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Friday, March 07, 2008

McCain Campaign Buttons VP Poll 08 Vote

You think you've seen everything during the election campaign 08 for President & then something different for a change happens. Stumbled upon this the other day. Polls are heard daily reflecting everything, but a button poll is clearly unique. The site's intro:

The rules of the GOP Shoppe's Vice Presidential Button Poll are simple - every button sold counts as one vote for that potential running mate. The potential Vice Presidential candidates used in this poll are purely speculation and in no way reflect any official choices. As in past VP Button Polls, we welcome any other suggestions to add to the list. No active Presidential candidates will be added to the list. Vote as early and as often as you like, you could affect the future of one VP hopeful. See the current status of your choice on the Current VP Button Poll Results page.

Brain stuff: A campaign button that has 2 individuals on it is referred to as a jugate.

All of the 2008 presidential campaigns have been the most creative & innovative in the history of US Presidential Elections. This is another example of forward thinking. There are other collectibles & stuff here also.
Main Page is has current and previous election campaign stuff.

Likewise, Dem Store also has current & past election campaign memorabilia & collectibles. For example, saw Gore 2008 campaign things on Dem Store site. There is other political merchandise from candidates who were previously in the race for the 08 nomination.
Main Page is

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