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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Michigan Wolverine State Quarterbacks Spartan White House Win 16 Electoral Votes Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton?

State of Michigan Topographic County Map

Blue Collar Michigan Scholar's Blink and
Miss It Mini Crash Course in Michigan Presidential Primary Politics History 2016, some Gop and Dem links, then why it's
Michigan voters
along with
our Great Lakes
Wolverine States
Electoral Votes
will be
and a
Key Battleground
Manufacturing Belt (not Rust Belt. We Still Make Things Here)
Swing State
Purple State
for contenders
Mr. Trump
Mr. Sanders
White House.

We like
The Real Thing
in our
Political Candidates.
Straight talkin'
No Jive.
Right on!

What if our Great State of Michigan is the Decider in this Historic election?

What if it comes down to Michigan?
And you didn't vote?

Michigan Loud
and say our Michigan state is gonna
make the difference in
American Political Presidential History.
There's so much
History here.

Blue Collar Mich Scholars Cliff Notes of Important Michigan History Off the Top of My Head with a little Web Search Geritol to Kick it into Gear Here Goes Nuthin' Rap:

Thomas Edison, Port Huron, Michigan Invention of Incandescent Light Bulb.
Inventor of Phonograph.

Manufacturingly Speaking...
Birth of Auto Industry
Ford Motor. Henry Ford. Automobile, Truck, Tractor Mass Assembly. 5 dollar work day. Model T in any color as long as it is painted black. Model A red and other color selections.
Thanks, to Edsel his son.
Seem to remember Henry Ford ran for President, too.

Billy Durant. Flint Carriage Works. General Motors Flint Michigan.
Buick, Chevrolet, Pontiac, A.C. Spark Plug Albert Champion, international automotive race champion. Delco.
Birth of Republican Party at Morgan's Forty
Under the Oaks. Jackson, Michigan July 6, 1854.
First Official Convention, First Official Republican Platform, First Official Republican Candidates
Birth of Labor Movement. Flint Michigan. United Autoworkers. First Labor Agreement.
'Nuff Said!
Michigan State University Important Selected Dates in Michigan History.
MSU List.

White Collar, Blue Collar, whatever Collar...
Like the dude in the TV commercial says...

It Doesn't Matter!

Independent, Republican, Democrat...etc. whatever denomination.
We are Michigan citizens.
Make your Selection and Vote.

President Gerald Ford, a Republican from Michigan, who was a football player (that's cool) from University of Michigan, a Michigan Wolverine, who confidently,  successfully with a steady Michigan hand, steered our Nation through turbulent political times that us baby boomers never, ever saw before.
As a college student circa 1974,  attending Central Michigan University, Go Chips!, around 20 years of age,
listening to President Ford's reassuring voice, watching him speak on TV with Confidence and Leadership, with that
on his face.
A Look
We have all seen in
When they are called upon by their Country
lead through crisis.

Can't describe it in words.
You've seen it, too.

You know what I'm talkin' about.


President Gerald Ford
Our Nation would be
Thanks to
President Gerald Ford

Also, President Ford signed into law the PBGC,
Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation which protected workers with a Defined Benefit other words, their pension.
Remember the picture of the signing ceremony?
President Ford Signing ERISA into Law 1974 on Labor Day Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974. On Labor Day, President Gerald Ford from Michigan signing ERISA into law photo.
Both Democrats and Republicans standing behind him as he signed it into law.

What if
Gerald Ford had never won those Michigan elections in those past years?
The years before alot of us born?
What if people hadn't voted?
Well, thankfully they did.
Our Nation and Michigan is grateful for President Gerald Ford. A great man and a great President. Republican From Michigan.

Your vote matters.
We are in the greatest country in the history of the world.
We are Red, White and Blue.
The USA.
We have made history in this state of Michigan.
Let's Make a Little More during Election 2016.
Michigan's 16 Electoral votes are going to decide the next President of the United States.
We helped our Country with Michigan favorite son Gerald Ford.
We're going to do it again.

JULY 5, 2016
AUGUST 2, 2016

Not motivated yet?

Maybe it's your...

First Date...

Registering and Voting

Put on your favorite tunes.
Crank 'em up.
On your Journey to Register to Vote.

Do the same on the way to the poll.
Get in the mood.

