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Sunday, March 19, 2017

The Extraordinary Chuck Berry: Lyrical, Musical Blue-Collar Beethoven - Shakespearean Genius!

1950's - 1960's Rock and Roll neon animated gif - teenager reading, studying, listening to 45 rpm single record playing rock n' roll music neon jukebox.

March 19 2017, Michigan's Blue Collar Scholar's Mt. Rushmore of Rock N' Roll Legend, Lyrical, Musical Genius Chuck Berry articles, autobiography book, guitar book, & movie documentary links to learn more about his creative genius.

A Blue-Collar Beethoven (music) and Shakespeare (lyrics)! He's Number 1 in my book.
Mr. Rock and Roll.
In Michigan 1950's and 1960's, there would always be a Chuck Berry tune playin' somewhere, be it an AM transistor radio (man, I went through the batteries), restaurant jukebox, someone's too loud car radio driving by, or just being played on your record player.

Put Chuck Berry on Mt. Rushmore.
How about Mt. Rockmore?
Chuck Berry Statue St. Louis, Missouri
Statue of Mr. Berry by Blueberry Hill Restaurant, where he would perform. From Roadside America website.
Chuck Berry has a Star on The St. Louis Walk of Fame St. Louis Walk of Fame, St. Louis, Missouri.
St. Louis Music Yesterdays - Mr. Chuck Berry
Metro St. Louis Live Music Historical Society
Great biography of Rock n' Roll Music Legend Mr. Chuck Berry - photos, video, picture of Chuck Berry's star on St. Louis Walk of Fame and more.

His songs were brilliant, lyrically and musically. Through these extraordinary song lyrics Chuck Berry wrote (Chuck Berry loved cars, Mr. Berry was an autoworker in an automotive factory at one stage of his life. Cool.) and the music he performed and created, Chuck Berry inspired a generation to pick up a guitar and learn how to play and write songs. Songs with lyrics anyone and everyone could relate to in their lives. Especially teenagers. He was one of a kind. Unique. Changed hit music and popular music forever, through his great song writing and guitar playing. Who can forget his trademark duck walk? Still today, one can hear his guitar riffs in thousands and thousands of songs and bands, be it country, rock n' roll, blues...etc.
Famous Chuck Berry songs he penned and put music to, like his most famous classic rock n roll hit, Johnny B. Goode (covered by Jimi Hendrix - Hendrix In The West LP, Johnny Winter). Johnny B. Goode tune is a garage band - bar band staple). Johnny B. Goode is the song in the 1985 movie "Back To The Future", famously played on guitar by Marty at that high school dance, near the end of the movie. Cool!
Johnny B. Goode song was covered by other famous artists, also.
Carol (Rolling Stones Get Your Ya Ya's out live album), Let it Rock (Michigan's Bob Seger on Live Lp - man, would be cool if Bob Seger did a whole album of Chuck Berry songs).
Roll Over Beethoven (The Beatles 2nd American LP, ELO Electric Light Orchestra's first radio hit record, Mountain live LP), Rock and Roll Music (The Beatles), Maybelline, No Particular Place To Go, Living In The USA, Memphis (Johnny Rivers) and countless other 45 rpm singles, albums and AM - FM radio classics.
Just remembered, that in the Michigan old days, 45 singles and albums, LP's (long playing - called "vinyl" nowadays) were arranged alphabetically in the record stores aisles. One could effortlessly flip through the latest albums. Chuck Berry was placed in "B" section (B as in Berry) along with The Beach Boys and The Beatles. All started with B. Nice if you wanted to look at lastest records from all three groups. Hmmm. Wonder if that was a wonderful coincidence? Chuck Berry...starts with Be, Beatles starts with Be and Beach Boys...Be. Chuck had seniority on these famous groups and influenced both groups in their teenage years. Early Beach Boys song hits always reminded me of Chuck Berry. Just with a little beach sand thrown in!

Heck, as a youngin' in the Michigan summers, during early 1960's, going to a trampoline park (do they still have them anymore?) which piped in rock and roll throughout the park via various loudspeakers. Loud!
Too cool.
Remember jumpin' up and down to Chuck Berry rock n roll, Beach Boys, surf music, and other songs. Chuck was the favorite.
Faster the song, the higher you'd try to jump.

Remember going to summer carnivals and hearing "Memphis" playing as I rode the Ferris wheel and "Johnny B. Goode" rockin' and rollin' out of a loudspeaker when I was trying to win a prize by throwing a baseball at some stacked bottles or something. Can't exactly remember what I was throwing the ball at or what I could win...but can't forget that Johnny B. Goode song playing!
Man, those were some good times!

Skating rink played that Chuck Berry Rock and Roll, too.
Man, that was some great music to skate to.
Again, as a kid, the faster the song, the faster you'd skate to it.
Man, it hurt real bad when you fell because you were going to fast around that rink.
Too much monkey business, as Chuck would say.
You know what I'm talkin' about.
But it was still
Fun, Fun, Fun!

