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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Different: UAW-GM Saturn History

Until I purchased a 2006 Saturn Vue SUV, I never realized how many people own a Saturn. Have you ever counted the vehicles like yours on the road? Maybe you surveyed a one mile stretch of the highway. Or you used a 5 minute time limit. Maybe it was a sample of the next 10 or 20 cars & trucks. Whatever method you used to quantify your intentions, it's always interesting. My unofficial test showed to me there's a lot of Saturn owners. Remember that Saturn TV commercial where an object, was it a shopping cart, went flying into the side of a Saturn. Since the majority of Saturns are constructed out of polymer panels, there is minimal chance of damage. Don't know what it is, but I've always been a big fan of Saturn because of those "plastic" panels. Ask any Saturn owner & it always seems to come up. "I love my Saturn" is usually expressed from owners. Also, the UAW Saturn workers & employees commitment to quality. The whole Saturn organization, originated in the 1980's & a whole new Labor-Management paradigm was created. A town grew around the factory, Spring Hill, Tennessee. The UAW Local is and the Saturn company website is and history is here. There's an excellent website called Saturn Fans which is loaded with all the bells & whistles if you're thinking of purchasing one of their products. There's pics, photos, a discussion board, website links & a lot of interesting things. I read a book called "In The Rings of Saturn" by Joe Sherman, which is a detailed account of the 1985 trials & tribulations of taking a different idea and concept and developing it into a success. The human element, personalities & relationships, selling the idea to both the UAW & General Motors brass, capital formation & other various factors are covered in the book. We Love Saturns is a newly launched website. More history here from same site. Even though it's been mentioned in this blog post already, check out It is a quality website. Saturn of Flint, Michigan is an excellent dealership if you're in the area. uaw