Classics listening jams 1960 1970 Top hits:
England rockers Deep Purple, Godfather of Soul - Creator of Funk James Brown from Barnwell South Carolina saw Whiting Auditorium 1996 performance, Flint Michigan Band Grand Funk saw Pine Knob Bosnia Tour 1996, Rock and Roll Soul, Anything Motown 4 Tops, Supremes, Marvin Gaye, Miracles, Temptations Detroit Mi, Bob Seger Detroit Mi, Blues, Florida Lynyrd Skynyrd Free Bird, Elvis Memphis Tennessee, Mississippi B.B. King, Mexico's Carlos Santana, Elton John Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, Pink Floyd, Molly Hatchet, English Band Led Zeppelin rocked Deeetroit, MI Cobo Hall Summer 1973, St. Louis Missouri Chuck Berry, John Cougar Mellencamp Indiana, Beach Boys California, saw them around 40 yrs ago in the 1970's at MSU. Canada's April Wine saw at Michigan State University 1981. Port Arthur, Texas Janis Joplin. Hendrix Woodstock. Jefferson Airplane. Ten Years After, Humble Pie, Johnny Winter, Alice Cooper, Black Sabbath, Uriah Heep, Golden Earring all at Flint Michigan I.M.A. Montrose Sammy Hagar. Van Halen first 3 Lps. Need more Eighties and Nineties tunes. Hmmm. Ratt, Dokken, Great White, Kingdom Come, Cinderella, Poison. Soundgarden, Nirvana, Alice in Chains.Whitesnake. Flip on your fav Michigan FM Classic Rock radio station or XM Sirius or whatever.

Get Introspective.
Put Headphones on.
The Moody Blues
In Search of The Last Chord
Days of Future Passed
Question of Balance
...any of their albums, cds.

The Eighties Club Politics and Pop Culture of The 1980's. Go back 36 years. Great Read.

Only you know the songs that motivated and inspired you when you needed it the most.
The 1 or 2 or three songs on your Top Ten list of greatest hits that kicked you into gear. The jams you love to hear over and over again.
Cranked to the max whike drinking your too strong coffee or a Mountain Dew while listening. Don't play it too loud. You're older now. Need that hearing after working in the shop, plant, factory, warehouse, office, business wherever all those years. Plus, you don't wanna embarass yourself.

All the Presidential Candidates have worked hard for your support in Campaign 2016. Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.
"With A Little Help From My Friends" (Beatles, Joe Cocker) in Michigan
they get to the White House.
Our State
can make it happen.
Register to Vote.
Michigan can make the difference.
Michigan can make history and Decide the next President of the United States.
Do your Duty.
Treat yourself to a hamburger and fries at the local coney island after.
Don't Forget to
Tip the waitress.
She's workin' hard.

Register To Vote
It's different this time, man.
Michigan's gonna make the difference.
Gotta feelin'.
You heard it here first.

As of May 25, Donald Trump is Gop presumptive nominee for President at Republican Party Convention in Cleveland, Ohio.
Donald Trump News Conference On Clinching Gop Nomination May 26 2016. Bismark, North Dakota. Trump Energy Speech at Petroleum Conference.
GOP Nominee Donald Trump Press Release: An America First Energy Plan May 26, 2016.
First news conference since exceeding, surpassing 1237 delegate number needed to win on first ballot for Gop nomination at Gop Ohio convention.
Donald Trump clinches Republican nomination.
Wrapped it up early.

Break Time...Some Music Trivia

Wrap it Up was a great song by The Fabulous Thunderbirds in the 1980's. Stevie Ray Vaughn's brother Jimmie Vaughn played guitar in the Fabulous Thunderbirds.

McDonalds Hamburg Diet Coke Celebration
Presidential Nomination at GOP convention in Cleveland, Ohio on July 18 thru July 21, 2016.
Donald Trump won Michigan Primary on March 8, 2016.

Democrat Hillary Clinton and
Bernie Sanders are
still competing against each other in Upcoming State Primaries and Caucuses for the Presidential Nomination at
Democrat Party Convention in Historic  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania July 25 thru July 28.
Upcoming Western states, California, has a goldmine of delegates.
Bernie Sanders stated he is taking nomination to Democrat convention.
Possible contested convention?
Who knows?
Bernie Sanders On Contested Democrat National Convention June 5 2016

Bernie Sanders Discusses His Presidential Campaign June 22 2016 Exclusive Video Interview with Bernie Sanders Democrat Presidential Candidate 2016 on C-Span. Bernie Sanders talks about his life and career.

Will put link to Hillary's or Bernie's Celebration photo or video when Democrats Clinton or Sanders attains delegates threshold.
Hillary Clinton at Dougal Greenhouse Brooklyn Navy Yard Speech After Winning New Jersey Primary. June 7 2016. 5 other states also had primary and caucus votes on June 7 2016. Montana, North Dakota, South Carolina, California and New Mexico. Hillary Cliinton has enough delegates to become presumptive nominee for Democrat Party Presidential Candidate 2016.
Maybe think of a cool song that sums up their victory celebration, also. How about..

It Don't Come Easy song by the Beatles' Ringo Starr 1973 or 1974 classic 45. Still hear it on radio playlists. Ringo Starr and the All Stars are a great touring band. Check 'em out when they play in Michigan venues.

Bernie Sanders won Michigan Primary on March 8, 2016.

C-Span will have gavel-to-gavel coverage of Democrat and Republican Conventions 2016.
Political history is being made.
We've never seen a Presidential election like this. Ever.
This election will be analyzed, written about and discussed in American History and Political Science classes ad infinitum.

