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Tuesday, May 07, 2013

TV & Desktop Computers are Now Like Dial, Pushbutton Landline Phones!

Nowadays, it seems like everyone is looking at their hand...the one holding their cellphone. No longer just a phone for talking,these smartphones are small, miniature, portable computers. Email,text,video, tv....It is a wonderful thing! With 3g,4g,wifi the only drawback is screen size. With the advent of the mega flat panel screen tv, it was only a matter of time that the phones screens would get bigger too. 5 inch and larger screens are becoming fashionable. A new genre of phone, + tablet, is catching on. The new Samsung Galaxy Note 2 5.5 inch screen even comes with a pen! Blogging from it with the pen...S-Pen as it is called by Samsung. Tapping the keys with it is much more precise. Phone is perfect size. Go ahead,take your phone to Sprint...still unlimited data, or your current carrier and compare current phone to Galaxy Note 2. Use Galaxy Note 2 for 5 minutes, then use current phone for five minutes. You will understand how cool this thing is! Plus it has multi-window... watch music video, check email, text at same time...along with other apps that work in multi windows on phone. S pen also can put a reminder note to yourself on lockscreen in your handwriting. A quick reminder to yourself for that days to do list. Rumors are a new Galaxy Note 3 will be arriving with around a 5.9 inch screen, octacore processor, 3 gigs ram...who knows. Round about last few months of 2013. Picked my note 2 up for $199 at Sprint a few weeks ago. Couldn't be happiier with price,phone,features and customer service. Plus monthly charge is around $75. Great deal and very happy with Sprints 3g service. 4g is arriving round these parts very fact picking up inklings of it when travelling coupla miles down road. Just a matter of time. For a great phone checkout Samsung Galaxy Note 2.Your eyes will thank you. Especially if you are older. Oh this phone has built in wi-fi, also. Very important if one has wifi or utilizes the array of free wifi networks in the vicinity.

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