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Friday, September 30, 2016

President Trump Clinton Johnson Stein Michigan 2016 Rallies Talks Speeches

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Read All About It: President Elect Donald J. Trump will not take a Salary for Serving as President of the United States of America! At $400,000 per year, that is $1,600,000 the American Taxpayer Saves. 1.6 Million Dollars over his First Term as U.S. President 2017-2021, which is Four Years. Cool. Thanks!
Also heard Donald Trump will put the Winston Churchill Bust back in the Oval Office when he is President.
November 15 2016. Blue Collar Michigan Scholars Good Morning in America from Michigan-Morning Reads and Commentary!
Deer Hunting season in Michigan Nov 15th to Nov 30th. Good Luck and safety to all hunters. Big boost to Michigan's economic climate, also. Can anyone say...Venison sloppy joes! Mmmmm.
Morning Reads:
The Daily Signal The Daily Signal
The EE Times The EE Times covering Global Electronics Industry.
E & E News Environment & Energy Daily News

Nov. 14 2016 Blue Collar Michigan Scholars Latest Links: With the Presidential Election 2016 complete and President Elect Donald Trump and Vice-President Mike Pence taking office in January 2017 (Donald Trump won over 300 Electoral Votes (306 Electoral Votes, if I remember correctly). Won our State of Michigan 16 Electoral Votes by around 11,000 votes, also won Ohio 18 Electoral Votes, Pennsylvania 20 Electoral Votes and Wisconsin 10 Electoral Votes. President Elect Donald Trump won a total of 64 Electoral Votes in these 4 states. These are Manufacturing Belt States...not Rust Belt States. Don't like the word "rust belt". Republican Presidential Candidate George H.W. Bush won Michigan's Electoral Votes in 1988. Donald Trump is the First GOP Presidential Candidate to win Michigan's Presidential Election Electoral Votes since 1988...26 years ago. Mr. Trump also won Michigan's Presidential Primary in March 2016. Democrat Bernie Sanders won the Michigan Democrat Presidential Primary.

Congratulations! to Republican Party Donald Trump and VP Mike Pence. Also, to Democrat Party Hillary Clinton and VP Tim Kaine, Libertarian Party Gary Johnson and VP William Weld, Green Party Jill Stein and VP Ajamu Baraka and all the 2016 Presidential candidates for running a hard fought race for the White House!
Peter Morici Official Twitter Heard Economist Business Professor University of Maryland Peter Morici on WDET FM talkin' about trade with China. Interesting.
Constitution Center Official Twitter Constitution Center Twitter.
Change it up a little bit with links that have nothing to do with politics. Weather. Gettin' cooler. That time of year in Michigan and elsewhere.
Accuweather Official Twitter Page Accuweather official Twitter.
AccuWeather AccuAstronomy Official Twitter
AccuWeather AccuWeather Astronomy Twitter
WeatherNation Official Twitter WeatherNation Twitter

November 12 2016
Official Donald Trump President-Elect Facebook Page Trump Official Facebook

Great Again - President Elect Trump Official Transition Website
President Elect Trump Official Transition Website.

Transition 2017 Official Twitter Official Twitter for Trump Transition 2017

Donald Trump 2016 Online President-Elect Trump Videos, Rallies, Interviews, Radio, Speeches...etc.
President Elect Donald J. Trump Official Twitter Feed President Elect Donald Trump Official Twitter

Donald J. Trump Wins 2016 Presidential Race.
President-Elect Trump Won Michigan's 16 Electoral Votes.
NOVEMBER 8 2016.
Blue Collar Battleground Swing State Purple State Michigan Scholar's Rap:
Michigan Will Be The Decider Of Who The Next President Of The United States Is.
16 Electoral Votes.
Donald Trump Grand Rapids Michigan Speaks Devos Place Nov 7, 8 2016 Midnight Rally Speech Trump Nov. 7, 8 2016 Devos Place, Grand Rapids MI. Final Rally Before Election Day.

