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Saturday, April 01, 2017

American History TV Series C-Span 3

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April Fool's Day
April 1st 2017
Blue Collar Michigan's Scholarly, sun is shining in MI,
No Foolin', Great American History TV C-span link:

History's being made everyday.

Sports, inventions, politics...etc.

Sometimes it's on the telly (British term for television, if my ancient memory serves correctly)...
sometimes it's not.

History was made in our great American past, as we all know.
Sometimes one forgets the details (schoolin' was a long time ago) or
one just didn't know about it.

That's why community libraries are so important.

Heck, support your Michigan (or whatever state you reside in) local library and check out a book or two...or three.

Great for brain power.

Don't know much about History?
One may or may not.
Wanna learn more?

Check this out...

American History TV Series C-Span
American History TV Series C-Span.

Watch & learn about our American History on American History TV on C-span 3.
Watch on smartphone, computer, or mobile devices.

No commercials.
No foolin'.

It's a sunny day!

Learn more about our great American History
checking out a book
or two
or three
Your Michigan (or the state's you live in) community library.
They do a great job!

Never too late to learn!

We all need schoolin'...
...that ain't no foolin'!

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Notable: President Trump Donates his President's Salary in the First-Quarter of 2017, in total, to the National Park Service.
President Trump Donates His President's Salary In the First-Quarter of 2017, in Total, To National Park Service.

April 2 2017 Blue Collar Michigan Scholar's White House Press Secretary Press Conference text link:
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