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Monday, November 21, 2016

President Elect Trump Video Address America First Transition 2017

Electoral College Results:
Donald J. Trump 306 Electoral Votes.

Trump won Michigan Ohio Pennsylvania Wisconsin Manufacturing Belt States and other Great States of Our Country.

Hillary Clinton    232 Electoral Votes

Donald J. Trump Wins and is President Elect and Mike Pence is Vice-President Elect.
Donald Trump will take Presidential Oath of Office and be sworn in on January 20, 2017.

Contract For The American Voter - Address Delivered at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania President Elect Donald J. Trump 100 Day Plan to Make America Great Again For Everyone. October 22, 2016

Facebook Transition 2017 Donald J.Trump President Elect - Vice-President Elect Michael Pence Transition 2017 Facebook President Elect Donald Trump & Vice-President Elect Michael Pence
Twitter Video Message President Elect Donald J. Trump  President Elect Trump's Twitter Video Message to the nation of what he is going to do for America.
Transition 2017 You Tube President Elect Donald J.Trump President Elect Donald J. Trump First Transition 2017 Video Message. Transition 2017 President Elect Donald J. Trump & Vice-President Elect Michael Pence Official Website. Transition 2017 Video Message is here.

Monday Nov 21 2016 Michigan's Blue Collar Scholar's Thanksgiving Week (man, miss that warm Michigan weather already!) Black Friday shopping deals savings fast approaching in Michigan, adding a kickstart to our Michigan economy. Great buys! Creates Jobs, for our local Michigan economy, too. Money saved...those extra Alexander Hamilton's (President on 10 dollar bill, nickel), Abraham Lincoln's (President on $5 bill, penny), George Washington's (President on One Dollar bill, quarter). Heck, Michigan Black Friday deals might be so great might save a few Andrew Jackson's (President on $20 dollar bill) Ulysses S. Grants (fifty dollar bill President) or even greater deals saving some Benjamin Franklin's (never President, $100 dollar bill). Dollars saved buys more gifts. That's more Change and Dollars we can believe in our purses and wallets! A fancier meal. Night on the town with your better half. Can't forget important one...a few more gallons of gas for our ride! Like the price around 2 dollars per gallon! You, too? Cool! Oh, also Thomas Jefferson is President on $2 bill and New Deal President FDR Franklin Delano Roosevelt is on the Dime and is cousin of Republican and Bull Moose Party TR... President Theodore Roosevelt.
By the way, Theodore Roosevelt won Michigan's Primary election votes and Michigan's General election electoral votes over a 100 years ago!

Not the Michigan Blue-Collar Scholar for nothin'!

President Elect Trump's Presidential Transition 2017 Links:
Read All About It! Current Trump Transition News Remarks Statements From Official Trump Transition Site. News, statements, remarks concerning people interviewing for President Elect Trump's Administration 2017.

Great Again Presidential Transition 2017 President Elect Donald J. Trump Homepage Official Website to keep informed directly from Donald Trump.
President Elect Donald Trump just released his First Transition 2017 Video Address. It is posted on the Transition 2017 website.

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