Read All About It!
November 7 2016. Blue Collar Michigan Scholars Read All About It! One Day to Go to Vote in The Greatest Election of A Lifetime! Michigan is Going To Be Deciding State in Who Wins The Presidency! 16 Electoral Votes!
Michigan Comeback...Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Return To Michigan! Awesome!
Trump Freedom Hill Amphitheater Sterling Heights Michigan November 7 2016 Freedom Hill Amphitheater Sterling Heights Michigan
Donald Trump Delivers GOP Weekly Address To The Nation Nov 5 2016

Early Absentee Voters Can Still Change Ballots In At Least Four States Michigan and other States are eligible. Early Absentee Voters who have changed their mind. Get hold of your local clerk for details.
Michigan Secretary of State Ruth Johnson was on WJR 760 AM Nov. 2nd this morning discussing this, also.

Nov. 2 Blue Collar MI Scholar - Michigan will Decide the Next President 2016 on Nov. 8! Yup. Our 16 Electoral Votes. Been sayin' it for months! Traditional Media this week finally discussing Michigan's importance in election. Also, in this final week before next weeks Nov. 8 general election, Donald Trump held 2 rallies in Michigan on Oct. 31st. Hillary Clinton is returning to Michigan on Nov. 4. Also, Trump VP Mike Pence and Clinton VP Tim Kaine re-visited Water Winter Wonderland Michigan. Bernie Sanders, who won Michigan's March Presidential Primary competing against Hilliary Clinton for Democrat nomination, is returning to Michigan. Both Donald Trump and Hilliary Clinton family members are speaking in Michigan during this important our great state of Michigan. Highly probable that Michigan's 16 Electoral Votes will be the deciding factor in who the next President is.
Halloween, Oct 31st 2016
Blue Collar Michigan Swing State Battleground 16 Electoral Votes Scholar: Donald Trump Returns - Michigan Monday, October 31, 2016 Halloween. Grand Rapids, Michigan and Warren Michigan in Macomb County at Macomb High School, Home - Birthplace of Political Legends the Reagan Democrats. Michigan will decide the next President of The United States of America.
Vote November 8, 2016.
Donald Trump Macomb High School Macomb County Warren Michigan Election Rally Halloween October 31 2016 Trump Speaks at Macomb High School, Warren Michigan, Macomb County, Reagan Democrats Birthplace Home.
Donald Trump Grand Rapids Michigan Deltaplex Election Campaign Rally October 31 2016 Donald Trump Campaign Rally Deltaplex Grand Rapids, MI.
C-Span Video.
If Hillary Clinton Returns to Michigan in the remaining 8 days until the November 8th 2016 Presidential Election for a campaign rally, speech, visit, a link to C-Span video will be posted.

State of Michigan's Department of Secretary of State Ruth Johnson - Elections and Voting Information Website Voting and Election Information Guide State of Michigan Secretary of State Website.
Great Job!
MLive Voter Guide
MLive Michigan Live Voter's Guide.
Great Job.
"Meet The Candidates 2016" WCMU TV Public Broadcasting Program Central Michigan University Mt. Pleasant Michigan "Meet The Candidates 2016" WCMU Public Broadcasting. Go Chips!
Exercise Your Right To Vote.
This Is The Most Historic Presidential Election Of Our Lifetime!
No Brag, Just Fact!
Get On Up and Support Your Favorite Candidate(s)!
Your Country Thanks You!

