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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Michigan's Popular Votes? Trump Trumps Clinton.

Donald Trump Mike Pence Team Watching Presidential Election Results Nov. 8 2016
Donald Trump Mike Pence Family - Team Trump View November 8 2016 Presidential Election as it plays out on Television Broadcast. President Elect Trump 306 Electoral Votes. 232 Electoral Votes Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton called Donald Trump and graciously conceeded the 2016 Presidential Election according to President Elect Trump.

November 20 2016 Alexander Hamiton Library of Congress Archives Alexander Hamilton Library of Congress Archives.
November 17 2016
Trump Tower Lobby Feed
C-Span website. Feed of Trump Tower Lobby.

Blue Collar Michigan Scholar's Answer to The Questions Who Won Michigan's Popular Vote in Presidential Race 2016? Did Donald Trump Win Michigan's Popular Vote? Did Hillary Clinton Win Michigan's Popular Vote? Answer: Donald Trump Won Michigan's Popular Vote. Donald Trump Wins State of Michigan's 16 Electoral Votes.

Michigan Popular Votes President Trump Clinton 2016 Michigan Secretary of State, Ruth Johnson Website Current Results General Election 2016 U.S. Presidential House Senate State Candidates Popular Vote Results Total.

President Elect Donald Trump Won Michigan's Popular Votes. President Elect Donald Trump Wins the Great State of Michigan's 16 Electoral Votes.
Official Donald J. Trump Presidential Transition 
Mr. Trump's Official Presidential Transition Website.
Website(s) For Presidential Transition News Officially from President Elect Donald J. Trump.
President Elect Trump GreatAgain.Gov TRADE REFORM POLICY Transition 2017 Jobs Jobs Jobs for Michigan and Our Great Country. USA!
Official Trump Transition 2017 Twitter
President Elect Trump's Transition 2017 Official Twitter.
Official Trump Transition 2017 Facebook
Official Trump Transition 2017 Facebook
Official Trump Transition 2017 You Tube
Official Trump Transition 2017 You Tube

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