politics 1 been around almost 20 yrs. Street cred. Politics 1 has a great page listing all the Independent third parties in the United States 2016 and all the Political Partys including our Democrat and Republican Parties who have in US Political History listened to, implemented ideals, tenets..etc. of various Third Party's into their Republican and Democrat Platforms.
Politics 1 All the US Political Parties Page

Was watching C-Span this a.m. and they were talkin' 'bout third parties. Each US State has individual rules concerning placement of third partys on their state's ballots.
Also, they have broadcast and will be broadcasting some of the Third Party conventions. If you missed any convention, including Dem or GOP, there is video archive.
Also, 3rd party candidates have appeared on Cspan as have Republican and Democrat candidates.
Cspan United States Third Parties Videos History

This 2016 Presidential Election is about Change, in the Form of Dollars Earned from J.O.B.S Brought Back to America. Good Payin' Jobs...Manufacturing and all types of Jobs and Careers.

Talkin' Turkey and following through with solutions bringing back our Manufacturing Jobs and other jobs to Michigan and the rest of the US.
And while you're at it...
More jobs.
We want it all.
This is America.
The Greatest.
In the History of the World.
Bar none.
We don't want a political bologna sandwich promises, anymore.
Real dollars in our paychecks, not...
Like The Good Old Days!
Thank You.

In Michigan, and all through the US.
If there is any doubt, look to Senator Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump's Michigan Presidential Primary Election Campaigns. Both won their primary campaigns in Michigan and other states.
In blue collar battleground swing states like Michigan, Trade Deal issues are key along with national security and other extremely important issues.
The Independent vote; US voters who vote either/or Dem, GOP, third party up or down ticket. A political mix. Each election, looking not just at the party, but at the person and their beliefs, and voting accordingly.
Along with Traditional Democrat and Republican voters...
Determines the outcome of who wins the U.S. Presidency in 2016.
Turnout important and key.
People who regularly vote in all elections
First time voters.
Those who have never voted...etc.

This is a politically historic, change election in our great country, the U.S.A.
For whatever reason.
It is what it is.
This is an "outsiders" election.
Not "establishment".
Change is in the air.
Michigan's 16 electoral votes will be important in determining who is elected.
Take part in Michigan and our Country's Nov 8, 2016 General Election.
Vote for Who You Want To.
It's an American Right.
Your One Vote and Your Opinion is just as important as the cable views/news gentlemen and gentlewomen on the TV.
Do your own research.
Don't depend on TV.
It is just one source.
We have this thing called the internet...the WWW...World Wide Web...its accesible from your phone.
But you knew that.
We research every day of our lives.
We just don't think about it.
It's automatic.
Before we buy a new vehicle.
Buy appliances.
New smartphone, computer
Move into a new apartment.
Choose a school for the kids.
Buy a gift for our loved ones.
Choose a Dentist or Doctor or
A Hospital.
Look for a job...
to pay for all of the above.
Isn't choosing the next President of the United States one of the most important things we as citizens can do for ourselves
and more importantly...
Our Country.
First...drum roll again, please...
The candidate's Official websites!
The horse's mouth.
Their words.
What they said.
Not out of context.
What they believe in.
Watch their videos
Live streams.
Test your opinions with views from the other candidate(s) on specific issues and solutions important to you and your country.
Look at all sides.
Then decide.
Volunteer to help the candidate, party...etc. if you desire.
Most importantly...

Also, check out
It's the bestest!
Everyone's on there.
It's cool.
C-Span Official Website
Comcast channel 96 C-Span 1
Dish Tv channel 210 C-Span 1
Consult your TV guide or C-Span Tv channel guide on their website for c-span specific channel numbers on your specific cable tv provider.
There is also Cspan 2 and Cspan 3 Cable tv channels.

All the candidates have worked very hard.
They threw their hat into the political arena.
Like you, can't imagine what it's like to run for President of the USA.
You know what I'm talkin' 'bout!
Hat's off to All of them!
God Bless All of Them!

Reward their hard work..
Register to Vote by Oct. 11 2016 in Michigan
Vote November 8 2016 for your Choice of President.
That Thanks them.
Make a difference.
In Michigan and the whole USA...
We Can Do It.
Thank You.

P.S. As Led Zeppelin sang "Bring it On Home".
We Sing
Bring Our American J.O.B.S
Back On Home
with a
Whole Lotta Love...
Blue Collar Baby Boomerly Speakin', of course.

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