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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Google Invades Ann Arbor Michigan - Jobs

I read the Detroit Free Press, Detroit News, Michigan Central & Muskegon Chronicle news today, oh boy, about a lucky state who made the grade! I always loved that first line in The Beatles "A Day In The Life" from Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Heart Club's Band. It just made sense to take a lyric from the Greatest song on the Greatest Album made by the Greatest Band ever to begin a blog post about the Greatest Search engine coming to the Great state of Michigan! Google, a cultural icon, is coming to Ann Arbor, Michigan! Excellent. With a stock price over four hundred dollars a share, Google sure has the Big Mo going for it. IMHO, this is a pivotal moment in Michigan's Web 2.0 future. I also understand that one of the founders of Google attended the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Gotta Love it. Local boy makes good, comes back to Michigan and creates not just jobs, but inspiration for all the citizens of the state. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!
Unless, they are competitors for the same customer base, I'll bet the companies presently here in Michigan will be looking at how this proximity to Google could benefit their corporate interests. Partnerships & mashups. Even if they are competitors, they could still reach common ground if both entities customer's benefit, thus both business interests benefits. In 2006, Google invading Michigan & setting up shop is a watershed event & this will lead to others. Watch.
I referred to Google as a search engine earlier in this blog post. They're much more than just that. Visit their site and click the areas under the search box. Free and paid ads called Adwords & Adsense, free G-Mail, free website called Googlepages and everything else. That's just the tip of the iceberg! Try out the free G-mail at Google. Create a free website at Googlepages. See what they are all about. Along with all of the other "engines" of business that are here now in the State of Michigan, this newest Web 2.0 motor is going to kickstart not just the employment numbers in the state but the perceptions of Michigan outside and inside the state. The colleges & universities, trade & tech schools...etc. I'm sure will see a major uptick of interest in their specific programs which will benefit one's possible employment at Google. Some schools & universities will tailor and fine tune their curricula or curriculum to make them more Google Friendly, perhaps. Remember, the news is not just about the thousands of jobs, that's extremely important. Our state is blessed to have them. It's that Google made the choice to come to our state. We've got the brains, talent & manpower for more Googles. We always knew it as Michigan citizens. Now the world knows it. We're The Beatles. uaw.