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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

President Trump's Energy Independence -Trade Executive Orders Signing, Stands With Coal Miners and All U.S. Workers

Pumping oil well animated gif
American Energy Independence
U.S Energy Security
Fair - Free Trade
A Better Deal for American Workers
Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!
Paychecks! Paychecks! Paychecks!

March 28, 29, 30, 31 2017 Blue-Collar Michigan's Scholar President Trump's Energy Independence - Trade Executive Orders - Fair Trade - Jobs, Jobs, Jobs, Capitol Report - Off The Record Michigan Politics Public Broadcasting TV programs, The White House official You Tube video links:
President Trump's Weekly Address To The Nation March 31 2017 President Trump's Weekly Address to The Nation March 31, 2017
Remarks of President Trump et al. at Signing of Trade Executive Orders President Trump signs Trade Executive Orders. Remarks.
President Trump Targets Trade Abuses - Signs Two Executive Orders President Trump Signs Two Executive Orders Targeting Trade Abuses. C-Span video.
President Trump Restores Confidence In The American Economy
First Businessman - Non-Politician President of the United States of America. So important.
Jobs, Jobs, Jobs...
for America.
Paychecks, Paychecks, Paychecks!
President Trump signs energy independence executive order
The President signs an executive order on energy independence video at The White House.
Coal miners were in attendance at The White House signing ceremony, standing beside President Trump.
He gave one of the signing pens to a coal miner.
Jobs & paychecks.
Also, President Trump mentioned Ford Motor's latest investments in our great state of Michigan's automotive industry during the ceremony.
The President said "Jobs, Jobs, Jobs".
Right on!
President Trump Makes Announcement - National Association Manufacturers President Trump's announcement - National Association Manufacturers.
President Trump believes in:
Implementing an
America First Trade Policy:
A Trade Policy that ...
Increases America's GDP (Gross Domestic Product) Growth Rate.
Reduces America's Trade Deficit.
Strengthens Our Manufacturing Base.
Jobs Jobs Jobs
Come back to
Just one good-payin' job creates 7 or 8 other jobs.
Imagine what a whole lotta jobs comin' back home to America can do for everyone.

Presidential Actions - President Trump
President Trump's Presidential Actions
President Trump's Nominations - Appointments White House Nominations - Appointments to positions in President Trump's Administration.

Blue Collar Michigan Scholar's Michigan Politics TV show links:
Capitol Report - WCMU Capitol Report covers latest in Michigan politics. Interviews, questions & answers with Michigan's elected representatives. Video archives of past shows, also. Hosted by David Nicholas. WCMU Public Broadcasting, Central Michigan University.
Great job!

Off The Record - WKAR Michigan's Off The Record also covers the latest in Michigan politics. Interviews, questions & answers with Michigan's elected representatives and other guests. Video archives of past shows. Hosted by Tim Skubick and other panelists. WKAR MSU Public Broadcasting, Michigan State University.
Great job!
The White House Official You Tube Channel
The White House You Tube channel has live broadcasts - President Trump's press secretary briefings, live addresses, speeches and more.
Video archives. Wonderful way to keep up with daily news cycle, directly - correctly from President Trump's administration. Watch on mobile devices or computers. With the abundance of news, views, opinions on the tv, by going to The White House You Tube channel one can see, hear the actual event live or rerun the archived video.
Very cool!
In the old days...
Who could ever imagine one could watch this on a phone?
Or is it a TV?
Who would have ever thunk it possible?

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