Donald Trump 2016 Online Trump Rallies, Interviews, Videos, Radio, Television...etc.
WASHINGTON JOURNAL  Phone Numbers for Independents Republicans Democrats for C-Span Viewer Call-In Program link at Top of Page. Twitter Facebook Email C-Span Washington Journal, also.
Channel Finder TV channel guide at Bottom of page.
Channel 96 on Comcast. C-Span 2 channel 104, C-Span 3 channel 105. No commercials. Heck, that 20 to 25 minutes more, Per Hour, of program viewing. Extremely interesting and cool hearing caller's views on the daily Washington Journal Topics. 2016 Presidential Election between Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Third Party candidates Jill Stein, Gary Johnson and others are current topics.
C-Span Television Channel Viewer call-in program, Presidential politics, latest news, Candidate debates rallies, American political history, books, authors and more. Hilliary Clinton Donald Trump rallies
All sides of various issues are discussed.
Twitter C-Span C-Span Twitter
CSPAN Facebook C-Span Facebook
C-Span Podcasts C-Span Podcasts
BOOK TV  authors, lectures. On C-Span 2
Congressional Chronicles House Senate C-Span Votes Video
C-Span Series A - Z  Browse C-Span Programming

Michigan Blue Collar Scholar's Back to School - Food For Thought or It Pays to Enrich Your Mind Power links:
What's The Latest World - Global Trade Deficit or Surplus Statistics Numbers GDP's and other Economic Indicators in the U.S.A. and other Countries?
Trading Economics Twitter
Trading Economics Twitter

Trading Economics Website
Trading Economics Website

United States Trade Agreements & Policies
Interesting Reading.

October 26 Donald Trump Proposes a New Deal for Urban America
October 25 Blue Collar Battleground Swing State Purple, Independent State Michigan. VIP state, 16 Electoral Votes Michigan rap: Interesting that Alphabet Soup broadcasting networks are not talkin' about the importance of Michigan in Presidential Election.
It seems we are never mentioned as an important swing-state.
Well, my blue-collar brain says we are.
All the Presidential candidates and their Vice-Presidents keep coming back here to our great Michigan state.
Some think we will be the decider in whom the next President is.
That would be the cat's meow!
Here's some Presidential candidates official Facebook links:
Official Donald Trump For President Facebook.
Heard on the tv tube that Trump Campaign is Broadcasting Live from Trump Tower
Broadcast Times - Days;
Nightly Evening Show
At 6:30 pm Every Night (started broadcasting on Oct. 24th Monday), on their Facebook page.
Facebook Live.
Will live stream Donald Trump rallies. There will be a pre-rally commentary along with a post rally commentary.
Will be interesting to see if other Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton, Jill Stein, Gary Johnson follow suit and do a nightly Facebook Live broadcast.
Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery...
as the saying goes.
Stay Tuned.
This is the most awesome Presidential election.
Big Time!
Big League!

Official Hillary Clinton For President Facebook

Official Dr. Jill Stein For President Facebook

Official Gary Johnson For President Facebook

OCTOBER 23 2016 Blue Collar Manufacturing Michigan Battleground Swing State Purple State 16 Electoral Votes Scholars Politics News Latest Rap:

Businessman / Entrepreneur Official Donald J. Trump For US President Election Campaign Twitter & Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's, Dr. Jill Stein Green Party, Former Governor Gary Johnson Libertarian Party Official Election Campaign For President Twitter Links.
Official Donald J. Trump For President Twitter

Donald Trump 2016 Online Most Current Upcoming Events, Tweets, Archived Livestream Interviews Rallies TV Radio Talks. All Trump, All the Time.

Official Hillary Clinton for President Twitter
Official Dr. Jill Stein For President Twitter
Official Gary Johnson For President Twitter

With current opinion / talk discussion on Radio & TV of some main stream traditional media bias supporting certain candidates for President of United States on November 8 2016 (of course, make your own opinion and judgement), thought it would be Cool to list some Traditional & Non-Traditional News / Global World TV sources Links:
Rasmussen Reports Rasmussen Reports Current Latest

IBD TIPP - Investors Business Daily-TechnoMetrica Market Intelligence Investors Business Daily / TechnoMetrica Market Intelligence Current Latest.