Here's some reading for the informed Michigan voter:

Bureau of Labor Statistics Midwest Region Michigan Bureau of Labor Michigan Statistics

Bureau of Labor Statistics Main Page Mobile
Bureau of Labor Statistics Mobile Page
Consumer Price Index, Unemployment Rate, Average Hourly Earnings, Payroll Employment, Producer Price Index - Final Demand, Productivity and more statistics.
Political Party Strength In Michigan Wikipedia
Analysis History
State of Michigan Wikipedia History

United States Democratic Party Wikipedia History

United States Republican Party GOP Wikipedia

What is The Electoral College? Michigan Secretary of State Website educational info about U.S. Electoral College and specifics about Michigan's Electoral College.
Secretary of State website has other links for Michigan citizens concerning voter, voting educational information. If you're registered to vote, first time voter or want to learn more about Michigan elections this is the official State of Michigan website. Check it out. Great job.

Blue Collar Michigan Scholar's Manufacturing Belt, Swing State, Battleground State, Purple State, Michigan is the Key State in Picking Next 2016 President in the Most Historic USA Election anyone has ever seen "Get Involved" rap:
Did you know that if you are 60 yrs of age or older you can sign up for automatic absentee voting in Michigan?
What's nice is a voter can take the time to research all the candidates positions on specific issues. Also is great for research time on ballot initiatives and proposals.
Also, you might want to help your specific candidate get elected. Go to candidates website for more direction on getting involved.
If you know where your candidates election campaign headquarters is, stop in. Get a bumper sticker, yard sign...etc.
Good luck to your candidate!
To learn more about Absentee Voting visit Michigan Secretary of State website.

Hillary Clinton For President Official Election Campaign Website

Bernie Sanders For President Official Election Campaign Website

Donald J. Trump For President Official Election Campaign Website
Blue Collar Michigan Scholars "Broken Clocks Right Twice A Day" Unscientific Political Prognocations:
Michigan has a very Independent spirit.
Alot of us vote independently.
We don't follow the crowd.
We like "outsider" candidates.
We split ticket vote a lot of times: One party candidate(s) and another party candidate(s) at top and bottom of ticket.

Around 42% of voters identify as Independents and vote accordingly in the USA.
2016 August Primary and November General Election will have Huge Turnout. Highly probable it will be a Record turnout.
Be a part of US history.
Michigan History.
Register to Vote.
Then Vote.
August Primary and
November General
Elections in our great state of Michigan.
Whoever your choice is...
Highly probable
Michigan the Great Lakes State, Wolverine State, Water Winter Wonderland, wonderful place to live, travel to, vacation in, the state that looks topographically like a mitten or glove, state bordered by 4 Great Lakes of Lake Michigan, Lake Superior, Lake Huron and Lake Erie, will be the
Key State in Election of President 2016.
Wouldn't that be the cat's pajamas!
That's an old phrase that means cool
...if you didn't know.
You probably did, and you're the bee's knees!
Cat's Pyjamas Definition Wiktionary

Nafta and the whole gamut of trade deals over roughly the last 25, 30 or more years has had a major impact on Michigan. If one worked for an auto manufacturer or supplier I'm preaching to the choir. You know what I'm talking about. Jobs downstream and upstream affected in other various areas of our local economy, also.
No matter what party our Michigan elected officials belonged to, they tried to keep and grow jobs in this state. They are still keeping at it.
Not an easy task.
Thanks for your hard work. Both political parties in Michigan.

Blue Collar Michigan Scholar "Please Don't Call Michigan and our neighbor states Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Illinois, New Jersey and other states in this Great Union the rust belt" rap:
We are the Manufacturing Belt.
We make things.
We work hard.
We are proud of that.
Ok, done complaining...I mean constructive criticizing.
On second thought...
Not yet.
Squeaky wheel gets the grease.

Always wondered, if the trade deals were so good, why did merchandise trade deficits with major trading partners constantly get larger and larger. The Ross Perot campaign talked about the giant sucking sound of jobs leaving the USA due to Nafta back in 1992.
The 3 contenders in 2016 Presidential Campaign Sweepstakes have shined a light on all the trade deals and offered their solutions to them.
Who's most believable on doing what they said they will do during their respective election campaign speeches will increase probability of winning in Michigan and other manufacturing belt swing state, battleground, purple states.
Getting the job done.

Believability Poll.
Haven't seen a Belivability Poll done yet.
Presidential candidate that is
Most Believable on their Solutions on Priority Issues and
Can Get the job done
should do well in election '16

A Better Deal for American Workers, Trade Dealwise
Increases their probability of
Especially in Manufacturing belt states.
Especially in Michigan.

Priorities that transcend party labels:
Security for America
Strong Military
Better Trade Deals leading to more good paying
Jobs, Jobs, Jobs.
Protects and Enriches our Country.

Wouldn't it be nice to have an overall trade surplus for once? When's the last time we had one?
U.S. Trade in Goods by Country Foreign Trade Balance Census.Gov Great Educational Website. Great Job!

International Trade Wikipedia

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