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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

C-Span Call In Phone Numbers Washington Journal, Twitter, E-mail, Facebook

C-Span Washington Journal Viewer Call-In Program

Info as of 2-25-16. Verify with above Washington Journal link.

C-SPAN Washington Journal Contact Information Call-In Phone Numbers, Twitter, E-mail, Facebook
Independents: (202) 748-8002
Outside U.S.: (202) 748-8003
Republicans: (202) 748-8001
Democrats: (202) 748-8000

More info at C-Span contact page

C-SPAN 1 Eastern Time 7 am to 10 am

Being new to the art of blogging, one constantly asks themselves, "What do I write about?" in the blog. With access to cable TV in close proximity to my computer, another blogging subject came to mind. Being a channel-surfer, I stopped on C-Span channel one and noticed Washington Journal was in the middle of a live broadcast. In summary, C-Span's Washington Journal program has one & sometimes two guests (if two guests, usually on opposing sides of the political spectrum concerning the topic, but not always) opining on the chosen morning's topic at hand. I happened to be on the Blogger website, and was going to write a blog post. Voila! A blog topic miraculously appeared in my mind. Why not blog about C-Span Washington Journal? As an aside, I highly recommend having other forms of media around you in real-time when you are attempting to blog brainstorm about possible topics. Television worked for me in this instance, because it was in the same room as my computer. I'll blog more about this in a future blogging post.
I noticed during the show that call-in phone numbers for the show were not constantly displaying on the television screen. Probably because it does somewhat distract a viewer from the visual aspects of the excellent show. Understandable. Problem was, I was thinking about calling in, and the numbers were on their temporary hiatus. (Note to self: program them in your phone, you big dummy. Noted!) So here I type. I searched Google and found a few sites with the phone numbers. I had visited C-Span's site, but they were not right there and I was impatient and did not feel like excavating through their great website. Google would be much faster I figured, and I was right. To be fair, MSN & Yahoo would have performed admirably, too & probably other search engines. Plus, Blogger is owned by Google and since they let us bloggers blog for free, I thought I'd give them a click to return the favor! So that's why that list of C-SPAN Washington Journal Contact Information Call-In Phone Numbers is at the top of this blog post. If you ever have an AHA moment, feel like calling in while watching Washington Journal wanting to voice your opinion to the guest and viewing public, and the darned phone numbers happen to not be on the screen at that time & you don't have them programmed in your phone's memory, you can click my blog post! Hey, I'm trying. Good old American Ingenuity. uaw

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