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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

President Trump Returns to Michigan Water Winter Wonderland Wolverine State.

March 17, 2017 Michigan Blue-Collar Scholar TGIF link:
President Trump Hosts German Chancellor Angela Merkel at White House and Hold Joint Press Conference

President Trump In Roundtable Discussion On Vocational Training with U.S. and German Business Leaders

WhiteHouse.Gov Briefing Room - Speeches and Remarks
March 15, 16 2017
1600 Daily: Everything White House 3-16-17
"Buy American & Hire American
It's not just a motto - it's a pledge"
President Donald J. Trump

Includes Video from President Trump's discussion with Automotive CEO's General Motors, Ford Motor, Fiat-Chrysler and other US auto companies and UAW (United Auto Workers) President at a Roundtable. Union workers and others attended.

1600 Daily Blog - The White House
News, Events, Updates & Content from
The White House.

President Trump's Remarks - American Center for Mobility - Willow Run, Ypsilanti Twp. Michigan March 15 2017 White House website. Text of President Trump's Remarks at Willow Run in Michigan - March 15, 2017.
Buy American - Hire American...
It don't get no blue-collarer than that!

Michigan Blue-Collar Wednesday, The Sun is Shining. Spring is almost here (still keepin' the snow shovel handy 'cause ya never know). It's Michigan. Weather is taxing sometimes, the older one gets...never a dull moment (wasn't that the name of a classic Rod Stewart LP) weatherwise in Michigan.
We love it.
Michigan rocks!

President Trump's Air Force One will taxi down the runway  of Willow Run airport in a return visit to Michigan. The President will tour American Manufactured Vehicles and host a roundtable with Union Workers and CEO's. The President will visit Michigan's American Center For Mobility Company Ypsilanti Township, Michigan, and later in the day...

Nashville, Tennessee, where he will lay a wreath at the tomb of President Andrew Jackson, located at The Hermitage. President Trump will deliver remarks after.

WhiteHouse.Gov Live President Trump Makes Remarks at American Center For Mobility
Direct and Correct link from The White House Live page. President Trump's remarks at Michigan's American Center For Mobility. March 15, 2017.

Buy American - Hire American is displayed on a sign above the stage where President Trump will deliver remarks at the old Willow Run bomber plant location. American automotive manufacturing, autoworker jobs, CAFE standards (miles per gallon), protecting American factories, workers and American industries, US manufacturing jobs and all other kinds of American jobs; economic and other issues important to Michigan and all the USA. Rosie the Riveter was mentioned and the B-24 that was built in the old Willow Run bomber plant during World War Two. Also, talked about President Andrew Jackson's views on tariffs to protect American industry. Also announced, General Motors, Ford and Fiat-Chrysler are increasing automotive jobs in Michigan. Talked about reopening, restart a midterm automotive revue of federal fuel economy standards with auto companies.

President Trump's Remarks Willow Run - Michigan March 15 2017
The White House Live
The White House Live Link.  Events, remarks, speeches and more here.

WJR 760 AM Michigan radio will broadcast President Trump's return to Michigan event around 2pm.
WJR 760 AM News - Talk Detroit, Michigan
Listen Live on WJR Homepage or on radio. Great Job!

The White House Official You Tube
Official White House You Tube.
Speeches, remarks from The White House video archives.

President Trump won Michigan's 2016 Republican Presidential Primary.
President Trump won Michigan's November 8, 2016 General Election, winning a popular vote majority, and Michigan's 16 electoral votes.
In Michigan, 1988 (28 years ago) was the last year a Republican Candidate for President, won Michigan's General Election for President.
28 years ago (2016).
Donald J. Trump.
The times they are a changin'.
One of a kind!
Bob Dylan rocks.

Musically speaking...
sometimes it taxes the brain
remembering certain songs' details.
But most of the time...
it doesn't tax our brilliant minds.

A great song's detail's return to our memories.
One note. (The Who sang about this).
Power of great music.
Universal language.

Nashville Cats by The Lovin' Spoonful is a cool tune. Summer in The City, by The Lovin' Spoonful, Summer 1966 personal fav. Horn beeps, traffic sounds in tune were innovative back in the day. Expressway to Your Heart 1967 song by The Soul Survivors had traffic sounds, also. Donovan song, Hey Gyp was the "B" side of 45 single.
Love music trivia.
You, too?

45th President Donald J. Trump will lay a wreath at the tomb of President Andrew Jackson at The Hermitage, Nashville, TN, where the tomb of President Andrew Jackson is located, before his remarks in Nashville, TN.
President Andrew Jackson - The Hermitage, Nashville, TN
President Donald Trump placed The White House official portrait of President Andrew Jackson onto the wall of The Oval Office (President Trump's office in The White House).
Nashville, Tennessee President Trump Delivers Remarks on Health Care Replacement Bill
C-Span 3-15-17 Video
Browse Series A-Z on C-Span.Org
Series A-Z on C-Span.

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