Non-Traditional News / TV Sources
The Drudge Report Links to All News Media Websites
Newsmax TV

Free Speech TV

Global World News TV Links:
RT TV USA Russia Today

CCTV America China TV

October 22 2016
Donald J. Trump Press Releases: Donald J. Trump Delivers Groundbreaking Contract For The American Voter in Gettysburg "Contract For The American Voter" Official Donald J. Trump President 2016 Election Campaign Website.
Donald Trump's Gettysburg Address "First 100 Days" at Historic Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
The First 100 Days: Videocast of Candidate for President of The United States of America Donald J. Trump's Gettysburg Address, Contract With The American Voter, Outlines What He Will Do His First 100 Days in The White House Washington, D.C.
The American Desk: Businessman President Candidate Donald J.Trump Announces American Desk To Protect Economic Interests Of America's Workers On Trade Announced October 20 2016  at Rally in Ohio.
2nd Donald Trump Hillary Clinton For President 2016 Election Campaign Debate

3rd Party Dem GOP Debate Nominees Businessman Donald Trump Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Presidential Debate at University of Nevada Las Vegas UNLV Trump Clinton Presidential Election Party Debate October 19th. 

C-Span You Tube Channel 
Presidential and House Senate Campaign Election Rallies, Addresses, Remarks, American History and more from the great C-Span cable channel.

Michigan Battleground, Swing-State, Purple State in President Election 16 Electoral Votes in Race for The White House Washington, DC- Presidential Candidates Donald Trump Republican Grand Old Party GOP, Hillary Clinton Democratic Party, Jill Stein Green Party, Gary Johnson Libertarian Party- October 21 Michigan Blue Collar Scholar's Don't Forget To Vote. Support Your Favorite Candidate. Yard sign, bumper sticker, campaign button...etc. It's patriotic and fun. Really. Friendly competition.
Vote for the Presidential Candidate that is...
Best Of The Rest, in your opinion, for America. USA!
Latest Election Campaign Video Links:
Hillary Clinton Donald Trump Deliver Remarks at Al Smith Dinner in New York State Cspan video.

Sunday October 16. Blue Collar Michigan Presidential Election 2016 Battleground State, Swing-State, Key Manufacturing Belt State 16 Electoral Votes Scholars "The only poll that matters is When We Vote. We decide for Ourselves, not the TV establishment opinionators " rap:
Next week Donald Trump's VP Indiana Governor Mike Pence visits Michigan's Macomb County, Birthplace of legendary Reagan Democrats and Hillary Clinton's VP former Virginia Governor Tim Kaine visits Detroit, the legendary Motor City - Motown (man, that was soul music!) Michigan. Welcome back to the Water Winter Wonderland State of Michigan, Gentlemen.

Visit the Official Campaign Websites for the Latest Information. (Why listen to someone on TV "frame and parse" the candidates' actual words and positions) Decide for Yourself! Cool!
Official Donald Trump For President Election Campaign 2016 Website Donald Trump for President yard signs, bumper stickers, Make America Great Again hats, shirts, merchandise, campaign buttons and more. Positions, videos, news, rallies, transcripts. Official Donald Trump Twitter Facebook Instagram links.

Official Hillary Clinton For President 2016 Election Campaign Website Hillary Clinton for President yard signs, bumper stickers, hats, shirts, merchandise, campaign buttons and more. Positions, videos, news, rallies, transcripts. Official
Twitter Facebook Instagram links C-Span Classroom Website
Electoral Map poster, lesson plans, debates, history from the great C-Span!
October 10 Hillary Clinton Wayne State University Detroit Michigan Campaign Rally Video C-Span 
October 9 2016
Blue Collar Michigan Swing-State - Battleground State for US President '16 Michigan Scholar Presents Latest Greatest President 2016 Links
C-Span Presidential Debates Page First Debate between Presidential Candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and Second Debate Candidates for President Trump and Clinton here. Transcripts. Cool.
If you missed it, watch and read all about it! Michigan 16 Electoral Votes are key to who occupies The White House for next 4 years. Register to vote by October 11 2016. Vote Nov. 8th 2016. Michigan voters will decide who the next President of The United States is. We are important! Register...Then Vote! Your Country Thanks You!

