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Monday, May 13, 2013

Are 2 Windows - Screens Better Than One? 5.5" Galaxy Note 2 Multi-Window Android 4.1.2 Jellybean

One benefit of a + tablet, is its' larger screen size. Easier to read, less scrolling...etc. One feature the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has is multi-window.

Go to Settings
Check "Multi-Window"
Go Back to Home Screen

At lower left side of screen will be blue pull tab.
Tap it
On it you will see email, gallery, Gmail, Internet, messaging, you tube, s-note, video player, google talk, Polaris office and maps.

Put finger on first choice...slide it over to right (drag and drop)
Repeat above with your second choice.

Now you can utilize 2 apps at once, simultaneously.

For example, watch and listen to you tube on one half of the screen, while surfing the web on the other half. Each separate screen can be minimized or maximized, also.
Read or write email while using Polaris office suite.
Maybe send a text while viewing your photo gallery.
The possibilities are endless.
In fact, I could do that when I compose a blog post, if I chose to.
Quad-core processor ensures no lag in your browser...along with adequate 3g, 4g, or wifi.

Only had this phone for about 3 weeks and when I take a look back at my previous phones 3.5 inch screen, I don't know how I ever typed on the onscreen keyboard (small compared to this...more mistakes) ...or read text, watched videos on it.
Anyway, when you're due for an upgrade at your service provider, or just moving up to a smartphone from a feature phone...don't feel like getting a tablet... compare the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 phablet to the smaller screened smartphone.. Actually watch same video on both, surf web, open app on it.
Note 2 is going for around $199 as this is being written on May 13, 2013. Who knows, maybe the price will drop even more.

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