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Monday, May 13, 2013

S-Pen - Galaxy Note: How To Put Pop-Up Note Reminder On Lockscreen.

One cool thing Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has other than an eye pleasing 5.5" screen is the ability to write on a reminder note on the cellphones lockscreen (the first screen that lights up and is displayed before you unlock your this case...phablet (phone + tablet= phablet).

How to:

Go to Lockscreen
Take out S-Pen
Depress Pen's Button
Tap Screen Twice
Yellow Note Appears

Write a reminder to yourself for that day with the pen, in your own handwriting!
 a list...pick up bread, get gas, sale at Sear's, Kohl' or doctor's your cellphone bill...get mulch for yard...get birthday, anniversary, get well card...

What's neato is this Note will stay and be viewable on the phone. You will see it immediately when you push phone's On Button.
Use this along with your written list.
Just one of the fun things that the Galaxy note 2 is capable of.
The pen is very handy and you will use it alot, just like the reminder pop-up note.

Just like the Tv screens progressively became bigger, just like computer monitors did, the phones displays are now getting bigger.

Matter of time when average screen size is
5" to 6" inches. Foldable screens will make phone more compact like a wallet.

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