Donald Trump Finalized List Possible Supreme Court Picks Donald Trump's list of US Supreme Court picks from Trump's official President 2016 website.
Will post Hillary Clinton's List of Supreme Court picks when one is posted on her official website.
C-Span Supreme Court Page
C-Span, TV channel with no commercials, all sides of issues heard, and viewer call in from all over the United States and everywhere. New Supreme Court Cases/Arguments page. Trump and Clinton's Supreme Court appointments are extremely important in the 2016 Presidential Race 2016. These are lifetime appointments made by our President.
Donald Trump Visits President Gerald R. Ford Museum Grand Rapids Michigan
Article and photos from Gerald R. Ford Foundation website. Picture of Mr. Trump paying respect and placing flowers at the tomb of President Gerald Ford and First Lady Betty Ford.
First Class!
Official Gerald R Ford Presidential Foundation Website Wonderful Website of Michigan's First President of the United States.
He made Michigan Proud!
Thank you, President Ford and First Lady Betty Ford.

Donald Trump Online 2016 Upcoming rally events, news, TV Radio interviews, live streaming rallies, tweets. Great job on site. 
Trump Visits Gerald Ford Presidential Library Museum in Grand Rapid Michigan Michigan's Gerald Ford served with honor and distinction as Vice-President and President of the United States of of America. He brought confidence and certainty to our Nation during a challenging time in our American history. Thank you, President Ford, and Thank You Mr. Trump for paying respect to him and his family.
Trump Rally Novi Michigan September 30 2016. Donald Trump had a rally in Novi Michigan after visiting President Gerald Ford's Library in Grand Rapids, Michigan on September 30 2016.

"Bee's Don't Keep Coming To The Same Flower...
Unless There's Honey!" 
Did Shakespeare Say That?
Alfred E. Neuman?
Who Knows?
But, Still...
It's A Great n' Wise, Timeless, Old Time Saying!
All The 2016 Presidential Candidates, Vice-Presidents, Families And VIP Supporters Keep Returning to Our Great State of Michigan.
It's A Beautiful Thing!
Ya'll Come Back Now...Hear!" 
Blue Collar Michigan Quiz: What Famous 1960's TV Show Theme Song Ended With That Famous Phrase?
Answer Below...
(P.S. If You Win the Presidency, Bring Back Some the Form of Jobs, Jobs, Jobs from the Renegotiated Trade Deals That Put Michigan and Our Great Country First!
Remember That TV Show? The Theme Song?
Answer: "The Beverly Hillbillies".

Now That Was Some Funny TV!
You Betcha!
Michigan Has 16 Electoral Votes!
We Are All That...And A Bag of Chips!
Means We Are Awesome!
We're Gonna Decide Whom The Next Presidentbof The United States Is.
The Deciding Factor.
But You Knew That...Didn't You!
Michigan Citizens.
First Time Voter?
Register to Vote in Michigan Presidential Election by Oct. 11 2016.
Already Registered to Vote in Michigan?
Everybody in Michigan Vote on November 8 2016.
We, in Michigan, Decide Who We Vote For.
Not the Polls...Not the TV.
But You Knew That...Didn't You!
Oct. 1st 2016 Michigan's Blue Collar Scholar C-Span Video links 2016 Presidential Election Rallies, Conferences, Talks...etc.
Donald Trump Sept. 30 2016 Novi Michigan Campaign Rally-Recent Appearances C-Span Video
Donald Trump visits Novi Michigan for Campaign Rally Sept. 30 2016

