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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Donald J. Trump First Non-Politician Elected to Be President

Pilgrim Hat Happy Thanksgiving
Happy Thanksgiving November 24 2016!!!

President Elect Trump's Thanksgiving Message Video

American Exceptualism!
Nov 23, 24 Happy Thanksgiving! 2016 Blue Collar Michigan Scholar's President Trump Inauguration News Links Rap:

Quick To The Point Election 2016 Summary...
Donald Trump Won Michigan's 16 Electoral Votes.
Michigan's 16 Electoral Votes Put Donald Trump Over the Top to Amass over 300 Electoral Votes Nationwide...
306 Electoral Votes, To Be Exact.
Well Over the 270 Electoral Votes Needed to
Win the Presidency of The United States of America.
His competitor Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Received 232 Electoral Votes.
Congratulations to Secretary Hillary Clinton for Running a Hard Fought Campaign, Service to Our Country, and for her Graciousness in Conceeding the 2016 Presidential Election to Donald Trump.

Havent heard hardly any talk on Tv tube about Mr. Trump's Inaguration January 20, 2017. Dont watch alot of Tv cable views news nowadays. Too many opinions from talkers without journalism degrees.
Be cool to know who they voted for in last 3 Presidential elections so one knows where they stand. Alas, that ain't gonna happen. But it's pretty easy to figure out without them telling us who. Ain't it?
Inaugural Commitee U.S. Senate
Great reading. Joint commitee. Lists their responsibilities. Past Presidential Inauguration celebration.
JCCIC Twitter  Joint Inaugural commitee Twitter.
The Whole World will be Watchin'!
This Presidential Election is One for the Political Science History Books.
American Exceptualism!
The FIRST Non-Politician Elected U.S. President, Donald J. Trump, Republican Party
Another First for America!
Big League!
Big Time!
About Time!

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