Still can't beat the sound of a Chuck Berry song playing through that one speaker in the car, in mono (not stereo) from the local AM radio station!
Scratches and everything!
Stereo don't git it with Chuck Berry.
Anyone from the 1930's, 1940's, 1950's and 1960's and 1970's can relate.
You know what I'm talkin' about...
Sunny day with the convertible top down...
I rest my case!

The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Seger and others covered his songs and were influenced by Chuck Berry.
Mr. Chuck Berry's Official Website
Mr. Chuck Berry's Official Website
Mr. Chuck Berry's Official Facebook
Mr. Chuck Berry's Official Facebook

The First Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee 1986 Mr. Chuck Berry! Ohio's brand new Rock and Roll Hall of Fame opened to the public in 1986 & Mr. Chuck Berry was the First Inductee. Congratulations!
Rockhall - Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Chuck Berry Library Archives Page Mr. Chuck Berry's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (Cleveland, Ohio), Library - Archives page for further reading, learning & research.

Chuck Berry's Son Remembers Rock Pioneer "He Was Inspirational!" Rolling Stone Interview March 17, 2017
Rolling Stone Rock n' Roll Mag, Musician - Artist Mr. Chuck Berry Articles
Rolling Stone Mag compilation of Chuck Berry Articles. Musician's comments - tributes, collaborations, Chuck Berry's new album...etc.
Great job!
Chuck Berry, a Founding Father of Rock N Roll - Billboard Magazine Billboard Magazine March 18, 2017
What Song is on Voyagers Golden Record?
Hint: Starts with a "J" and ends with a "G".

The Rolling Stones comments on Chuck Berry's Passing The Rolling Stones comments on Chuck Berry's Passing.
The Influence of Chuck Berry On The Beatles.
The Influence of Chuck Berry On The Beatles.
From The Beatles Blog.
C-Span - Mr.Chuck Berry, Along With Other Kennedy Honors Award Recipients Honored at The White House President and Mrs. Clinton paid Tribute to The Kennedy Center Honors Recipients for their contributions to The Arts during a ceremony at The White House on December 3, 2000.
Chuck Berry 20 Essential Songs - Rolling Stone Article March 18 2017 Rolling Stone Music Magazine has written an excellent piece concerning Chuck Berry's 20 essential songs. Music videos accompany the article's narrative specific to each timeless Chuck Berry classic song. Sweet! Great job!

"Hail! Hail! Rock and Roll" is an excellent Chuck Berry documentary from 1987 to watch. The Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards is in the movie along with other rock and roll artists. Great jam session.

"Chuck Berry The Autobiography" is a great book to read. Buy or check out at the public library.

Chuck Berry - National Public Radio - NPR Music - All Music Considered NPR (National Public Radio) has a page called "All Music Considered" dedicated to NPR music radio broadcast programs concerning Mr. Chuck Berry. Audio and text.
Great Job!

Learning to play guitar? Rhythm, Lead.
A great book is
"CHUCK BERRY" - Hal Leonard Guitar, Recorded Versions, With Notes & Tab. Transcription Arrangements by Fred Sokolow.
Seventeen of Chuck Berry's hit songs are transcribed.
Mr. Berry's Music, Rhythm and Lead, are explored and explained with accompanying tab.

Google's You Tube is a groovy place to learn about Chuck Berry's music and his legendary position in Rock and Roll history. Old 1950's and 1960's Black and White Tv shows (before the advent of Color Tv), later Tv shows and concerts...etc.

How To Play Johnny B. Goode by Chuck Berry - Guitar World guitar magazine online.
Guitar World Magazine online has a piece about how to play Chuck Berry's Johnny B. Goode. Has a video tutorial lesson.
Rock n' Roll!
Chuck Berry Guitar World Articles
Nice! Great list of articles on legend Chuck Berry from Guitar World.
Celebrating Chuck Berry - Guitar Player Guitar Magazine Online
Guitar Player guitar magazine great list of articles written about Chuck Berry:
How to play guitar like Chuck Berry lesson, 1971 Chuck Berry interview, March 1988 Guitar Player interview.
Chuck Berry Classic Rock Covers - Ultimate Classic Rock Online
Ultimate Classic Rock online website has a video sampling of famous artists and rock bands - groups covers of classic Chuck Berry songs, along with an accompanying narative.
Ultimate Classic Rock site...
Chuck Berry 1926-2017 Gibson Guitar Website Article Chuck Berry played Gibson ES-335 models of Gibson Guitars among others.
Twilight of the Rock Gods - Wall Street Journal
Interesting Wall Street Journal piece concerning the aging of Rock n' Roll Music, legendary Rock and Roll music artists, and baby boomers.
Chuck Berry Historian Bruce Pegg Interview Michigan's News Talk WJR 760 AM Mitch Albom Show
Michigan's 760 AM News Talk radio Mitch Albom's interview with Chuck Berry historian Bruce Pegg.
Great job, WJR 760 AM radio via Audioboom.
How Chuck Berry's Cadillac and His Guitar Maybelline Came to The Smithsonian
Great piece about Mr. Chuck Berry's pink Cadillac automobile, Gibson guitar named Maybelline and The Smithsonian.
Heck, use the AM station setting on your radio, turn that dial, and you never know...
Johnny B. Goode may be spinning right now!
Let It Rock!

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