Donald Trump Rallys C-Span Video

Hillary Clinton Rallys C-Span Video

Gary Johnson Rallys C-Span Video

Jill Stein Rallys C-Span Video

Sept 30 2016
Michigan 16 Electoral Votes Blue Collar Scholar's TGIF Afternoon in Michigan "The Rating Game Show" Rap:
Anyone remember 1960's Afternoon TV Show "The Dating Game" hosted by  a Master of Ceremonies whom stayed out of the interviewer's decision making as to who their final choice was to go on a date with. Three mystery contestants (to the interviewer, not the TV audience) would entertain questions from the interviewer and each mystery contestant would give an answer from their unique perspective. The individual suitor who did the best job in the eyes of the interviewer would go on a date with the interviewer, chaperoned and paid for by the TV show. It was always a cool place where they would have the date at.
The questions were a mix of interesting and provocative.
The answers individual suitors gave were a mix of humor, seriousness, tongue-in-cheek, charm, thought provoking, provocative...etc.
One would always wonder in TV audience land
"Who would they pick?"
Their final choice was sometimes surprising...
and interesting.
Viewing, out in TV land,
one could have bet that and were sure that
Number One Contestant would be picked...
and lo and behold...
they picked
Number Two...or
Number Three!
How could It be?
after all,
it was the interviewers choice...
Wasn't it.
The Game Show Host never talked up one of the mystery contestants.
The Game Show Host...
Let the Interviewer Decide...
Who They Wanted To Go On The Date With.
What a novel concept!

The Ratings Game...
is what major tv networks operate under. Understandable.
Gotta pay the salaries and kilowatts.
That's cool.
This is America.
What's not cool
and is square
is bias and unfairness pertaining to any presidential candidate.
The major network views/ news talkers seem to be promoting only one of the choices for President.
The other choice's name is repeatedly maligned and mentioned a majority of the time in negative terms. If there even is a counter balancing opinion on the candidate, it seems that lone voice is outnumbered. Big time. Big League.

What happened to letting the electorate decide?

Whom We choose for the "four year date" (presidential term) is Our decision.
Why won't they evenly show both sides of the arguments for and against? Like C-Span does!

Light Bulb Moment.
Simple solution!

3 to be exact!

Each major network opinion maker mentions...
1. Who they voted for in the last 3 or 4 Presidential Elections.
2. What party, if any, are they a member of?
3. Finally, do they have any credit hours in Journalism.


In 2016 Michigan battleground swing state key state in 2016 Presidential Contest.  Michigan has 16 Electoral Votes. 16 EVs. That's alot and we are a pivotal state in the Presidential election for candidates Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Gary Johnson and Jill Stein.
Trump, Clinton and the other candidates for President of the United States 2016, Trump's VP Mike Pence, Clinton's VP Tim Kaine, their families and other important Trump Clinton supporters continue to return to the great state of Michigan and it's a beautiful thing!
Bee's don't keep coming back to the same flower unless there's honey!
Said it before and will say it again...
Highly probable and possible Michigan a manufacturing state will be the key to who win's the 2016 Presidential election.
Michigan is rarely, if ever mentioned.
Other states are.

My intuition says it's US!
In Michigan...
Register to Vote by October 11 2016.
Support your favorite candidate...
Whomever you choose....
Don't be swayed by TV or Polls.
Look at everybody fairly. Their stands and positions.
Who is best for the future of America.
Who stands by our Constitution.
Who can get the job done and bring back our jobs.
In 2016, We want steak...not a baloney sandwich!

We in Michigan are very independent minded.
Always have been...always will be.
If this election is close...
and it may be...
Each vote is Gonna make a difference in Michigan.

J.O.B.S.  is The Issue and the Trade Deals.

Who has the Strongest Will and Capability to Deliver them Jobs to Michigan, the United States...and Renegotiate Nafta (we Michigan workers call it shafta) and Renegotiate all the Trade deals getting the Greatest deal for Michigan and the American People...

Will win Michigan.

Forget "The Ratings Game" (TV opinions, polls...etc.)

This 2016 Presidential 4 Year Term 'Dating Game' will be decided by Each and Every Michigander and the rest of the United States on November 8, 2016.

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